Debate With My Friends Today – What To Bring To A New Earth?

Watching a movie today with a couple friends and it’s about colonizing a new earth, which is just formed and completely empty. The debate starts about what should be brought to this new earth. I interject and say “what’s more important is what not to bring” and of course my friends ask, “so what should never be brought to this new planet?”. I say “religion”. Although a highly charged position to take, I explain my point.

I explain the extremely weak design of the human ego and psyche, given it lies to itself immensely when its’ morality and sanity are challenged or fractured. This is how I believe religion originated. When trauma clouds human judgement (usually because of massive PTSD via high impact “natural” stressful events), humans do really bad, evil and sinister things. The human mind is naturally dark when living in fear. It’s just the way the brain is designed. That’s when the weak human psyche really needs to blame something else for the immoral conduct, after the stressful events ends. We see this today where one popular religion endorses honor killings, which of course is complete insanity……..unless you say it’s part of your religion. This way the insanity label appears to vanish from you personally and into thin air, as you transfer the immoral action from yourself over to something imaginary. If you can’t have tea with it and engage in conversation with it, it’s imaginary. This act of not acknowledging what you’re personally responsible for comes in handy for humans when they’re conducting insane behavior……which is often done when they’re extremely scared. Other religions don’t fair so well either, with another famous religion wishing death to anyone not of a certain faith. And yet another famous religion is ripe with pedophiles and is based on rituals closely aligned with a child sacrifice cult from our ancient past. Is a person insane or just religious? Sometimes it’s hard to tell and therefore I believe that religion serves to confuse many people about moral, ethical, peaceful and civilized conduct on our existing planet. Religions have caused more wars and more deaths than any other factor in recorded history, so although each religion claims to be a belief system of peace, it’s the sort of mental cherry picking that a fractured and scared human enjoys, in order to maintain their own sanity.

On a new earth, I think it’s best to judge each person on their own personal behavior…….without the psychological sleight of hand regarding out sourcing insane conduct to religion, so that some people can avoid looking in the mirror and evolving. If you’re already moral and ethical, you don’t need religion to justify yourself. If your behavior isn’t moral or ethical, it should be obvious where religion can help you hide your darkened behavior, from yourself and others. Who needs religion more? Good people or bad people? Answering that honestly could literally get you killed of course by people who will be shouting they love you, as they kill you. This is Jason Christoff reporting live from the human farm. See you on the new earth………

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