Facebook Now Manufacturing Public’s Consent To Be Enslaved and Euthanized

Lenny Revell demonstrates how Facebook manipulates what the public knows and how it orchestrates fabricated opinions in the populations, based on fake information. This is all part of the fake freedom and lie-ahria based structure that our social engineers need to maintain their slave camp without walls. What most people repeat and think in a day are lies but they think they’re thinking and that’s how you make a slave believe they’re free…..when everything they do and think in a day is controlled by one corrupt central source.

It’s all about picking from a large line up of “jobs” that aren’t moral and believing that’s freedom. Then you work that repetitive and soulless job for 30 years, to become another smiling depressive in the drone bot army of futility. Then when your body and mind break down from the slavery you’re believe is freedom……you fold caffeine, medications, alcohol, narcotics, materialism, mindless consumption, a busy body lifestyle, an affair or many other sedative, distractive and self abusive “freedom” based choices into your life, as to keep destroying the whispers from your soul that you’re living a lie and working against your very nature. You then “cluster” or “huddle” together with other larger groups of smiling depressives, so everyone can convince themselves that they’re sane. You go to the ball game with 40,000 other smiling depressives or you go to the restaurant and sit with 100 other people who are sedating and polluting themselves at the same time and say, “look, everyone is doing it, I’m completely sane for killing myself with poison and toxins plus wasting my time doing absolutely nothing with my life other than self medicating to the pain of my slavery.” The prison without walls has a new warden and it’s called Facebook plus other fabricated thought censoring technologies.

Hey guys… I just caught FB doing some censorship to some of my comments involving anti vax links. I decided to video…

Posted by Lenny Revell on Thursday, February 15, 2018

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  1. Fay

    You’re awesome. My sentiments exactly!

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