Do They Really Eat Dogs and Cats in Wuhan China?

I remember hearing a couple people talk after viewing a video news clip, from a food market in Wuhan China. These people were appalled that there were dogs, cats, snakes, bats and even bees/wasps for sale…as regular items to consume. Basically, these people thought the Chinese people were “crazy” yet these “North Americans” work jobs they hate, eat junk food that makes them sick, consume medications that are known poisons, stay in marriages that make them depressed, inject toxic vaccines into their kids (while wondering why the kids are so sick) and often cut off the tops of the penises of their male infants…….while telling their infants that “they love them”. Here’s the point.

We all have a part of the brain designed to fit in by mimicking the customs, rituals and beliefs of the herd we’re born into. This part of the brain that mimics, copies and emulates the actions of the people around us…….DOES NOT have a moral, ethical or logical filter within it. As children, we don’t have the luxury of reviewing our behavior for moral or ethical content. But we do as adults……..and today most North American adults are still refusing to review their behavior for ethical, rational, logical or sane content. When child based survival mechanisms are brought into an adult life, you get very negative results. If someone is overweight, depressed, addicted, poor, diseased, disoriented, dysfunctional or dis-empowered……the chances are MASSIVE that this person is simply using child based survival strategies in their adult life. Are you a true adult or do you still interface with your world as a child? Successful people simply work from the adult side of their psyches. They are healthy, wealthy, wise and happy. Unsuccessful people insist on using infantile survival strategies to interface with the world, which only creates disaster inside an adult life. They’re unhealthy, poor, uninformed and unhappy. Simple stuff. To cure any problem, you simply must remove what caused it in the first place. Ask your doctor if thinking and behaving like a fully functional adult is right for you….


  1. Jane

    I would choose not to use vaccines but the school mandates it as does the government.

  2. Emily

    I have not received an email back so I am writing you again to make sure I stay in touch. I see you will be sending out information and want to make sure I am on the list thank you..

  3. Veronica Bartley

    Jason just responding to your post in Facebook

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