Does Coffee Cause Fat Gain? Yes it does. Here’s how……..

A friend of mine starts gaining weight after integrating coffee back into his lifestyle and he can’t figure out why. He stopped drinking the coffee and started losing weight, on my suggestion. He started to drink it again and I told him firmly, “you’ll gain” and he said, “no way, not going to happen, caffeine burns fat“…..and guess what’s happening. 5lbs of weight gain in 7 days…..and he’s exercising 5 times per week. The reason coffee and all caffeine products cause fat gain is simple. Caffeine is a poison to the body because caffeine is designed as a poison by nature. Caffeine is known in nature as an alkaloid poison, which the coffee plant uses to kill bugs and other plants that compete for sunlight with the coffee plant. Caffeine is a natural pesticide, a toxin, something that stops life, a poison.

When caffeine poison is ingested the body activates its’ flight or fight system, as it does any other time the body is threatened. The flight or fight system is directly connected to the body’s fat storage pathways, as the body prefers fat as a fuel source when its’ stressed or threatened. So although coffee can provide instant energy, the instant energy a coffee drinker feels is the activation of the body’s “threat response” system. The energy a coffee drinker feels is energy leaving the body, as the body fights the toxic intruder (the poisonous caffeine). This leaves the caffeine victim extremely exhausted if they go even one day without their poison derived energy infusion, which in turn leads to a long term coffee/caffeine addiction……that will destroy a person’s health one cup at a time. The flight of fight system triggers the body to increase fat storage because when the body is fighting toxic threats, it again prefers fat as a fuel source………..because fat has double the energy per gram compared to sugar or protein. When the body fights a war inside or outside of itself, it hoards fat and that’s exactly what it does when it’s exposed to coffee or other sources of caffeine. (tea, chocolate, energy drinks and over 2000 prescription and over the counter medications contain caffeine)

I know another lady, always complaining about having extra fat on her body and she eats well, exercises like a beast but she still has some extra fat to lose, well beyond what you would expect for someone who eats and exercises like she does……but she’s hard on the coffee and also takes caffeine stimulants on top of that. She believes a lie and keeps refeeding that lie into her body. The lie she believes as truth is that caffeine burns fat, which it doesn’t long term. Long term it causes fat gain. The fat she wants to rid herself of is caused by the coffee (and caffeine products) she consumes but she thinks that coffee burns fat so she keeps taking the very thing that’s causing her problem in the first place. It’s like smoking to cure cancer. Not going to work. Makes things worse.

So for everyone who thinks that caffeine burns fat, think again. It gives you more energy for sure but that’s your life battery being drained by poison. Don’t mix up the two concepts. Coffee bleeds the body of life force and places the body in the flight or fight response……which in itself is dangerous on so many levels, you would need a book to describe it. Maybe it’s time everyone looked at the caffeine in coffee, energy drinks, pre workout powders, teas and chocolate for what it really is…………a health destroying fat gainer that makes you as mentally unhealthy as it does physically. Unslave and reject our handler’s most popular health destroying and lobotomizing toxin……..caffeine. Don’t be a slave to anything that’s destroying you. Kick coffee and caffeine to the curb and walk into your best life.

For more information on the 101 ways coffee (caffeine) is bad for your health and how it will literally destroy your life from the inside out, please read the book at this added link.

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