Doctors and Scientists Sound The Alarm About COVID and The COVID Vaccine

My new podcast about the Canadian government giving children (as young as 12 years old) the right to take the COVID vaccine, without a parent’s consent….can be found the bottom of this list.

Medical doctor, Dr. Steven F. Hotze, explains the extreme dangers of the COVID vaccine and also highlights that it’s not a vaccine. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor, Dr. Vernon Coleman, explains that the COVID vaccine is a depopulation based euthanasia application. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor and pro vaccine advocate, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, explains that the COVID vaccine has to be stopped immediately, as it will destroy large tracts of the human population. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor. Dr. Carrie Madej, explains that the injection is not a vaccine, it changes the human genome, it’s extremely dangerous and it permits (legally) the outright legal ownership of the humans injected via GMO patent law. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, explains why any person who has taken this vaccine already will experience extreme health issues within 6-18 months, simply because the COVID vaccine appears to be a depopulation bio weapon. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor and virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, warns the public about the COVID vaccine and its inherent dangers, which are being hidden from the public. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor. Dr Ryan Cole, warns the public about the government and media deception around COVID, health in general and the COVID vaccine. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor and one of the world’s leading virologists, Professor Luc Montagnier (a Noble Prize winner in virology) explains that the COVID vaccine is a massive medical error and disaster waiting to happen. CLICK HERE

5 of the world’s most prominent medical doctors hold an emergency meeting, to discuss the bioweapon capabilities of the COVID vaccine, in regards to depopulation. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor, Dr. Peter McCullough, explains the dangers of the COVID vaccine. CLICK HERE

160 medical experts and PhD scientists come together to inform all world governments that the COVID vaccine is unnecessary and unsafe. CLICK HERE

Many medical doctors and PhD scientists go live (from around the world) warning the public not to take the COVID vaccine because of its inherent dangers. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor and nuclear cardiologist, Dr. Richard Flemming, explains that the COVID vaccine sets the vaccinated up for disease and brain damage. CLICK HERE.

Medical doctor. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, explains that everything the government and media are telling the public about COVID is a lie. CLICK HERE

Professor Denis Rancourt from Ottawa University explains the masking lie. CLICK HERE

Dr. Lee Merrit, explains the fraud and corruption behind the COVID vaccine. She also explains that when a vaccine for the COVID virus was tested on animals in the past, none of the animals ever survived. CLICK HERE

Medical doctor, Dr. Marcus De Brun, explains the dangers of the mRna COVID vaccines. CLICK HERE

The American Frontline Medical Doctors (a health freedom advocacy group) comes forward to explain to the public that the government and media are lying to the popultion about why they’re sick and what would make them better. CLICK HERE

PhD scientist and former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, Dr. Micheal Yeadon, explains the corruption inside the COVID agenda, which is not a pandemic. CLICK HERE

Dr. Dolores Cahill (medical doctor and disease expert) explains why many people will start dying very quickly after receiving the COVID vaccine. CLICK HERE

Open Video From Dr Damien Wojcik CLICK HERE

Medical doctor, Dr. Mark Trozzi (from Canada), explains that the hospitals are empty, the media lying, the government deceiving the public and the vaccine not safe or effective. CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to listen to my new podcast about the Canadian govenrment actively manipulating children to take an extremely toxic, unsafe and ineffective COVID vaccine. Everything the government is doing to both child and adult… in direct violation of morality, ethics and The Nuremberg Code.

CLICK HERE to listen to a UK medical doctor who resigned because of the COVID-19 virus lies, the COVID testing lies and the COVID vaccine lies.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff warns of possible brain damage side effects from this COVID vaccine. CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for a good video regarding what the government and media aren’t telling people about the vaccine and the fraudulent science behind it.

Medical doctor in the UK explains the vaccine genocide with magnetism based nano particles. CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for a Swiss scientist explain the absolute corruption of Bill Gates, the media and the countries around the world who are funding the push to vaccinate. They are all corrupt to the core and silence anyone who speaks the truth about vaccination. She also hits on who is actually funding (and controlling) this world wide vaccine push and that group’s ties to eugenics/depopulation.

CLICK HERE to listen to yet another medical doctor tell the uncensored truth about the vaccine, covid and the vaccine trials.

Dr. Dr. Vladimir Ze’ev Zelenko goes on the record about the dangers of the COVID vaccines. CLICK HERE and here as well.

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  1. Cynthia Crockett

    HI Jason,

    I am a big fan and listen to all of your podcasts. I have a friend who recently got the first jab and now regrets it.
    As people hopefully begin to wake up and realize they have played right into the hands of this evil cult do you think there is anything they can do to detox or is there no hope after the first jab ?

    • Jason Christoff

      Thank you for the positive feedback Cynthia! You can best reach Jason directly via for specific questions. Reach out any time and have a wonderful evening!

  2. j

    i can’t even leave my email here?

    • Jason Christoff

      Please quickly enter your information on this page to stay connected if unable to on the article pages:

      Hope you are well J, thanks for taking the time!

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