Australian Government Corruption Becoming Hard To Bare

Australian government comes forward and declares that a new “mature minor consent” is all that’s needed to give a child a vaccine. The government states that any child, at any age, can consent on their own (absent of parental involvement) to getting a vaccine. Each vaccine insert lists that each vaccine can kill or cripple, with no vaccine manufacturer willing to guarantee immunity to the targeted disease. No guaranteed immunity…….with the potential to kill or cripple? How many children are going to understand that? How many adults even care, inside an age of government tyranny and citizens too afraid to protect their children?

So which parent group told the government to do this? No one wants this……and that’s what the public needs to start understanding. Nothing the government does is endorsed by the public WHAT SO EVER. There’s a reason you’re permitted to vote for the criminals in government. It’s the same reason why you’re not permitted to vote for the laws that govern you. Welcome to your very well decorated version of slavery. If it’s not obvious now, it will be very soon. This is what happens when you are made so lazy, you have no interest in governing yourself. There’s a price to pay for such laziness, as to demand criminals rule your affairs……and that price is becoming much more than the average person can afford.

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