Are You Living as An “Asker” or a “Doer”?

When I was young I was programmed to be both an asker and a doer. I worked hard to produce some monetary savings. With those savings I acquired commodities or services that I wanted or needed. That’s called being a “doer”. I had some form of independence but not complete Independence, as I was also an asker. When I wanted things that cost more than my savings, I would turn into an asker. I would go and ask (beg) other people to make my dreams come true or literally for them to pay for what I wanted in life. I would ask the government, my parents, the bank, my friends, credit card companies etc etc.

Asking is a part of life but it can easily become a life long pattern of dis-empowered living.There are so many askers out there who need this or that, knocking on your door or bending your ear….regarding you paying for what they want in life. Luckily I evolved to be more of a doer than an asker, to the point where if I want something expensive or grand today…….I automatically think of a new unique and ingenious way to produce the money so I get what I want.

We all start off as “askers” in our youth and what’s really unfortunate it that we live in a society that destroys our unique abilities and innate talents, to the point where it’s easy for us to stay askers for life. I understand both sides of the coin. Saying that, the natural evolution and progression of the human animal is to transition out of being an “asker” (begger) to being a doer. That transition actually involves the ancient rite of passage from child to adult, which will always involve some sort of pain. When we evolve, the child inside of us dies and a brave adult is supposed to be born. This is the transition from asker to doer but like any death/rebirth processes, it can be quite painful…….and in our “no pain society” (a society adverse to ANY KIND OF PAIN) most people stay askers for life. If you don’t have enough money, you need to simply dig deeper and discover ways to manifest the extra cash instead of always activating the default program involved with asking someone else to feather your bed, so you have a nice cozy sleep in your baby crib. I teach these skills in my upcoming seminar on overcoming self sabotage.

If you’re looking to become a better person in general (non addicted, in shape, motivated, empowered, making more money etc) come hear me talk live Sept 21st and 22nd in Cornwall Ontario Canada. If you can’t come live, you can purchase a recording of the event and it will be sent to you anywhere in the world. A MASTER CLASS on overcoming self sabotage. Live attendance is discounted until Sept 1st. It’s usually $699 to attend live, discounted to $149. It’s usually $399 for the recording, discounted to $49 before Sept 1st. If you’re interested in more details, please e-mail me directly at or message me via Facebook messenger. Let your best life begin. Stop your struggle. Start your success. Being better is better. It’s time. Your best life awaits.

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