Evil Openly Parading In Mainstream Hollywood Circles….

Evil Openly Parading In Mainstream Hollywood Circles….

Satanic motifs are now all the rage in Hollywood and there are firm reasons for that. The Freddie Mercury movie about Queen was the official kick off to a fleecing of the sheep in many ways. First, the super toxic HIV vaccine is coming around the mountain for the media adoring hoards, who believe Mercury was killed by AIDS, which he wasn’t of course…….because AIDS and HIV don’t exist. And even though that’s an odd and rather strong comment (against the existing media lie-ahria) that statement can be easily verified, in this attached article. https://bit.ly/2DNAEBL

It’s called propaganda because it’s about PROPS, which are visual instruments (often on stage) to sell the uninformed masses a BIG FAT LIE and this is no exception. We have the black and red colors center stage, same colors as the empire guards in the new “Star Wars” film and the same colors involved in the very popular scene of “Eyes Wide Shut”………because red and black are color codes of various societies having ancient ties to Satanism and The Cult of Saturn etc. Remember the cult actors on stage with masonic hand puppet Kimmel please, because they’re all well compensated for their participation in the fleecing of the sheep…….most being too inept to really know what’s going on, except one. There’s a truly evil ring leader in that line up (beyond the soulless Kimmel himself), a cosmic sell out fully aware of his mission to lead the sheep into the abattoir and that’s BONO. This free masonic pool boy type has been helping cull the uninformed masses and steal their money for decades now….as is explained in this article. https://bit.ly/2DSg2bu

Here’s what you don’t know. The sun (the light) has special powers. The light grows food, it gives you warmth and it gives you light to work by etc etc. If the sun went away, you have 7 days to live period. End of story. End of you. The sun is even shown to control your intelligence, genes etc. Now what most people don’t know as well is that the light shares this earth (50/50) with the darkness. The darkness also has special powers. It helps with the sex cycles, helps nocturnal hunters, it helps decay living matter and much more. The dark is its on thing. Too much sun and you burn. Too much darkness and nothing grows. There’s always supposed to be a balance. This balance between light and dark is also supposed to be maintained in the collective psyche of the humans who occupy this planet……..but there’s a big problem now. The humans are letting darkness take over their souls, spirits and minds. The darkness is now pushing out the light inside the human being. The darkness has now broken a very ancient truce.

The light always shines on half of the earth and the darkness takes the other half……..but now the darkness isn’t satisfied with its half, it wants more, it wants to walk in the light. Just like all the new negative role modelling vampire shows like “The Vampire Diaries”…..the vampires are walking out into the light, no problem, via special new devices or spells. The darkness was never meant to walk in the light. What you see on the Kimmel stage is pure darkness, parading in the light, where it’s not supposed to be. Darkness is breaking it’s agreement and somehow it’s found a way to travel inside weak human beings and there are tens of thousands of these weak people in Hollywood of course…..who have no problem letting the darkness consume them for a new Ferrari, a new mansion or a courtesy reach around down at the local bathhouse. This is an ancient battle my friends and you need to start paying attention. This is a war between two invisible forces that rule our world, right down the vibrational essences of our own atoms. It’s time to bring back the light…… https://bit.ly/2QZwTMH

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