Start with the above videos to get crucial back ground information on how the PCR test, being used for COVID, is being purposely used by corrupt authority figures to falsely mark healthy individuals as infected positive cases, while using those fraudulent positive cases as the sole excuse to seize draconian control of the society. The above video is titled The PCR Deception.

10 Things You Should Know About COVID Testing

1. The process used for COVID testing has always been deemed “an invention”, as it was never qualified as a test. This invention is called RT-PCR, standing for reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction.

2. The inventor of PCR, Kary B. Mullis, said “these PCR tests cannot detect infectious free viruses at all.” That’s direct from the inventor of PCR and in this video below, the inventor of the test explains how completely invalid his invention is for diagnosing disease. It’s not accurate and was never invented by Mullis to diagnose disease. It was invented so scientists could simply amplify small fragments of a test sample and look at them under a microscope in bigger quantity. Kary Mullis (an American bio chemist) won the Noble Prize for science in 1993 for inventing the PCR process. The PCR process allows a scientists to amplify at will certain molecules in a test sample, to any quantity that wished, based on a patented heating and cooling cycle he invented, which keeps doubling the amount of studied material you “mark” with certain chemical reaction.

3. The PCR was invented to merely have bits of genetic material in a sample multiply until those small broken pieces were numerous enough to see under a microscope. PCR just helps scientists observe small things in greater quantity. Where those bits of genetic material came from, what they do, do they make people sick etc…..the PCR process is not involved in that determination what so ever. In the video above Mullis clearly explains that what is observed after the magnification (through numerous heating and cooling cycles) doesn’t tell anyone what makes a person sick or not.

4. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, the entire virus (the complete genetic sequence) must be isolated in its entirety. This has not yet been done with COVID 19. This is correct. No complete virus has yet to be isolated and that’s supposed to be the first step before any other steps are taken in such a process that ends with a viral declaration…let alone a pandemic declaration. Although some people will declare that COVID 19 exists as a virus, the complete virus was only manufactured artificially by computer simulation. That’s not science. That’s a video game version of something that doesn’t exist. Click here

5. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, the entire virus (which has never been isolated for COVID) must be transferred over to another animal or human host…..and that virus MUST cause the exact same illness in the host. This is called The Koch Postulate and has not yet been done with COVID-19. The COVID19 virus has not yet been proven to cause disease, person to person. Why are these steps being bypassed?

6. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, the entire virus (which has never been isolated for COVID-19) must not only infect the host with the exact same disease, you must also find the complete genetic viral sequence in the infected tissue of the host and then re-isolate the entire genetic sequence from infected tissues of the host. This has not yet been done with COVID-19. Disease transmission person to person, has not been proven for COVID-19. This is the easiest criteria to organize yet it remains undone.

7. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, you must also have a control group, so you can make sure that what you call a virus isn’t just regular human genetic material, shared by all humans. If you find the exact same 80% genetic material strand in the samples of HEALTHY CONTROLS, what you’re looking at CAN’T be the cause of the disease because it’s just regular genetic material found in all humans…both sick and healthy. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, you need to find that particular complete viral sequence IN THE SICK ONLY and not in the healthy. This has not yet been done for COVID-19. Why is the gold standard of testing (having a control group) being bypassed? Medical doctor, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, explains The Koch Postulate in the video later in this article…..which has not been done with COVID-19.

8. In the case of COVID-19, scientists have indeed found a string of genetic material (not a complete sequence) that shares 80% similarities with SARS-COVID (a sequence said to cause SARS) and therefore the original Chinese scientists have declared that this string of material reflects a COVID infection. (but also did that without testing any healthy people, to see if healthy people also have the same genetic material) Humans share 97% genetic material with chimpanzees, 80% genetic material with cats and 50% genetic material with a banana and that’s why shared genetic material IS NEVER the standard used to diagnose any disease. This is why the Tanzanian President recently found positive PCR results when he secretly tested a goat, a bird called a Kawre, papaya, jackfruit, a rabbait and motor oil etc….because most things on earth share similar genetic sequences. We share 61% genetic material with fruit flies and 85% genetic material with mice. Shared material is never good enough to declare anything as concrete in real science. To declare viral disease you always need a full 100% viral genetic match to a past 100% viral genetic sequence in the past. This so far has not been done for COVID19. Why?

Click here to watch the video of the member of Austrian Parliment uses a quick test that test Coca Cola positive for COVID.
Click here to watch the video of an Italian scientist having a kiwi test positive for COVID.

At this Facebook link a young man orders an online COVID test in the UK and simply sends it back to the lab, without swabbing it with anything……positive case of coures.

9. The PCR INVENTION shouldn’t be used as a way to diagnose any disease because it’s simply designed to make small bits of genetic material more visible under a microscope. Those small bits were always designed to be studied, not to conclude disease or no disease, winners or losers, black or white, go home or go to “a camp” etc. Where that genetic material comes from (from you or from a large number of friendly organisms that live inside you) in no way reflects if that genetic material is making you sick. This is why the PCR process has already been shown (in its current misused way) to declare 8 out of 10 people positive with COVID, when they’re perfectly healthy. Out of 10 people in a COVID testing area, 8 will be told they have COVID, 2 will not…..and there’s absolutely no basis to any of those declarations what so ever. The PCR can’t test for COVID, it never could and the inventor said so. So why are we using it?

10. This is the testing process being used to remove children from their parents, remove adults from their homes, destroy the economy, shut down the food supply, enforce martial law, destroy civil liberties, criminalize normal human activity and force an untested vaccine onto the public, while government officials have inserted into mandates (which are not laws) that both government officials and vaccine companies are not legally responsible for any “failures” in this system where citizens are killed or injured,…..all the while knowing that the COVID death and infection figures (and the testing) are already proven fraudulent.  Are you ready to go bankrupt based on COVID death numbers proven to be fabricated by government and media? Are you ready to have a child removed from your care based on a test that’s proven completely fraudulent? Are you willing to take an untested vaccine, while giving full legal immunity for death and permanent injury (and future cancers/auto immunity diseases etc) to government officials and vaccine makers, based on fabricated death and infection numbers plus a fraudulent testing process?

Dr. Sam Baily explains the exact problems I just described in a video titled “The Truth About the PCR Test”.

It doesn’t matter who talks about the RT-PCR test for COVID, the story is always the same. It’s a scam and it’s designed to mark healthy people as infected, when they’re not sick whatsoever and then the corrupt government (who knows all this) simply uses their corrupt media connections to fan the flames of panic, in order to enslave the population…based on something that has never and will never exist. It’s all fraud. Del Bigtree from The Highwire also explains in this video titled “COVID Testing Fraud Uncovered.”

Here we have medical doctor. Dr. Ben Edwards, taking great care and effort to explain many of the fraudulent aspects of the COVID tests (and COVID scam in general), which are purposely driving a massive wave of positive cases in people who aren’t sick whatsoever. The government and media are attempting to orchestrate the most massive psychological manipulation mind control (behavior modification) fraud ever perpetrated on humanity. The title is Dr. Ben Edwards COVID-19 Post Analysis.

Same story, different PhD scientist. The massive wave of positive COVID cases are being purposely faked by a RT-PCR machine. That’s exactly why each government have hand picked this faulty test for their testing protocols….because it provides the exact fraudulent results government needs to implement full draconian control the public. The title is “Casedemic – How Governments Are Playing With the Numbers.” from the Alliance of Natural Health. CLICK HERE to view.

At this added link Dr. Andrew Kaufman clearly explains the faults in the testing system and explain why there is no virus what so ever. (Spiro Skouras interview) Click this bitchute link to watch the interview between Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Spiro Skouras.

This video below is also highly interesting…..

What’s even more alarming is that SARS-COV-2 has never even been proven to exist, so it could never be tested for in the firth place. CLICK HERE or watch below. The Emperor has No Corona.

At this added link Dr. Tim O’Shea offers a $5000 reward for anyone who can prove COVID exists and he also explains why it doesn’t exist and why the current COVID tests can’t test for COVID what so ever…….even though the fake COVID infection numbers are being used to take people’s rights away.

At this link there is an overwhelming amount of research reinforcing the points made above……that the PCR test being used to confirm a COVID infection (or not) is absolutely useless and ineffective for the stated goal of seeing if people are carrying COVID. It’s even worse that that of course because if you listen to Dr. Kaufman above in the first cited video on this article, COVID doesn’t even exist (it’s been faked the entire time) and has not yet been isolated. COVID in itself is being faked and of course the fraudulent test is all part of the COVID Hollywood production. There is no threat other than a corrupt media and government system colluding to take full draconian control of a TV and authority obsessed populace.

Click here for yet another report on the COVID RT-PCR testing fraud.

Kary Mullis (the inventor of PCR) explains how the test can be misinterpreted based how many amplification cycles are executed…..

Click here to watch the video associated with the picture above.

Here’s a very good breakdown from Global Research about just how fraudulent the RT-PCR machine is and how the use of this machine is producing all the false positive cases needed to drive fear into the collective and take full draconian control of the fear infused media. All courtesy of a colluding evil agenda, between government and media.

In this statistical analysis we see that every positive COVID test has no validity. It’s the equivalent of telling women there is a positive pregnancy test and no one is pregnant. It means the test can’t test for what’s being claimed and should never have been used what so ever…. (Paul Weston – This One Lie Will Bring Down the British Government)

At this added Facebook link from Morgan C Jonas, we not only see the fake COVID collusion to ambush the public…..we see many scientists and doctors (in the middle of the report) testifying to the complete inaccuracy of the RT-PCR test and how it’s being manipulated to weaponize fear against the public…….which will be used to destroy each person financially, so they are more easily coerced to take a kill shot/euthanasia/infertility vaccine. Find your voice people and warn the others. This is the only way to stop what is coming. FIND YOUR VOICE!

At this link we hear Dr. Anthony Fauci testify that the RT-PCR test should never be cycled over 36 times or the results aren’t accurate what so ever. (

At this Facebook link at the 29 minute mark we hear member of Provincial Parliament for the distract of Lanark- Frontenac and Kingston (Randy Hillier) reviewing that the Canadian government is cycling the RT-PCR test in the 38-45 range…..which is proven to provide inaccurate results for positive COVID cases.

Portuguese court rules that the COVID test (the RT_PCR) is 97% inaccurate for diagnosing disease infected people. Click here……

At this added link, a reporter finds out the RT-PCR test numbers for COVID are being manipulated and therefore is taking legal action against the corrupt government and the evil health care system, which is killing people or pay cheques.

At this added link, world governments proven to be turning the RT-PCR machine up to falsely label healthy people as sick. (when they’re perfectly healthy) Same corrupt governments are turning the machine down, if the patient is vaccinated, so it looks like they’re healthy and immune. This machine can’t test for any disease, including COVID. It’s a stage prop inside a eugenic movie called “COVID-19 – A Depopulation Event” Turn the RT-PCR up when needed and turn it down when needed as well. All this false information is used to manipulate the public in the direction desired that particular day. Anyone believing or trusting in government and media, at this point in time, is suffering from a clinical mental disorder.

Big pandemic in Ontario Canada…..used as a reason to destroy everything. Less deaths on average this year compared to years prior. It only makes sense if you don’t think about it.

Click here to see the death rate in Canada are actually down from the 2019.

Medical doctor, Dr Thomas Cowan, in a video titled “The ‘Test Everybody’ Strategy has NO Scientific Validity Whatsoever” explain the con job of the RT-PCR test for COVID-19.

The PCR test isn’t accurate for measuring disease. The PCR test is not a valid diagnostic tool for disease….medical doctor Dr. Thomas Cowan. CLICK HERE to watch

Click here for a facebook linked rant from a registered nurse with her masters, regarding the PCR test and the overall agenda now in play.

In the below video David Icke and Dr. Andrew Kaufman thoroughly review the RT=PCR test for COVID and the scam it really is. CLICK HERE to watch

Above is a video from Rebel new and Microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explains the fraudulent RT-PCR machine in an interview with Rebel News.

The Lying About The COVID and The Fraudulent PCR Machine’s Use With Rising Positive Cases Is To Trigger a Full World Slavery System (Chairman of the FMF Rule of Law Board of Advisors and a former judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, Rex van Schalkwyk, delivers opening remarks at an FMF roundtable.)

Catherine Austin Fits Full Interview Planet Lockdown explains why all this is really happening… here to listen

Here is a FB link regarding The Great Reset, which is the foundational motivation behind the fake positive cases and the vaccine, which is destroying people at a very accelerated rate. This documentary is from Project Knowledge and it’s titled (The New Normal” , a factual, 50-minute documentary, investigates The Great Reset)

At this added link we hear more of The Great Reset, under the slave based slogan “Build Back Better”. It doesn’t matter if it’s Agenda 21 or Goals 2020 or Goals 2030….it’s all about enslaving the entire world through economic hardship, starvation, civil unrest and toxic vaccines….all brought together by THE ONE LIE TO RULE THEM ALL……COVID-19.

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  1. Suzie

    Shame the links at the end of already been removed by youtube , violation of youtube, I’ve found this every time , I loved this and everyone should read this, it’s time people woke up to the truth and not be controlled by the bullies.

    • Cbert

      Where have children been removed from their parents?

      • Jason Christoff

        There are very few incidents like this currently, where parents and children have been removed. The ground work is now laid because the public are asleep and a planned outbreak in a school will see this executed en masse come the fall. Evil feeds on those who watch the TV programming.

        • Glory

          I could not agree more!

      • Katie

        Washington State, a young woman had her baby, they tested her – positive and immediately took the baby, she did not get to hold the newborn and the father was kicked out of the hospital. So, a bunch of people showed up in protest and LO AND BEHOLD they re-tested and it was negative. So they gave her baby to her. DISGUSTING AND EVIL.
        I hope she sues them! That bonding time immediately after birth is very important for parents and baby!

    • Sandra

      Just thought I might correct a few things in your article for people reading this. Kerri Mullis (the inventor or PCR) could not have been quoted as he died in August 2019. PCR is used to detect many Viruses including HIV. PCR is very sensitive and they use primers specific to a unique sequence in the virus genome- therefore the virus or its fragments would be present in the sample. The complete virus has been isolated by a Canadian team at McMaster. Sorry I didnt read all your misinformation in this “article” but if you are going to speak on a subject, I would suggest you learn something about that subject. Do your research dude.

      • Jason Christoff

        I’m pretty sure you ignored as hard as you could the medical doctor by video at the bottom of the article, who explains you are incorrect on every account. You may want to learn something. People when alive do make quotes and those quotes are still around after they pass away. Please Sandra. Go back to your TV programming and your govenrment position in the control grid.

      • Tasha Tymchuk

        He couldn’t have possibly been quoted prior to his death! LOL

        Sorry you’ve been brainwashed by dogmatic allopaths that stand to profit in the billions from a bogus ‘vaccine’, and the huge power grab.

        But please, report back to your leftist masters, and tell them you did their bidding.

        Maybe you’ll get a nice big bonus.

      • Joan

        K. Mullis wrote the forward to Peter Duesburg’s book on HIV/aids which clearly shows no virus was ever isolated or proven to be the cause of AIDS. K.Mullis stated himself that the PCR did not prove hiv caused AIDS. I think it is perhaps you who needs to learn a whole lot more about the subject.

      • Joan

        And I quote “ we have not been able to discover any good reason why most of the people on earth believe that AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called HIV. There is simply no scientific evidence demonstrating that this is true.” Kary Mullis foreword from Inventing the AIDS virus.

        Furthermore “PCR is a technology that amplifies even the tiniest amounts of any specific DNA sequence creating enough copies for detection and analysis. But contrary to statements by some HIV scientists this is not an isolation of the actual virus and does not fulfil Koch’s second postulate. It is only the detection of dormant DNA genomes, or fractions of viral genomes, left behind from infections that occurred years earlier.” Duesburg

  2. JG

    Hi Jason, you’re partially correct, however it isn’ the “viral genome” that needs to be isolated, as that is a circular argument, because it assumes there’s a “virus” there in the first place.

    They have to actually isolate and purify things they think are virions (viral particles) ,and then prove those particles cause disease, when transferred to a host in a physiologic manner.

    The genetic material is irrelevant unless those particles are shown to be true “viruses”. THEN, they can extract the genome from those particles if they want to know it.

    Kaufman is spot on in his videos. Scientists laugh at him, not understanding the circular logic they’re using in the viral “discovery” papers.

    it’s actually quite obvious when you “see” it. I’m surprised it passes as good science at all.

    if a chemist claimed to “isolate” a new molecule but never actually isolated it, they’d be laughed out of the lab.

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    In MY personal opinion, this entire pandemic is a Total Scam, designed to usher in a New Global Totalitarian Government, to eliminate Ca$h as a medium of exchange, and control and monitor every living creature on this planet. YOUR Governments are taking their instructions from the same Banksters that are directly responsible for very war on the planet since Napoleon. They are playing for ALL the marbles and they intend to Win at any cost. They control your media, they definitely control the US Democratic Party and are hell bent on Destroying the USA from the Inside. millions are aware of this, but the majority have yet to connect those ubiquitous dots. I predict Rivers of Blood sooner rather than later. I wish people would plug-in before it’s too late.

    • D Dawson

      Well today proves you were correct on May 27, 2020. It is only one month later and indeed the blood is starting to flow…

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    Would you placate an old woman who wants to share your article? However, the only issue holding me from doing so, is the lack of the article, site, paper, etc. where and when Mr. Millus made the statement, ” these (PCR) tests cannot detect free, infectious virusesat all. ” I have searched and searched for this statement and I am not finding it.


  12. Kathleen

    I can absolutely accept the issues surrounding the isolation of the virus etc but then I have to ask what is it that is causing thrombotic conditions and hypoxia? What is causing – what appears to be – a disease that is attacking the lungs and creating serious symptoms in some people? I personally know two people who say they have had COVID and that it is a nasty ‘bug’. I know that the figures for ‘positives’ are inflated/incorrect and that death figures are inflated as well. But there does appear to be something different that is affecting and killing some people. I absolutely accept that this is a plandemic and a scam but would just like an answer concerning the symptoms and deaths. Thank you.

    • Shyam

      People have been experiencing these symptoms even before covid and it’s primarily due to the toxin build up in your body and your system tries to throw it out in the form of cough, cold and fever.

  13. David

    Excellent insight to the latest craze of testing going on. Once again the establishment agenda is being pushed thru with no regard to true science at the expense of our population.

  14. An Interested Reader


    Thank you for the article.

    I see I am not the first one asking for this but can please refer to the source of this:

    “The inventor of PCR, Kary B. Mullis, said “these PCR tests cannot detect infectious free viruses at all.” That’s direct from the inventor of PCR.”

    Thanks in advance