BRAND NEW SELF SABOTAGE COACHING PROCESS for 2019/2020 – with Jason Christoff

BRAND NEW SELF SABOTAGE COACHING PROCESS for 2019/2020 – with Jason Christoff

What is self sabotage? Self sabotage is any behavior by which a person actively inhibits or destroys their own potential for greatness, happiness or prosperity……without understanding why they’re doing it. Often it manifests as various addictions, ill health or different forms of perpetual “busyness” or chaos.

The chronic self saboteur is involved in constant cycles of try and fail, with very little positive headway to show for their efforts. They may join a gym, start a diet, commit to address an unhealthy addiction or promise themselves never to date or marry “another person like that again” etc………….but the saboteur ends up right back where they started, several months or even years later. The saboteur constantly starts fires in their own life, without seeing the patterns or understanding the solutions. It’s almost like the saboteur is programmed to be the exact same person, to act the same way, to have the same income, to never get ahead and to have the exact same life they’ve always had…………regardless of what they try. Obviously this can be a very frustrating feeling but there are concrete solutions for overcoming these cycles.

The solutions involve the following areas of education…..

  • understanding why the brain is easily tricked into these self sabotaging cycles
  • explaining how your health impacts the intensity and frequency of your self sabotage
  • reviewing your in-depth questionnaire that will reveal where you’re actively sabotaging in your own life
  • customizing a personal action plan for yourself regarding what you need to do in order to overcome your self sabotage

The self sabotage process I use goes as follows…..

  • I send you an in-depth questionnaire that’s written in a way where it will expose your personal self sabotaging behaviors and belief systems.
  • I also send two other questionnaires. One that will expose if you have any organ or metabolic pathway issues. The other questionnaire is in regards to what sort of foods build health in your body, in the most rapid way. All three questionnaires act as the foundation for any health modification action plans we may need to implement.
  • after you fill out the questionnaires, I’ll send you my complete BRAND NEW overcoming self sabotage workshop that was recorded in late 2019. This recorded workshop contains extremely important concepts, regarding the healing of your self sabotage. This knowledge will help immensely when we talk one on one.
  • once the questionnaires are filled out and the workshop watched, we’re then ready to meet one on one for our coaching call via Skype. (or video chat via Facebook, Zoom etc etc) This call takes anywhere between 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 45 mins. In this session we’re going to address your areas of self sabotage, why you’re doing them and how to remedy the situation
  • after this session is complete, we make another appointment to review your personal diet, health and exercise modifications. These suggestions would have been formulated based on the answers you provided in all 3 questionnaires. This appointment comes 1-2 weeks after the first coaching call. This coaching call takes approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours.  
  • 6 weeks after that call, we schedule a 45 minute follow up call to review your progress.
  • this process also includes my original overcoming self sabotage workshop known as THE CONSPIRACY FACT EDITION. In this recording I review the external factors that pressure you to self sabotage and in the my most recent master workshop for overcoming self sabotage, I review the internal factors that accelerate and cause our self sabotaging behaviors.

This over coming self sabotage process that I use is very effective at…..

  • helping you lose weight
  • helping you to build better relationships with your loved ones and the people around you
  • increasing your health and decreasing your disease state
  • helping you feel inspired, empowered and ready for change
  • helping you overcome addiction
  • helping you to become more confident, out going, happy and satisfied in your life
  • helping you get your finances together
  • helping you walk freely into a better way of living  
  • helping you take effective action on your dreams

For you and I to meet, you can either pay for this program in full or you set up a payment plan at my health clinic. The cost is $1200 in full or 12 payments of $120. (Canadian Funds) If you’re interested and want to ask me questions before we begin, this can also be arranged for a fee of $100 for a 30 minute question and answer session. It’s always good to meet your coach before we work together. If you decide to work with me after this initial 30 minute session, the $100 will be applied to the cost of your program.

If you would like to register immediately, I can send you the questionnaire today and we can get started right away. I’m starting to take clients again currently for the end of Nov 2019. The payment terms are as follows. Pay in full payments can be made via PayPal or e-transfer to If you would like to take advantage of our credit card payment plan offer, please call my health clinic at 613.932.4766 in Cornwall Ontario Canada. We’re in the Eastern time zone and open to receive payments from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM Monday – Friday and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. If you would like e-mail me directly with your questions about this process, please e-mail me at I only take 6-8 coaching clients every month due to my other business responsibilities.  I look forward to working with you soon.

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