Are You in Control of Your Own Behavior? Take The Test…..

I often get people tell me that their behavior isn’t programmed by repetition (habituation) and that they’re in full control of their actions, beliefs and ideas at all times. As a psychological researcher, I know this is proven not to be the case……not even close. I then often reply, “OK, if you’re not controlled by the habituation of the calendar and if you are indeed the master of your own behavior…….than the first thing you can do this year to prove this point is to not celebrate your birthday or any other birthdays in your family. While you’re pretending that you aren’t controlled by repetitive ideas, events, rituals, norms or customs…..please also skip Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Halloween as well.”

This is when the truth starts to bubble toward the surface and like all uncomfortable truths, it usually becomes an exercise of “shoot the messenger”…..or some other illogical expression of anger, frustration, attack etc. Humans will go to the greatest contortions to help them avoid the truth……especially when a person’s ego wants to maintain some illusion of independent control in their lives. The truth is simple. The human brain lusts after repetitive events because repetition equals predictability…..and predictability equals SAFETY AND SECURITY. Safety and security are THE top priorities in our brains. Nothing else even runs a close second.

Many people have their Christmas/Halloween/Easter predictability programming for sure…….but we also have a financial program, a relationship program, a health program, success program etc. All these programs run on the exact same foundation. The subconscious mind demands that our finances, relationships, health and successes all stay the same….so everything is predictable and safe. Sounds good except if you’re poor, unhealthy, socially awkward and unsuccessful. If you’re like that right now…….there’s a very powerful part of your brain that wants to keep you living in that old predictable bubble of rot, lack and frustration.

I teach the skills necessary to hack this very powerful part of our mind (the subconscious) so you can move your dreams into high gear…….regardless of your current situation. If you’re looking to rise up past your old subconscious programming, simply contact myself at and I’ll send you an information package regarding my overcoming self sabotage programs.

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