Declaring Deep Love – Often Not Much Beyond Purchases

The average person will declare a very deep love for their child but it often doesn’t go much beyond “purchases”. Love in North America is mostly based around.. “I’ll buy you anything you want.” There’s lots of love declarations with “purchases” but love isn’t a noun, it’s a verb. Love is an action word. You can’t buy love, you must do love.

Who prepares their child a fully organic healthy breakfast, absent of chemicals in the morning? What about lunch? What about dinner? Spring water for the child or the chemically colored toxic juice container of the day? Best hockey skates money can buy for the kid, hot dogs for dinner. $300 hockey stick, poisonous Gatorade thrown into the hockey bag. Are we loving and protecting our kids from the system or are we grooming them to be fully compliant to the system? If you want to do better for our kids, you’ll need to learn how to do better for yourself. You can’t love your children to any greater degree than you love yourself. You can’t give what you don’t have. If you’re looking to start loving yourself better, private message me about my health and self sabotage coaching….live via Skype anywhere in the world. Love yourself back to where you need to be. After you learn to love yourself better, the health of your children will blossom overnight. All the solutions can be found inside of yourself….

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