Canada’s Sex Ed Curriculum for Children – What the Public Isn’t Told

Canada’s Sex Ed Curriculum for Children – What the Public Isn’t Told

This video below may seem like an over the top Christian view of the new sex ed curriculum but lets watch the video AND browse the attached links below the video…..

The World Is Waking Up To The Dangers Of Radical Sex Ed

Sex education has become a tool to further a radical LGBT agenda, while opposing viewpoints are silenced. Our taxes should not pay for this. Join our protest and pull your child from the public schools on April 23rd! Like, share and follow! #SexEdSitOut Video Credit: Christian Broadcasting Network

Posted by Sex Ed Sit Out on Tuesday, February 13, 2018


1. In the province of Ontario, the deputy Minister of Education who spear headed such sex ed curriculum changes was charged with child porn. In the RCMP sting this deputy Minister of Education bragged of having sex with his own daughters and said he dreamed of having sex with his granddaughters, as infants. The sex ed changes brought to Ontario schools in Canada (brought by this man and a group, which also included present Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne) were rejected because of a public uproar and because psychologists testified that such material equated to how pedophiles groomed their victims by introducing them to confusing sexual content at too early an age. That same sex ed content is now back in Canadian schools, a decade later.

2. The person who spearheaded the teaching of sex ed in government run schools around the world in the 1950’s (Alfred Kinsey) was a known pedophile, circumcised himself with a pocket knife and encouraged his research staff to have homosexual encounters with each other. Does that sound like a person you want teaching your children about sex, absent of love and caring? Before Alfred Kinsey arrived on the scene (funded by a very historically corrupt group out of the UK), there was no sex ed education in schools what so ever because our society understood the dangers of such undertakings and that parents themselves were to be involved with such education of their own children.

3. Many mainstream newspapers are simultaneously trying to advertise pedophilia as a sexual orientation instead of a mental disorder and psychiatry also attempted to do the same until they were caught and forced to back down under public pressure. Why such a covert attempt to mainstream pedophilia and child sexual exploitation?

4. The current sex ed curriculum is the exact same across all former commonwealth nations and psychologists continue to testify that this sex ed content is not only damaging to children in its’ current form, but it’s formulated in a way that mimics how pedophiles groom their victims.

5. Government pedophilia based circles (which include child ritual sacrifice and other horrific child abuses) are now being exposed across the world…. including in Canada, the United States and all former commonwealth nations. The epicenter of this sort of child abuse activity is certain ruling families within the United Kingdom, who have historically exported their particular brand of perversion, teror and trauma to unsuspecting populations around the world.

6. Author and researcher Jeanice Barcelo explains the extreme dangers of having “sex ed” and not “love ed” or “family stability ed” etc, regarding the hyper-sexualization of the children and the societal decay it’s PROVEN to cause within our culture. Teaching sex as opposed to a loving union, with the intention of healthy child rearing, is PROVEN to be causing most of our current social problems today.  Click here to view the video, maybe start at minute 20 to get the real meat of the message.

7. According to the Canadian census, only 2% of Canadians are gay or lesbian, so why has “alternate sexual choice” become the laser focus in our education system? When did the majority have to always make way for such a small minority and then to have that minority interest spearhead such material, PROVEN to hurt the minds and maturation processes of our children? Why so much effort into sexualizing the children and no focus on love, family planning, the economics of children, safe child birthing protocols, child health, prenatal health. morality, ethics, cooking to produce healthy children, gardening to produce healthy children and many other very obvious areas of child education that ARE MISSING FROM THE CURRICULUM? What’s missing is as important an argument against this agenda, as what’s included. Am I anti gay? There’s no need to even explain this to people. If you know me personally, you already know I’m as far away from anti gay as someone could be. I’m pro child protection and anti government corruption. Don’t get the two mixed up.

So watch the video above and have an opinion, but know there’s a lot more going on that you don’t know anything about.

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