Disguised Altruism

Ontario Government to spend $30M to bring 5G to northern indigenous communities.

It doesn’t matter who’s in power, it’s simply a pattern of dressing up evil to look like altruism, a noble pursuit and the higher moral ground.

At this link we see that broadband internet (wifi and the upcoming 5G) causes cancer and a whole host of other diseases. http://bit.ly/2XgYMqs

At this added link we see a psychology professor at the University of Santa Clara in California recount that what’s on TV is nothing more than negative role modelling and de-evolving indoctrination, which humans always copy, mimic and emulate…..because of the way the human brain is designed. http://bit.ly/2IDyJk7

Thank God for the government. Don’t send anyone organic food, clean water or empowering role models. Without government, who would pump cancer causing wifi and trash fire media into communities across Canada. It’s all about dressing up evil in fancy clothes so the indoctrinated masses don’t notice. Why doesn’t the government also fund some gambling or some liquor stores as well, just to make sure to lay waste to any human soul that remains. Oh ya…..I forgot. They already do that. Clinical insanity cloaked as sanity.

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