Evil Is Starting to Destroy Itself World Wide…..Here’s Why

People in the truther movement know that Australia is the testing ground for all mind control applications, rolled out of The Tavistock Institute in the UK. Australia is where all indoctrination, propaganda and media based mind control is first tested, measured and perfected.

Many pieces of the puzzle had to be laid down before this next move but here we go….as the voluntary holocaust starts to come into view for many people around the world. Front line health care workers are now targets for mandatory vaccines in Australia, to keep their own jobs poisoning the public. If anyone knows how toxic and dangerous vaccines are, it’s the people who work around them all day long. It’s these people who witness the first hand deaths, crippling’s and cover ups regarding why the vaccinated patients drop dead after their shots or leave the hospital crippled for life after taking their injections of poison.

Evil is dumb and evil always has within it, the seeds of its own destruction. Evil is now trying to strong arm the health care workers to vaccine poison themselves, to maintain employment in the poison based public control grid. This has beautiful disaster and truth eruption written all over it…..as everyone in the system now knows that this is perfect time to speak up. Everyone’s OK poisoning other people for money but when they’re asked to poison themselves for money…..the truth is going to come rushing to the surface. It looks like government tyranny and it is……but it’s the kind of tyranny that eventually brings the truth to the surface, so it’s all good. Here we go, evil is starting to destroy itself, which is much needed and just in time. Evil is notoriously low IQ and so is government, so not long now before more people notice exactly what’s going on.

Vic Health Legislation. WHO letter.

Posted by Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. – AVN on Tuesday, February 25, 2020


  1. Mikedolan

    Thanks, look forward to the info about cell phones

  2. Kiri Pini

    Where my woke ones at!
    Kia ora from New Zealand!

  3. Nhlanhla

    Do The Vaccines Forced On HealthCare Workers Contain MicroChips That Cannot Be Easily Removed?

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