Are You DYING TO FIT IN? Take The Test…….

Humans are born copiers and mimickers. That is how they learn. The top psychologists and behavior experts of the last 150 years have stated that children only learn through the actions of their parents and what parents “say to do” only serves to confuse the children. But what we see the culture and the parents serving up to “copy” and “mimic” for children today, only sets up a race to the bottom or an effect I call “DYING TO FIT IN.” This is how generally desperate the human being is to fit in. Experiments reviewed in the book “The Bond” by author Lynne McTaggart, prove conclusively that if humans don’t bond with the the people in their immediate environment, they suffer immense physical and mental pain and dysfunction.

What this comes down to is that humans are more obsessed with fitting in, regardless of any other factor. In the end if humans need to eat junk food on Halloween, get drunk on the weekends, work a job they don’t like for 30 years, go to the doctor and ask for toxic drugs that make them more sick, waste their lives watching TV or get married at a certain age (regardless if the person’s the proper match for them) IN ORDER TO FIT IN with the rest of the clinically insane people who surround them……that’s EXACTLY what they’re going to do. These behaviors (and there are thousands more just like them, which are equally illogical and counter productive) act as the backbone of most people’s belief systems in our modern time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s waiting in line while your kids are injected with vaccine toxins or circumcision or even going to government school to repeat the lies of known liars for scraps of positive reinforcement…….none of it makes any logical sense what so ever but people do it because they are DYING TO FIT IN. What’s equally odd about the human animal, is that as they lie their dying….with their toxic coffee in their hands, medicine cabinet full of medical poisons, Netflix blaring in the back ground for hours on end and nothing but junk food in their fridges and cupboards…..they’re actually confused as to why they’re depressed, dying, dysfunctional, disoriented and dis-empowered. What’s also troubling is that each human like this believes their behaviors are their own, generating out of their super highly intelligent brain and representative of their razor sharp free will, free choice and freedom. Utter non sense. Although people can think and use their free will, they often refuse to…..simply because following and copying is easier, lazier, safer and more secure. If you have the courage to CHANGE, I have a suggestion for you.

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