Does The Flu Vaccine Eliminate The Flu?

The flu shot is provided yearly to people who follow what the TV states but of course the flu is still around every single year. Does the flu vaccine eliminate the flu? Answer……of course not. Does the government even track people after they’re vaccinated to make sure they don’t get the flu? Answer…….of course not….because that would gather data on its true real world effectiveness. Why do you think the government doesn’t track the vaccinated in regards to their health outcomes, both in general and in regards to the disease vaccinated against?

Saying that, injuries and deaths caused by the flu shot have resulted in massive compensations paid out inside the Unites States Vaccine Injury Compensation Court. How many people know that in 1986 vaccine makers were getting sued so much because of vaccine induced deaths and injuries that a separate branch of the US legal system had to be created to deal with the never ending tsunami of lawsuits from parents of injured or deceased children. (and people from all age categories as well) This new wing of the US legal system, dealing strictly with vaccine injuries and deaths, shuttled the massive payouts from the vaccine makers to the public. How much incentive do you think that provided vaccine makers to provide safer products? With the new COVID vaccine, because of the declared state of emergency, no one injured or killed by an experimental vaccine rushed through the rapid approval process, can sue any party involved in the chain of distribution. (you can’t sue government, the manufacturer, your doctor or the media who always declared it was safe and effective….no one) Just some small details, nothing too important.


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