Are Viruses Making Us Sick or Are We Making Ourselves Sick?

The most odd thing about the public at large is that when they get sick, they blame someone else who was sick and they in turn blame it on something else. When an adult is sick, they often blame a sick child, and the parents of the sick child often blame another sick child or the imaginary…….like a bug. This is the by product of a culture wide indoctrination system where perfection is praised and failure is punished. Disease is seen as a failure of sorts, so very few in our society are going to step up and say “I’m sick because I use my mouth as a garbage compactor” or “I’m sick because I eat non organic food so I can I have a new I-phone 7.” Very few tell the truth in our society because we’re all conditioned to be actors in our own lives, spouting off lines from a government made script, about how we’re being the best we can be and that things are perfect. If something goes wrong (that sort of person) needs to externalize the blame to save their fragile ego from a harsh reality, that’s often so ugly they don’t want to look at it.

You know what the truth is about viruses, disease and health? (explained in the book Virus Mania). Here it is. You can catch my health as much as I can catch your sickness. Healthy people don’t catch their health, they build it. Sick people don’t catch a disease or an illness, they build it. The entire concept of virus/disease causation is myth and there are concrete control reasons this myth exists, mostly because it allows people to keep leading childish lives without taking any personal responsibility for their own life disasters. You can govern, manipulate, steal from and rule children easier than adults of course. But that’s not the only reason the virus/disease myth exists. It’s as stupid as saying, “I was walking by Tom Brady today and caught his amazing health, plus his abs”. Health doesn’t work like that and either does disease. Read the book Virus Mania and come to grips with this con jobs of con jobs. One of the top virus experts in the world once declared, “if the viral theory of disease causation was true, no one would be alive.”

If kids get sick going back to school in September for example, it’s because their energy systems are disrupted by school…..because school isn’t enjoyable for a kid. If a teacher at school gets sick in September, it’s because going back to school hits her or him just as hard…….because having no control of your time or no say in your day is proven the most stressful thing any human can encounter. Stress destroys us and our immune systems fail at the same time. It isn’t a covert attack on us from some mysterious external invisible force (a virus or bug). Premature, chronic sickness and disease are symptoms of living bullshit lives and decorating them with more bullshit. We don’t catch anything from anybody. Humans just love lying to themselves and others, rather than dealing with the truth and their own dark psychic laundry. And how much does our society feel uncomfortable with or hate the truth? Well, that’s the truth written above. How does it make you feel?


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