Become A Well Paid Online Self Sabotage Coach

Given our new environment where an online business carries much less risk than a brick and mortar operation, there are many great low cost opportunities to generate a healthy income. Have you ever considered become a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach? (a CCSS Coach) The benefits of becoming a CCSS Coach are many…..

  1. You can carter to different market niches simultaneously, which means your potential client pool is very large. You can cater to weight loss issues, addiction issues, shame, guilt, procrastination, alcohol, drugs, sex addiction, infidelity, wealth, health, pornography addictions, caffeine addiction, disease, anger issues, negative self image, negative self esteem, confidence, self mutilation, exercise addictions etc etc. Your target market is very large, which means you’ll always maximize your income and efforts.
  2. Self sabotage is a very neutral phrase that attracts immense levels of interest, simply because most people know that they do indeed self sabotage but really have no idea why they do it. For example when someone is looking to lose weight, they generally are stand offish regarding another exercise or diet program, because they know they’ve tried many and fallen back into their old habits. This means those people are very prone to ignore any advertised programs for weight loss, diet or exercise going forward. If a self sabotage coach mentions something like this…. “Learn about the real reasons you can’t keep the weight off and how to reprogram your mind for life long health success. Learn about self sabotage today!“. This one simple phrase can disarm hesitant people and draw them closer toward the self sabotage side of the spectrum. Self sabotage is a phrase that gets many people’s interest and helps them find the courage to take a second look at their issues, in a very unique way.
  3. Obviously you can conduct self sabotage coaching on line, anywhere in the world, which increases the potential pool of clients greatly. At this point in time, coaching on line is a very safe card to play going forward.
  4. As a self sabotage coach, you’ll be making between $100 – $125 per hour. You can also set your own hours and work around your schedule with children, family obligations and other life responsibilities. In the CCSS Coaching Program, live one on one business mentoring is included at no charge, so you can acquire the skill set necessary to run group self sabotage coaching sessions…..where much higher incomes per hour are possible.
  5. One of the best aspects regarding becoming a CCSS Coach is that you can master your own self sabotaging habits. This skill will see you excel on all levels. Health, wealth, positive inner self talk and relationships. These 4 areas of your life will blossom overnight, bringing you a since of control and peace never yet experienced. Once we know what drives our self destructive behaviors and once we learn how to reprogram our subconscious mind at will…..our lives as coaches just keep getting better and better.
  6. Our most successful coaches have also been the most “messy” as we say in the field. If you think you may be too far gone to recover, let me tell you something about marketing in the self sabotage coaching arena. Remember this one phrase “every master was once a disaster.” A coach’s profile that includes various disasters and addictions PLUS their remarkable turn around…..those are the coaches that are the easiest to market and the ones who have the longest waiting lists for their services. In fact our Master Self Sabotage Coach and founder of Freedom From Self Sabotage (Jason Christoff) is somewhat famous for his complete disastrous lifestyle in his 20’s and 30’s… his remarkable turn around, a complete 180 degree change in his behaviors. From master saboteur to master self sabotage coach. This is why Jason has a never ending waiting list for his coaching services.
  7. Our 18 month payment plan means you can be graduated and coaching, before you even pay the entire program off. This means money starts coming in quickly and your up front expenses go out slowly.

Jason Christoff still personally oversees every self sabotage coach and makes sure they’re comfortable learning, growing and graduating from the program. Every self sabotage coach in the fall 2020 class will receive….

a) full access to our CCSS Coaching Library where our full course is detailed in both document and audio formats.

b) a one on one self sabotage coaching session with Jason as your personal self sabotage coach, as he reviews your self sabotage coaching questionnaire, With this session Jason allows you to experience the full coaching process from the client side of the equation. Jason becomes your coach and you become his client. (this alone costs $800 CAN if you were to purchase this service outside the certification program)

c) Jason will dedicate 2 hours to reviewing the file of your first self sabotage coaching client and guide you regarding what he sees in your client’s file. This way you can be guaranteed you’ll provide a brilliant coaching session to your first client, establishing your reputation as an expert right out of the gate.

d) Jason will also dedicate 1 full hour to working with you personally regarding the business development of our service and how to start obtaining clients and growing your reputation as an excellent self sabotage coach.

e) you will receive everything needed regarding your graduation, including the marking of your final exam and your name displayed proudly (with all our other coaches) at

Our fall session starting Sept 2020 is about to be released for enrollment beginning Monday June 8th. If you would like to get on our email list for first sign up opportunities please visit and drop your email in at the bottom of the page. Click here to visit our website and let’s get you on our email list. We can’t wait to have you enrolled. Only 40 coaches are permitted this fall session and that will be it for 2020. Take control of your life. Develop your on line business, heal yourself, heal others and feel great about the entire endeavor! Registration and cost details get sent out Monday June 8th to everyone on our email list.

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