Become A Certified Self Sabotage Coach – Full Enrollment Details

The big day is here. It’s time to release the details of my certification program for becoming a CHRISTOFF Self Sabotage Coach. A common question is, “who makes a good self sabotage coach?“. Oddly enough, in order to be a good self sabotage coach, you need to have already lived out various acts of self sabotage personally…sometime during your life. If you’ve had a messy, addicted and unorganized past……you’re already half way to becoming a great coach. To complete the requirements of becoming a good self sabotage coach……you’ll need to have a genuine interest in improving yourself and then moving forward to help others.

You don’t have to be an expert to start this journey. You only need to hold the heart space for self improvement. After that all you need to do is take what you’ve learned forward….to help others move up the evolutionary ladder. As self sabotage coaches, we rarely solve all the problems our clients have right away. Who could? What we do is give our clients additional knowledge, in order that they can climb farther up the mountain with confidence, focused intention and strength. Will you be a good self sabotage coach? You will if a) your past is riddled with personal self sabotage b) you’re interested in healing yourself and gaining knowledge about your own behavior and c) you’re willing to share your experience of self healing and knowledge with others. If you’ve answered in the affirmative to those 3 points, you’re all ready to become a self sabotage coach.

You can attend this program (workshop) in person or you can also receive a recording of the same….and conduct the same workshop assignments as we do in class. I want to make sure everyone who’s interested can participate, regardless of where they are. The live dates are March 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th 2020 in Cornwall Ontario Canada, at The Ramada Inn and Conference Center. If you attend live, there are hotel room discounts available for you at The Ramada.

Please be aware that I only have 50 spots available and have accumulated near 1500 emails of people who are interested in this program.

If you would like to attend remotely, our usual recording expert (Shaun Savard) will be recording the event and delivering it 40 days after the live presentation…..for anyone wanting to watch and participate remotely. This staggered format for class participants will aid greatly in regards to time, for me marking the case studies. Again, if you’re half way around the world and want the most economical format to become a self sabotage coach……this recording of my talk is a fantastic and very cost effective option. (no travel, no hotel, learn at your leisure etc etc)

In regards to the class format……it will follow this preliminary outline….

a) we will review my 100 point self sabotage questionnaire

b) I will explain exactly why I ask each question and how it pertains to you (the coach) in regards to extrapolating exactly where your client is self sabotaging…and why

c) we’ll discuss brain function and how what we do in life, how far we go and how we react to fear……are all tied to what we see, what we eat and what we think.

d) we’ll review basic nutrition principles, so you can quickly scan a client’s diet log and assess if their diet is altering their brain function (for the worse) and contributing to their self sabotage

e) we’ll be conducting several case studies. Some pre-formatted case studies will be conducted in class. Some you will have to complete prior to entering the class room. You’ll need to also at one time, fill out the self sabotage intake form, as a client yourself. Meaning you’ll need to learn how to identify your own self sabotaging behaviors and provide explanations as to what’s driving those counter productive themes in your own life.

f) we’ll review how to tell the client “their story”….after you tabulate their results from the questionnaire

f) other areas to be discussed are 1) a new website that lists all graduates from the program 2) how to advertise and grow your business 3) what you should charge for your service 4) what other avenues of revenue you can add to your business profile 5) what’s the best emotional demeanor to take when working with our clients 6) how we’ll work my 2 recorded seminars into the package you provide to your clients

In regards to payment. For me to personally review one self sabotage questionnaire (one on one….with a client), I charge $650 Canadian. Inside this program, I will not only review your personal self sabotage (through your personal case study) I’ll teach you how to become a certified self sabotage coach…..where you can bill out at $100 to $200 per hour. This course is worth at least $2000 yet I want to make sure you’re comfortable with the price. I want to make this affordable for all people.

I’m offering early bird registration discounts for both pay in full and pay monthly options. I’ll be offering an early bird discount until Jan 2nd 2020 of $999 US dollars for an in full payment. You can send this payment via PayPal or e-transfer to If you would like to make a manual credit card payment in full, please call my health clinic at 613.932.4766 in Cornwall Ontario Canada. We’re in the Eastern time zone and open to receive payments from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM Monday – Friday and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.

You can also pay a discounted price monthly for this certification as well. If you sign up before Jan 2nd 2020, I’ll permit you to pay for this service over 18 months. (instead of 12 months). My health clinic is in Canada and this means we can only process payments in Canadian dollars. The early bird discount for enrolling in the course before Jan 2nd 2020 (while paying monthly) is 18 automatic credit card payments of $89 CANADIAN DOLLARS. If you work with 2-3 clients, you would have paid for the course……and I sometimes work with 2-3 clients each week. If you want to arrange these monthly payments you do have to call my health clinic at the number (and hours) listed in the above paragraph.

I look forward to working with you in person or remotely. If you have any questions, please e-mail me directly at Help yourself. Help others. This is your time.

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  1. Mauricio Gomez

    Hi Jason, I would like to enrol in the certification to become a self sabotage coach with you please.
    I would like to opt for the monthly repayments if still available and of course if there is a spot open for me.
    Thank you so very kindly for this timely opportunity of catalysing the healing of self and the transmision of such to others to do alike.

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