Can You Catch Someone’s Dumbness?

The 100th monkey effect is something often discounted by science simply because all scientists are taught that the only thing that matters… matter that is measurable and countable! When animals influence each other over long distances, through an invisible communication system that can’t be measured in anyway…then all the conventional scientists pack up and go home because without being able to measure “the cause”, they can’t finish¬†their equations involving “cause and effect”.

What the 100th monkey effect teaches us is a) there’s an invisible internet between all living things that is always exchanging information without our knowledge and b) dumb, out of shape and sick people can in fact make you dumb, out of shape and sick. Inversely, the opposite is also true…, healthy and empowered people can also make you smart, healthy and empowered simply through quantum communication. The health of the entire world matters and the health of the people who surround you also matters. Your environment controls you in ways you’re not able to see…and our social engineers who are destroying, polluting and corrupting our environment already know this and have known this for a very long time. I’ll be discussing lots of information like this in my BRAND NEW overcoming self sabotage master work shop in September. If you want to come in person or acquire a recording of the two day talk, private message me.

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