The Parent Who Will Always Produce Sick Children

The most dangerous parent today, guaranteed to produce unhealthy children (especially mentally) is the conformist parent. The dangers of conforming (especially for mental health) have been written about since humans walked the earth. It doesn't matter if it's...

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Your Psychology Lesson for the Day

Here's a non approved comment from my personal website. It provides a perfect example of "projection", a psychological deflection tactic by which a person projects their illogical actions, beliefs or darkness onto someone else. The comment is regarding an article...

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5 Signs You’re Infected with a Conformity Virus

1. You think the political parties available to you on the ballot are different and you don't notice that every political party you're provided believes in ruling you without your direct consent or participation in anyway, regarding the laws they pass. 2. You don't...

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The Slave Mind

It's funny someone can be on their Ipad or cell phone for hours a day yet they will never find the videos that prove cell phones and Ipads cause cancer and make you extremely ill. This is what's called SLAVE MIND because the slaves have had their spirit and drive to...

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Warning the Sleep Walkers Since the Dawn of Time

This cycle of a small number of awakened people trying to warn a much larger number of sleep walkers has been occurring on this planet since the dawn of time. There's a larger group of sleep walkers who struggle daily....yet they struggle to be same as everyone else,...

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Intensive Research to Control Collective Ideas

If people would only take the time to educate on how intense the research is to control the collective ideas of the population... our societal issues could be solved much faster. All our issues today are driven deep into our psyches through our screens. Our shopping...

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Circumcision Infant Deaths at 229 per Year

229 male infants and men die from circumcision every year in the United States alone. That's 229 every year. Last year, some people got the measles in the United States and in Canada. Some vaccinated, some unvaccinated. Did anyone die? No, of course not. No one died...

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Evil Never Dresses as Itself of Course

I talk about this agenda often and it's quite simple, even though most would like to look the other way or cloak this agenda is altruism, progression or equality. Evil never dresses as itself of course, for what should be very obvious reasons. Rather evil wraps itself...

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About Jason

Jason is a gym owner, fitness coach and health writer. He focuses the bulk of his work on educating his clients on healthy lifestyles and life-goal success.

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