Be Afraid of Sex Because of COVID – Where Have We Seen This Before?

Just like the AIDS/HIV scam……the corona scam has some anti sex, depopulation overtones. Forbes now putting out a fear based sex campaign. The AIDS/HIV scam ushered in the fear of sex and 24 hour condom wearing by the scared TV watchers. Slowing sex down is a great depopulation based campaign. Removing people in general with toxic medical applications obviously has a depopulation angle to it. During the AIDS/HIV hoax, AZT was used to euthanize anyone who tested positive for HIV/AIDS. AZT was an anti cancer drug, which killed so many people…it has to be recalled and given a black box warning. Guess who was in charge of killing people with medical drugs back during the HIV/AIDS scam? His name was Dr. Anthony Fauci. Remember him? More below. The same fake test for COVID is the same fake test they used back for HIV/AIDS…..the PCR test and of course there’s more. Lots more.

HIV/AIDS and COVID – What’s The Connection?

Stay with me until the end, read the article attached, watch the videos in the article and browse the other linked material.

a) HIV never existed. (COVID also doesn’t exist….that FACT proven in this article COVID, just like HIV/AIDS was a government/media manufactured phenomenon, having nothing to do with a virus)

b) It was Dr. Anthony Fauci and team who invented the brand new HIV/AIDS disease out of thin air. (Fauci is again involved in a public relations campaign to force the idea of a new COVID viral disease on the public, which doesn’t exist. Anthony Fauci is a career criminal, who has been around a long time)

c) With the HIV/AIDS plandemic, people were really dying (just like there are people really dying today) but the HIV/AIDS deaths, mostly in the gay community, were all from undernourishment and an extremely toxic lifestyle. (their deaths having nothing to do with HIV and their symptoms being from poor health, re-categorized as HIV/AIDS). The deaths of people today regarding COVID are regular deaths, from regular diseases, in regular populations, at regular rates…..advertised as irregular by a corrupt media/government system. In order to make AIDS/HIV a real world panic decades ago, there was a similar corrupt collusion between government and media)

d) with the fabricated and preplanned AIDS/HIV panic….. massive testing stations were rolled out world wide. (same today with COVID testing)

e) for HIV/AIDS the test was either the ELISA test or the PCR test. ELISA tests identify antibodies, which means the patient is already immune and the threat was handled with ease by the immune system, yet public officials at the time used antibodies to declare those citizens as HIV positive……when antibodies mean you’re perfectly healthy. The PCR test was invented by Kary Mullis, who won the Noble Prize for that invention. Kary Mullis testified during the HIV/AIDS crisis that his PCR invention has no way to confirm nor deny viral infection. Guess what test the government is using today to confirm COVID? You guessed it…….the PCR, a test that can’t test for any viral infection and never could.

f) the completely meaningless HIV positive tests from either the ELISA or PCR were used to push the most toxic drug ever approved for use on human beings called AZT. AZT was actually a cancer drug recalled from service because it killed so many patients within days. Today the false COVID positive results from the same PCR test will now be used to push the most toxic vaccine ever developed. As AZT instantly killed any patient who consumed it, their deaths were used to advertise that HIV/AIDS was completely out of control…….which helped promote more fake testing, more lethal AZT, more deaths and more media advertising for the entire fake virus, fake test, fake HIV/AIDS narrative. As the untested one shot and drop COVID vaccine will kill and cripple most everyone who blindly submits, their deaths/crippling and sickness will be used to advertise that COVID is completely out of control…………which will help promote more fake testing, more COVID kill shot vaccines, more deaths and more media advertising for the entire fake virus, fake test, fake COVID narrative.

In the article , we see the proof that the HIV/AIDS narrative was fabricated by a corrupt media, government and science/medical system. It was an actual medical doctor who came forward during the fabricated HIV/AIDS crisis (with hundreds of other medical doctors who were censored back then……..just like medical doctors talking about the faked COVID plandemic today are censored) to try and warn the population that they were being hunted down and killed for profit. Most of the AZT driven medical murders coming in the gay community. You’re walking into a trap this fall with the fake COVID narrative and second wave that these dark groups have already planned. Evil is often too lazy to think of new ideas for euthanizing the uninformed masses and that often is its downfall. Evil has planned a second wave already and will use fake PCR testing, fake contact tracing and fear based media propaganda to drive as many uninformed citizens to beg for the most toxic vaccine ever developed, which will escort those innocent souls off the planet. Prepare accordingly.


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