Drug Company Caught Lying About Drugs Killing Children

When you grow up inside a society that preaches survival of the fittest, some odd things happen. One thing that happens is that people start losing respect for themselves because they’re taught to focus on the brutality of their journey through life. (as opposed to seeing life for what it really is, which is a massive spiritual, cellular and quantum cooperative…………not competition……….cooperation)

When you’re taught that you need to smash your way through life (in a fight to survive) you change your body chemistry to reflect that thought. You look at your friends as competition for the few resources that are on the planet. It then becomes you against them. If you’re battling for your life, your chemistry is set “not to care“, including for your fellow humans or any life on the planet in general.

This is why we get medical professionals and drug companies coming together to literal drug children to death. These same drug companies see their drugs hurt or kill people in the drug trials yet still move ahead with the product because it’s a dog eat dog world in their opinion. “All’s fair in love and war“, “survival of the fittest” and “it’s just business” are the common sayings of people who think a war is going on, when no war exists at all. Without the idea that life is a battle, some of these people may start realizing that killing others to benefit themselves is not good for anyone on the planet. We have so many wrong concepts floating in our society today that I don’t even know if we have the time to take a hard look at any of this and then work our way out.

Click here to see all this in action. This isn’t greed and it isn’t a conspiracy from the New World Order. This is the result of a many wrong ideas folding over on one another to produce a society hell bent on hurting itself and others because we’ve been sold a web of lies. Those lies rotate around the false premise that suffering is what we deserve for being faulty creatures. We’re told to fight everything we are and suffer because of our faults and if we’re lucky we can get love rationed out to us by an imaginary man in the sky. There’s only one institution that sells these stories. What this looks like in real life is people trying to get ahead and then sabotaging themselves out of guilt, fear or shame.

I can’t offer much more than that here today. It’s up to you to see the problem with any teaching that constantly paints you and the human condition as faulty, flawed and sinful. If you’re taught that you need to beg forgiveness for the very fact that you are alive and human, you’re going to develop into an adult who has “some issues” to deal with because you can’t be told your faulty and believe in yourself in anyway. If you think you may not be good enough to get into heaven, good luck trying to think that you’re good enough for anything in life. Get ready to ride the victim train all night long. If you believe this, you’ll achieve little in life and then tell people you achieve very little because you’re the victim of being human and all humans have problems, issues, faults etc. There’s not a shovel big enough to move that pile around.

Have you heard of a politician on the take? Have you heard of a priest who molests children? Have you heard of police officers abusing their powers? Have you heard of Bill Gates wanting to inject every man, woman and child with toxic vaccinations? Do those things look different to you? They’re not. They are mirror reflections of what our society demands of itself and that’s more suffering because we can’t stand to think we deserve anything better. Someone has told us that “we suck” for so long and so often that this very idea can be found in everything we now do as a society. Do you have any other explanation as to why so many people work all day trying to hurt themselves or others? Write in.


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