Become a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach


There are many reasons to become a certified self sabotage coach

– you get to heal yourself, first and foremost
– you start to fully understand your own behavior
– if you’re addicted, you’ll understand why and how to heal
– if you’re overweight, you’ll understand why and how to heal
– if you’re staying in a relationship or job that doesn’t satisfy you, you’ll understand why and how to heal
– if you’re depressed and anxious, you’ll understand why and how to heal
– you can easily overcome your subconscious fear of success that traps most people inside lives of stagnation, rot and futility
– once you help yourself, you can then help guide and heal others
– you can make $100 – $200 per hour conducting that healing
– you can work via Skype with clients all over the world
– you can control your income and work hours more effectively
– you can experience the tax benefits of owning your own business (which I will review in the program)
– you get to be coached, guided and taught by me personally
– you get to become part of an elite group, as currently only 100 coaches can be certified every calendar year (2 batches of 50)
– your name will appear on a BRAND NEW website so everyone world wide knows who you are and how to start their coaching with you
– you can conduct this training from anywhere in the world – you don’t need to attend the course live, although that’s an option as well
– you can pay for your coaching certification monthly (over 12 months) through my health clinic, so that means everyone can afford to get involved.

To get started, put your e-mail in the box below. I’ll place your e-mail on my master list and send you all the details Dec 2nd (mid day). This is expected to sell out rather quickly given the responses so far and the limited availability. Make sure to check your e-mail Nov 30th.

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