Don’t Forget Your Toxic Vaccine Before You Go Down South

Don’t Forget Your Toxic Vaccine Before You Go Down South

If You Inject Vaccine Poison Under Your Skin Before Going Down South, Will It Make Your Vacation Better or Worse?

There’s a radio ad running in our community about a local pharmacist declaring that he’s the “vacation pharmacist” and that everyone going down south needs to see him before they travel. The repeaters inside the control grid are programmed to repeat the right lie, to the right people, at the right time, to make the most money, in order to survive inside a society where the biggest lies bring you the biggest pay days. Offering poison to the poison obsessed masses is one lie that keeps on giving, down here on planet mental asylum. This pHARMacist declares “don’t forget to get your twinrix vaccine before you travel down south this year.” The following “don’t forgets” should also be included in this radio advertisement.

Don’t forget to watch how the aluminum in the twixrix vaccine destroys your brain….at this added link. Don’t forget that this effect is more severe in children. (don’t also forget that aluminum is also added to b-12 shots, the vitamin K shot, IV solutions and allergy shots

Don’t forget to listen to this medical doctor, who will explain to you that all vaccines are FRAUDULENT on every level, no exceptions.

Don’t forget to watch how the aluminum in the twinrix vaccine reacts with mercury from your mercury teeth fillings or other vaccines, to produce an effect that will defy your imagination.

Don’t forget that the ingredient in the left hand column (MRC-5) is the tissue of aborted human fetuses and you’re injecting the tissue of murdered children under your skin without your knowledge and without knowing why the people who poison you have it in there in the first place.

Don’t forget that medical doctors and PhD scientists, who try to warn you, are purposely silenced and censored because they refuse to tell the right lie, inside our lie based control grid. The only reason anyone is vaccinating in the first place is because they’re only allowed to hear the lies and the truth is purposely hidden from them.

Don’t forget that your dark overlords thank you in advance for participating in your own stealth euthanasia. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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