Child Protection Alert……

Humans mimic exactly what they see, especially if it’s positively reinforced. This tic-tok skull breaker move is spreading, as anything kids can do to gain popularity in their smaller tribes is instantly taken up by the child psyche……which looks to establish itself as a valued member of the herd through comic endeavor, violence or any other way that child can gain access to the tribal hierarchy. This is also the problem with schools in general, the development of a Lord of The Flies scenario. Tribal elders always knew children should never raise themselves or raise other children, without elders always being on guard to protect against such inverted viral programming, passed from child to child.

Children SHOULD NEVER be given unfettered access to each other in their formative years, without elder supervision and moral guidance…….and if you notice, all these negative expressions of human behavior are in and around schools. Group based education of children was never a tribal custom in our past. Segregating children away from the tribe was never done in our past for many sound psychological reasons because children left to their own devices, rarely produce anything but very dysfunctional learning patterns and inverted displays of character. This inverted mimicking also reminds me of the rise in teen suicides, in and around media releases that displayed teen suicide or suicide in general.…/

Humans mimic and if there was ever a REAL ROLE of government, it was to protect the people from anything negative that may be mimicked. Today it’s the government itself that rushes the negative role modelling to the front doors of everyone in the community. Most government officials are also proven mentally and morally weak, thus providing even more direct negative role modelling for the public.


  1. Katie

    Hi Jason, thank you for being a light in this dark world. Ever since finding your posts on FB, I’ve started looking at things differently and doing things differently. I’m on the last part of your self sabotage talk from last year. Even before CV-19, things were feeling heavy and scary. I’m trying to change how I live and reading your posts bring me hope. p.s. Can you add me to your email list for the article you mentioned about on FB? Thank you

  2. Lynette Wicken

    I wish to receive your emails

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