Fluoride – Perfect For Causing Brain Damage in the Sheep

The sheep killing machine is really ramping up out there. How can a good health coach even keep up with all the new methods by which our social engineers are culling the sheep herds? I was doing some one on one health coaching last week and the lady I’m coaching lists this tooth paste as the one she uses. She’s very proud of course, to be taking in such a heavy dose of poison, which is the mental program carefully inserted into the weakened psyche of the slave class. Fluoride is proven to cause brain damage at 2ppm (parts per million). Regular fluoride tooth pastes contain 1500 ppm of brain damaging fluoride and her super sheep killing version of tooth paste contains 5000 ppm. Inside the matrix, the faster you kill yourself, the more you’re celebrated. This lady also has cancer and fluoride is proven to cause cancer. She’s also taking antibiotics that contain fluoride and her anti depressants contain fluoride as well……both prescriptions proven to worsen her health and kill her more prematurely, straight across the board. All her medical and government poisons are doing exactly what they’re designed to do…….and she thinks her accelerated disease state is a big mystery or related to her genetics. There are no genes in any animal on this planet that can neutralize this amount of daily poisoning……which is the design of the system.

So how do you think this coaching session is going, given she thinks poison will make her healthy and that her doctors are there to help save her life…..with poison proven to cause her painful and premature death? This entire sheep killing machine is based on a manufactured illusion set into the sheep themselves by a corrupt and evil media/government leviathan, ending with the sheep believing that they could never be fooled to this extent. This killing machine is well lubricated, well funded, well engineered and it’s doing exactly what it was designed to do. Maybe I’ll get out of the coaching business and get into the funeral business because that industry can’t keep up with demand……for obvious reasons. PS – can you see the word “evil” in the product’s name? May the odds be ever in your favor.

1. Fluoride causes brain damage – http://fluoridealert.org/studies/brain01/

2. Fluoride causes tooth decay – https://fluoridealert.org/issues/fluorosis/

3. Fluoride causes cancer – https://bit.ly/2OLxFv7

4. Fluoride never proven to reduce cavities – http://fluoridealert.org/studies/caries01/

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