Comfort Foods and Eating Our Emotions…….

It’s thanksgiving this weekend in Canada and of course this often involves foods that destroy or hurt human potential. Sometimes people call these health destroying foods “comfort foods” but it really depends where a person feels most comfortable. If a person feels more comfortable underachieving, those comfort foods will be items that decrease human potential and grow chaos in one’s own life.

What many people don’t know is that we actually eat the primary emotions that were present in our childhood home……..because of the way our brain complex is designed. If the primary emotional vibration of our childhood home was set with repetitive panic, terror, fear and chaos…….we’ll eat the food equivalents of these emotions, in order to recreate our childhood home where ever we go. The saying is “home is where the heart is” and that sounds good unless the subconscious mind only observed repetitive negative emotions in the old childhood stomping ground. I can tell the frequency of someone’s childhood home by what they eat……because we actually eat those emotions in the form of different health destroying items. If I see the person drinking alcohol, coffee, not caring about the quality of their food, eating too much, eating past when they’re full, taking a break to go outside for a smoke or a joint and just sort of destroying themselves with one thing or another……I know all of it combined represents the emotional background noise of their original family home.

I as well was raised in a chaotic environment and that became my comfort zone, which reflects how our subconscious minds manufacturer our behavior for us. We live what we learn. What we see is what we’ll be. Therefore everywhere I would go, I would raise my dysfunctional family flag and display it proudly for all to see. Alcohol, narcotics, junk food, take out food, steroids, chaos, crisis, fear, wanting love but always pushing it away as well (because I didn’t think I deserved it) and many other forms of self abuse. We bring our old family home with us where ever we go, so we feel safe in the familiar. Although my subconscious mind was programmed for disaster because I lived inside a frequency of panic and disaster within my childhood environment……..I actually learned the special code or programming language to reprogram my subconscious mind. With this special code I reprogrammed for financial abundance instead of financial struggle, peace instead of chaos, living instead of dying early and self love instead of self abuse. I changed my behavior by changing the program running in my subconscious mind. You can do this as well……but you need to know the special coding language involved with this part of the mind.

I’m having a LIVE Overcoming Self Sabotage Event in October vIa ZOOM for anyone in the world. This event will teach all participants how to reprogram and master their subconscious mind, which is the part of their minds that drive them toward mediocrity….in an attempt to find safety inside the average and the old family vibration. If someone does seek “the average” and “the old family ways” in their adult years, they’ll indeed find safety…….but they’ll also find addiction, misery, depression, disease, struggle and dysfunction. To accomplish big goals and to live out big dreams, you need this information. This live EVENT is inexpensive, it’s effective and it’s quick. All details at this link. If you can’t make it live, it will be recorded and send to all participants. Discount pricing is now extended PLUS I’ve included my BRAND NEW financial abundance package free as a bonus item. So many people joined, I decided to just let it sell out at the current price and to add one more stellar bonus item to both ticket levels. Stop self sabotaging yourself. It’s time to show the world your gifts. No fear. All success. Take action today.

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