Bella’s Tragic Story

The truth of vaccines is so shocking and terrifying, most people just can’t stand to look…….

“This is the beautiful Arabella Jean. I’ve spoke with her mother, Areial Jean Burcham who has told me Bella’s tragic story.

Bella was born September 12th, 2019. She received the Vit. K & Hep B. November 19th, Bella developed a low grade fever and November 20th she stopped breathing, and her heart stopped beating. She was hooked up to machines, and tragically passed away on November 22nd. ? She went in at 8 lbs 10 oz and passed away at 20 lbs 9 oz. ??

The cause of death right now is preliminarily ruled “sepsis”, and Areial’s hopes are to raise awareness over this issue.

Please pray really hard for this family ? and if you’d like to donate to piling expenses do so here:

Rest in Peace, sweet Bella Jean. ❤️? You are among the best of angels who will take care of you. May your story save at least one life. ?”

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