Death and Disease Codes Verify Vaccine Injuries Are Real

ICD-999. International Code for Death/Disease 999 is dedicated to vaccines, proving that our human farmers are aware that vaccines do kill, cripple and cause life long disease. To get an ICD (an international code for death/disease), there must be proven and documented cause and effect based on termination of life, which means our social engineers have always been aware that injecting foreign, toxic and poisonous material under the skin causes either a) the immediate death of a person b) the permanent crippling of a person (partial death of the human system) or c) life long decreases in health (as the death force grows slowly in the human because of the poisoning).

The researcher at this added link and the author of the book at this added link…… describes that this vaccine induced death, crippling and sickness has been officially categorized as “serum sickness” by the medical system itself for hundreds of years…….and for same duration it’s ALWAYS been tied to vaccination, the sinister art of injecting the tissues of dead animals and poison into uninformed human victims. Not only does author and researcher Patrick Jordan prove that the people ruling us know that vaccines are making us die immediately, die early or lead shorter lives filled with chronic disease…….he proves that they’ve known the entire time and have designed vaccines with LETHAL INTENT. Vaccines have always been designed to kill you quickly, cause your premature death or cause you a life of chronic dysfunction. You’re free to awaken at anytime. Nothing works the way you think it does. Your history books are fictitious. This place isn’t what you think it is and the people ruling you aren’t who they say they are.

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