Child Dies……Was It the Flu Shot or The Flu?

Child dies from “the flu”, right after the flu shot….because it’s never the vaccine that caused the death……..or is it? Death is listed as an adverse reported event, with all flu vaccines. This is something not told to most parents. How can something that can kill you make you healthier? Death is listed on each flu vaccine insert as happening to children (adults as well) who took the flu shot and then a child dies right after the flu shot. Then health authorities rush out to the cameras to tell everyone that it wasn’t the flu vaccine and to keep taking their vaccines. We see this every year. What’s also important to note is that the mercury in each multi dose vial of flu vaccine is documented in all medical libraries to have already killed people of all ages, via a wide array of organ break downs and failures. Summing up……..

– all vaccine manufacturers admit openly that all vaccines can kill or cripple permanently 
– these open declarations can be found on each vaccine insert
– it’s the law that the vaccine insert be given to each vaccine recipient before vaccination, with enough time to read it and ask questions
– in most cases the vaccine insert is hidden from the parents purposely, making that health unit or health professional guilty of criminal misconduct regarding the international law of informed consent
– in all other research regarding the vaccine ingredients mercury and aluminum, included in all flu vaccines, both those ingredients are already proven to kill people over a wide spectrum of organ failure and tissue necrosis
– when the flu vaccine kills a child right after injection, it was never the flu shot, even though the vaccine maker already admits legally the flu shot has killed others in the past.
– the people who’s income is tied directly to vaccination rush out to tell everyone that everything is fine and to keep taking the injections that include documented poisons

It only makes sense if you don’t think about it………..

Breaking: channel 6: another boy who had recently been vaccinated for the flu gets the flu and dies. Rest in peace. The flu shot doesn’t work. And it might just kill you. #FluShot #Vaccine #NoFluShot #HPV #NoHPV #EducateBeforeYouVaccinate #HealthNutNews #WeWillKeepBringingYouTheNewsWithTheBiggestSiteThatTalksAboutVaccinesDaily #GetOnOurNewsletter #TopOfThePage. #RestInPeace. #Boxing #VaccineInjury #FluShotDoesn’tWork #vaccines

Posted by Erin Elizabeth on Monday, February 4, 2019

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