Doctor Would Never Vaccinate his own Children

Medical doctor comes forward to say he would never vaccinate his own children, if he had kids today. He also states that he loses over $1 million dollars per year in vaccine bonuses because he simply provides each patient the vaccine inserts to read (which is required by law anyway), where each vaccine maker declares that the vaccine in question can kill or cripple, with no guarantee of immunity. This video of the doctor explaining the dangers and lies behind vaccination…..….66,000 views.

At the same time we see the music video “Gangnam Style” by PSI on YouTube …..has 3.2 billion views. And that’s how you’re farmed my friends, you only see what’s not important. If something is important, you don’t see it. That’s what your newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, magazines and social media feeds are all for. They all exist to drown you in what’s not important, while everything that could make your life amazing, easy, fun and happy……is purposely hidden from you. Welcome to the control grid.

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