Common Sense Vaccine Questions To Ask Your Doctor…………

1. If vaccines are safe and effective why does it declare, on many vaccine inserts, that each vaccine maker will not guarantee that the vaccine will provide immunity to the targeted disease? How does not providing immunity reflect “an effective vaccine product”?

2. If vaccines are safe and effective why does it declare, on ALL vaccine inserts, that each vaccine holds the potential to kill or permanently injury all vaccine recipients? How does the death or permanent crippling of the vaccine recipient reflect “a safe vaccine product”?

3. If children usually come into contact with viruses via an open orifice in their body (their mouths, eyes, nose etc), how is injecting material into the blood stream directly (under the skin), supposed to mimic the body’s natural immune reaction?

4. Why would a parent of a vaccinated child, be afraid of an unvaccinated child, if vaccines worked for providing immunity?

5. If we’re supposed to be afraid of viruses and avoid them at all costs, why are there live viruses in some vaccines (like the MMR) and obviously why are we asked to inject these live viruses into our children, when we’re supposed to be avoiding them, so we don’t get sick?

6. If vaccines provide immunity, why do we need booster shots?

7. The MMR vaccine contains live measles, mumps and rubella virus and then there’s the polio, the flu shot, the chicken pox, hep B, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (just to name a few). Some doctors administer several of these vaccines at once to an infant or child. What are the chances my child would be exposed to all those diseases at once in nature and what research do you have that giving all these at once is safe? (hint…….there’s no research to prove multiple vaccines are safe so you’re asking for research that doesn’t exist… that means no child in the world should ever receive more than one vaccine at a time)

8. Are you telling me to believe that the only way a child can get sick is by not getting a vaccine and that their lifestyle has nothing to do with the strength of their immune system or their health status? So you’re telling me that we can inject health into sick people, with toxins no less? Please explain?

9.Why is the third most toxic substance on earth, mercury, (also ranked as the most toxic non radioactive substance on earth) an ingredient of some vaccines, when mercury is proven to cause adverse neurological damage and why are some of the documented vaccine side effects, listed on the vaccine insert, exact symptoms of mercury or aluminum poisoning?

10. Will you personally guarantee, on a legal document, that this vaccine will not harm my child in anyway, now or in the future? I know you verbally declare vaccines are safe and effective but will you back that statement with your personal assets to prove to me that you really believe it, as opposed to you just saying vaccines are safe because that’s what you were taught to say and because your primary source of income is the vaccination of children and infants?

11. If health authorities wanted to prove to everyone once and for all that vaccines worked at preventing the targeted disease, why aren’t you going to track my child after the vaccination, to see if he or she gets sick or not? (why do you think they don’t track the kids after they’re vaccinated? It’s because they already know what they would find)

12. Are you paid extra and compensated in some way (bonus or otherwise) to provide this vaccine to myself and my child? How much is that compensation as a percentage of your total income. (in some cases family physicians derive 90% of their income from vaccinating the uninformed public)

13. If the International Medical Law of Informed Consent applies to any medical procedure that could end the life or permanently injure the patient, why are we not told at every visit that each vaccine can kill or permanently injure my child, when the vaccine insert declares openly that the vaccine can kill or permanently injure my child? Why have I not been given the vaccine insert to read, with enough time to digest it and ask questions, when that’s the law? By not providing me the vaccine insert, which declares the vaccines can kill or cripple by child, are you in contravention of the medical law of informed consent?

14. If all vaccine inserts document that the vaccine can kill or cripple my child, how is that considered “safe”? If you nor the vaccine maker will guarantee this vaccine makes my child immune, how is that considered “effective”? How did a needle full of documented toxins, which has the potential to kill and cripple, plus which doesn’t guarantee immunity become sold as something that’s “safe and effective?”.

15. Can you list for me today exactly how much neurotoxic aluminum and mercury are in each vaccine you’re recommending for my child and also list for me the safe levels of those neurotoxic heavy metals, established by the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency) for injection directly into a child’s/infant’s blood stream, of this approximate weight?

16. In the United States our health authorities advise an infant before one year of age receive 26 vaccines. In Canada that number is 24. If vaccines are safe and effective, and only provide immunity, would you mind taking shot for shot with my newborn in their first year of life? Would you be willing to take the same 26 or 24 vaccinations you recommend yourself, to prove to me that you truly believe only good and benefit is brought into the body by vaccination?

17. If we are supposed to listen to doctors who present the science regarding vaccines, what are we supposed to do with these medical doctors   who present the hard science, proving vaccines aren’t safe or effective? How do we decide between the two sides? One side saying poisons hurt children and the other side saying poison is healthy for children? If science is the unbiased pursuit of truth, why is the science these doctors present, not included in the material you provide to patients? Why is the hard science proving vaccines don’t provide immunity and that they’re dangerous, not presented to the public by the mainstream media or the medical profession?

18. If the media and most medical outlets claim vaccines don’t cause Autism, how do you explain all these sources and citations that confirm vaccines do cause Autism?

19. Can you please explain to me the warning on most vaccines regarding that the “vaccine has not been evaluated for its’ carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.” What exactly does that mean?

20. If vaccines are safe and effective why did the US government set up the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in 1987 to shield vaccine makers from excessive litigation because vaccines were killing and injuring so many children, that if the litigation continued, it would bankrupt some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world? How safe and effective does this sound to you? If vaccines are safe and effective, why were parents suing vaccine manufactures for causing vaccine induced death or permanent vaccine injury in their children?

21. Why does the medical industry and governments suggest certain vaccines for pregnant mothers, when every vaccine (without exception) declares that no vaccine has been tested safe for pregnant mothers or their unborn children?

22. If vaccines eradicated polio, what’s a parent supposed to do with this information, proving that vaccines cause polio, yet the paralysis is hidden from the public using a different name?

23. If hepatitis b is a liver disease caused by someone having unprotected sex with an infected partner or sharing a dirty needle with an infected IV drug user, why is the hepatitis b vaccine recommended in the US……on the first day of birth? What are the chances my newborn has sex with a hep b infected person or shares a dirty needle with an IV drug addict? I’m confused, please clarify?

24. Are you willing to take shot for shot with my infant or child, based on weight. For example in Canada each infant before the age of 1 is recommended 24 separate vaccines.  In the US, that number is 26 recommended vaccines. The average weight of an infant growing from 0-12 months is 14lbs. The average medical doctor weighs 180 lbs. Adjusted for weight, that equates to a medical doctor taking 308 vaccines over the year. Are you willing to take 308 vaccines yourself doctor in the same year you inject 24 vaccines into my infant……….in order to prove vaccines are really safe and effective? If you won’t put your life on the line, why do you preach that I should put my child’s on the line, so you can collect a monetary bonus for a fully vaccinated child? Is this about logic and science…..or is this about dogma, profit and sacrifice of the defenseless?

25. Can explain to me what you’ve learned about vaccines in medical school because the medical doctors in this article explain clearly that they didn’t learn anything about vaccines in medical school other than the phrase “vaccines are safe and effective” and when to administer the vaccines by the “schedule“, which I’ve already established as not being tested as “safe” for any child to receive?

26. What does injecting my baby or myself with the meat of ground up aborted fetuses have to do with making my child or myself healthier?

I could go on. Those are just A FEW common sense questions.. Keep your head up. Most doctors are rewarded generously to lie right to your face about vaccines. The only question you need to be concerned with is, “have you been subjected to enough mind control to believe those lies?” People sell lies all the time, the question is, “are you going to buy one?” If you’re not connecting the dots by now, you’re not paying close enough attention. For everyone else, here’s a list of medical doctors and PhD scientists who explain CLEARLY why vaccines are not safe or effective.


  1. Aileen Bronzini

    Absolutely great issues. Number 7 was a big deal with me when I worked in a pediatric office. MD would order DPT, MMR, OPV and HIB. I would give one injection and tell parents to bring the child back in 2 weeks for another and so on. I told them we won’t know which one is giving them a reaction if all given at once. At upon to even think so many immunizations are needed. Breast feed an infant. Way better effect for immuni6

  2. Lori R.

    Jason, I hope you don’t mind I have given this, and re-posted this link many times… it is the best-written info to give people!

    • Jason Christoff

      Always a pleasure Lori.

  3. Carolyn

    Jeez Jason, the amount of work you have put in?! This is excellent! Thank you!

  4. david

    wow. I wish it kept going. this was brilliant. but we know how much doctors value logic and common sense. you ask one of these questions and they kick you out the office.

    when my son was vaccinated at 2 months he had a horrible reaction which included injection site swelling, fever, high pitched endless crying, a seizure which had his eyes roll back and a ER visit. scary stuff.

    of course this was just “normal”.. at the 4 month visit the pediatrician wanted to inject him with everything at once. all I said was to be on the safe side let’s just do one shot today based on the 2month reaction.

    the doctor threw a hissy fit and got on this monologue about seatbelts and car accidents. which by now seems like a rebuttal they read off a script because I’ve heard many parents say the same story.

    anytime I was about to bring up some information I read he would brush his hands in the air and shut me down. I wasn’t as deep into this whole vaccine mess at the time so he won the exchange.

    I did not vaccinate the baby but I felt anger and guilty all at the same time. they really convinced me I was a child killer when it was their vaccines that sent the baby to the ER.

    so of course after this I started digging into the vaccine world and it’s an endless journey. you can’t stop once you begin.

    years later I watch a documentary on Youtube called “Vaccine Nation” and guess who I see there.. my childs doctor being involved in a SIDS case where a father was imprisoned for shaken baby syndrome but he said it was the vaccines that caused it.

    the doctor’s name is Dr. Berg and this was Orlando Fl.

    I’m not telling anybody not to vaccinate but I am telling everybody to understand where there is risk there must always be choice. and it’s really not up to a doctor or a provaxx pusher to determine how “small” that risk it. that is the parents job because nobody can be legally held liable. so if you’re gonna be left on your own when a vaccine causes damage you should be allowed to weigh risk/benefit on your own as well.

  5. Jordan

    Thanks for this article, huge help, great points. I just seriously started looking into this again as surprisingly yesterday during my first physical in 6 years the doctor mentioned something about not being vaccinated. After checking me out, near the end of the physical, he left the room and came back. I was sitting down and he asked me to roll up my sleeve. Not quite thinking what would happen (blood pressure, blood test) he quickly pulls out a needle, sticks my arm, and vaccinates me. Now my entire right arm is throbbing and sore. I have shooting pains to my spine and up my neck, I feel weak and sick. Until this point I’ve had no health issues and never vaccinated. I feel like this was just the dirtiest sneaky attempt to vaccinate me. From now on I’ll be sure to have my guard up next time I visit and will refuse any future vaccinations. Any advice on where to look next for more information in this matter would be appreciated.

    • Jason Christoff

      What are you doing in there in the first place?

      • Jordan

        Now that I’ve upgraded my license to commercial license with air brakes I’m required to pass a physical every year, or I lose it.

  6. Alex

    What are your credentials?

    • Jason Christoff

      I think you meant to say “I don’t take in any logical information and don’t know how or even want to think. I take orders and I only taker orders from the people who lie to me.” Well, keep taking your orders Alex from the people who lie to you. We don’t care. More food for us. You can find my credentials on line but they won’t be the credentials you like, so the information can enter your brain, so again……..carry on.

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