BRAND NEW – Overcoming Self Sabotage Master Workshop Recording – NOW AVAILABLE

What Is Self Sabotage and How Do I Overcome It?

Do you want overcome your self sabotage? Do you want to become healthy, wealthy and wise? Do you want to lose weight, reverse disease, cure addiction, improve your relationships, start a business and change your life for the better? If you have a desire to become BETTER or MORE… don’t miss this live recorded workshop for overcoming your self sabotage.

What is self sabotage? Self sabotage is any behavior by which a person actively inhibits or destroys their own potential for greatness, happiness or prosperity……without understanding why they’re doing it. Often this process manifests as various addictions, ill health or different forms of perpetual “busyness” or chaos. The chronic self saboteur is involved in constant cycles of try and fail, with very little positive headway to show for their efforts. They may join a gym, start a diet, commit to address an unhealthy addiction, try to start a business or promise themselves never to date or marry “another person like that again” etc………….but the saboteur always ends up right back where they started, several months or even years later. The saboteur constantly starts fires in their own life, without seeing the patterns or understanding the solutions.

As we age, we gain valuable experiences about money, relationships, diet, exercise, health, success, happiness etc…….so life should only get easier and more satisfying as we grow older. Although this is true, most people’s lives only get worse as they age. Their finances get tighter, their behavior becomes more erratic, they become more unhealthy, their decisions become more illogical, their addictions grow, they get into more debt (financial, health wise, spiritually etc) plus their happiness factor generally plummets. This means something else is going on.  

It’s almost like the saboteur is programmed to be the exact same person, to act the same way, to never make more money, to be the exact same weight, to never get ahead and to have the exact same life they’ve always had…………regardless of what they try.  Obviously this can be a very frustrating feeling but there are concrete solutions for overcoming these cycles. Does this sound like you and your life? If it does, come discover one of the biggest secrets about your own behavior and learn how to overcome self sabotage with my latest 11 hour audio/video recording…..delivered right to your computer. I promise it will change your life or you can have your money back. Yes, a full money back guarantee. Just watch the entire recording and if you don’t think it was worth the money you paid, simply write me back and I will refund your payment……no questions asked.

You will learn……….

a)       the reasons why you do illogical things that have no chance of making you happy, wealthy, healthy or satisfied long term

b)      why your childhood still reaches out and controls your adult behavior

c)       how the human brain really works regarding controlling your beliefs, ideas and actions

d)      why poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle are not only the results of self sabotage but how poisoning yourself only intensifies your self sabotaging behaviors (your health and your self sabotage are directly linked in ways you currently don’t understand)

e)      why a certain portion of your mind is afraid of success

f)        why a certain portion of your mind feels more comfortable when you’re a living a very chaotic, unstable and unproductive lifestyle

g)       why these truths about human behavior and self sabotage are purposely hidden from you

h)      what’s the best diet, exercise program and stretching routine for you, in order to get healthy and program your mind for success

i)       how to get your finances in order, so you can start moving toward a better was of existence

j)        how to start turning your thoughts and dreams into reality

k)    a firm action plan that will see you overcome all your self sabotaging behaviors

Yes sure it takes time but you have the time and I know you can do the work to make this happen. If you don’t want to work at becoming better, just stop reading right now. If you’re ready for change, keep reading. Learning the ins and outs of self sabotage is the foundation of all life success.

The Cost of This Program………………

I’ve decided to apply a massive one time discount for this program in order to streamline the entire process for myself and my team. If you would like to purchase this recording today, it will only be $199……..reduced from its original cost of $399. To work one on one with me and learn these key skills, you would have to pay over $5000 to hear the same information. $5000 worth of information for $199 to have the recording sent to you anywhere in the world through Vimeo. Take action today. Turn your dreams into reality.

Payments can be sent via PayPal or e-transfer to me personally at or you can call my health clinic directly in the EST Time Zone at 613.932.4766 (Physical Limits Fitness) to make credit card payment by phone, with one of my staff. We’re in the Eastern time zone and open to receive payments from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM Monday – Friday and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Sundays we are closed. If you would like to e-mail me directly with your questions about this overcoming self sabotage workshop, please e-mail me at I also conduct one on one private coaching if you’re interested. Click here to learn more about that service.

Why You Need To Take Action Today……….

No one is coming to save you. It’s just you. Make a move and acquire the most valuable information in this lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you want to be the best tennis player in the world or if you just want to lose weight (and keep it off)…… need to learn how to move ahead and to not cut yourself off at the knees, once you start moving toward your goals. This 2 day workshop (live or through the recording) will give you absolutely everything you need make a break for your best life. Most of the information provided will be different than last year’s seminar and it will include all the most up to date information on self sabotage that’s available. This new information was even shocking for me, so it will definitely keep you interested. If you don’t find this information changes your entire life (in a radical and immediate way) simply e-mail me personally and request your money back…….and I’ll refund your fees, no questions asked. Take action NOW! Make a move. I do this for you, so you can be a better, healthier and happier person. I want you to be better, so the world becomes a better place. Let’s get to work.

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