Children Suicides Spike Coincides With Media Suicide Messages

This is a big growing trend over the last 4-6 months……..suicide messages hidden in cartoons, video games and mainstream media, directed toward children. Some of these suicide messages are “popping up” in violent video games (which kids shouldn’t be playing anyway) and that means as a guarantee that documented neuro science is being used against the children, trying to make them kill themselves. Anything viewed through the eyes, programs the mind. This is called “cybernetics”, the programming of the human mind just like a computer programmer programs a computer.

I started to take note of this when several children in my community committed suicide right around the release date of the Netflix film “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock…..a movie about committing suicide. The psychology is simple here as well, as is described at this added link by a professor of psychology Dr. Jerry Kroth …….that all humans copy and mimic what they see on the screen, children more so than adults and scared children more so than non scared children. I’m now compiling at least 4 incidents of these media suicide messages and of course it’s just another way the darkness is stealing the children into the night, while making everything look very “official” through government and corporate channels. Have no doubt, we’re right in the middle of what’s now being called a “voluntary techno holocaust”……a mass extermination operation disguised as government, science, media and medicine. Our kids are physically and mentally ill for a reason.

At this new link found tonight, mention of a game where children are encouraged to “run away” from their homes and yet another game where children are encouraged to commit suicide.

This character was found popping up unexpectedly in children’s TV shows………..the agenda is beyond obvious. For people familiar with mind control, the swirling black and white circle effect is proven to place vulnerable participants into hypnotic trance.

This movie trailer below cloaks a very clever suicide movie theme……….

The message appears clear to the subconscious………… an X is an international sign for death as well, with the classic X over the eyes of a dead person in a cartoon.

A rash of child suicide in one town in the UK gets some needed attention in this report……

And then there is this…….an extremely odd and heart breaking story, similar in theme.

Parents of Teen Who Died From 'Choking Challenge' Donate His Organs in Emotional Send-Off

The Indiana teen who died from the "Choking Challenge" was given an emotional send-off by hospital staff and family members as he was taken to surgery to have his organs donated.

Posted by Inside Edition on Thursday, May 23, 2019

At this added link..….yet another article regarding a suicide movie on TV and a rise in teen suicides.

At this added link………..yet another article and different examples of suicide messages in media for children, impacting children when the adults aren’t watching or filtering content.

At this facebook post…….we don’t see suicide messages exactly but we do see a children’s book recounting many ways to kill your brother. (a book called “No More Poems”…….sold at Costco)

Get familiar with mind control tactics, which are embedded directly into all Hollywood and main stream screen media releases via the mind control documentaries below. (plus related material)

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