COVID Cases in US on The Rise. Here’s why…..

1) The PCR test being used to confirm COVID was never designed to confirm COVID. This test confirms people as COVID positive when they’re perfectly healthy. This means that the more the faulty PCR test is applied, the more perfectly healthy people are confirmed as having COVID, when they’re not sick what so ever. The inventor of the PCR said that the PCR has no way of confirming viral disease. This graph showing an increase in COVID cases represents increased testing only, not actual sick people. The government, media, medicine and science are lying to the public about the test.

2) The State of Texas now has done away with most testing kits but if you think they’re avoiding the PCR test because they know it’s faulty, you’re mistaken. It’s even worse. In the State of Texas you’re now listed as having COVID if you have a headache, a cough or have a fever. So in the state of Texas you now have COVID officially and are counted as COVID confirmed if you have a case of the blahs or a sniffle.

After decades of research, it’s easy to see that the US is a target of the United Nations and all other illegal governing groups. The US is a primary target of the fabricated COVID plandemic facade.


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