Are Children Used As Currency In Our Inverted Society?

In our society, although very few want to look into our collective darkness, most people use children as literal currency to gain lubrication, promotion, seniority, celebration, status and access into the tyrannical ruling pyramid.

For example, take something as common as circumcision. Although there’s absolutely zero benefit for the child (and only extreme mental and physical harm), there is indeed a benefit acquired by the parent or parents for offering the child forward in this blood ritual…..via the parents gaining greater acceptance into their social or religious group etc. When the parent is faced with the dilemma of complying and fitting in, as opposed to protecting their child from this sort of cultural insanity, some still look at the child as literal currency, to be used to purchase various benefits from the herd. The word culture simply means “cult-ure”, “ure-cult” or “your cult”. The child’s pain and its’ sacrificial properties (no strength to defend itself) is offered as mere payment by the parent, as exchange for acceptance into what can only be described as a child abuse and child sacrifice death cult. This sort of ideology permeates everything from Darth Vader trying to kill his own son Luke Skywalker, in order to pay his way into the higher levels of the tyrannical pyramid….and even to God, literally killing his own son as a form of currency, to gain favor with…….who really knows for sure.

Take even vaccination, where no creditable evidence exists what so ever that vaccines do anything but harm, cripple and kill every person they’re injected into. That fact testified to by over 100 medical doctors and PhD scientists at this added link. If you take a stroll through the dark corners of the human mind, the vast majority of people actually SEEK OUT the medical system to sacrifice their children, because the historical and social conditioning is crystal clear, inside the traumatized psyche of the collective public. “If I offer to poison, hurt, cripple, sacrifice or even kill my child…….I’ll always gain something of benefit from the cult.” Hurting children pays the rent for a good portion of our population. The children are currency inside our cult.

This may a good explanation of what’s goes through the subconscious………”My child may die or be crippled by the vaccine, and that can gain me at minimum some charity fund raising incomes or some exposure on the front page of the paper. My child will be offered for the sacrifice so I can gain lubrication, promotion, seniority, status and even a job within the medical/science/government system……as a person who obeys, even when the death or injury of my child is on the table. I’ll inject myself with the vaccine poison to show obedience to the cult and to gain safe passage into the ruling pyramid. I’ll sacrifice my child as well, in the hopes that the benefits granted to me by my dark overlords reflect that I will do absolutely anything asked of me. What ever they ask, I will do. If they ask me to murder, I’ve already murdered my inner spirit, so that means, I’m a perfect candidate for any position within the control grid.”

Even when the best parents send their children to College or University, the vast majority of children are being again offered as currency to gain acceptance inside the cult. You hear the dinner conversations……”So Phil has graduated and now has a job for 35 years (which he won’t like and that will lead to chaos, addictions and an ever increasing number of diseases and dysfunctions)…..well done Janice, your kids are so successful”. I hear these “child sacrifice” conversations all day inside the control grid. And why would a parent invest their hard earning money, to make sure their kid works a job they don’t really enjoy, so the child can be just as miserable and messy as the parents themselves? Again, the answer has to do with how children are used as currency, to gain lubrication and unfettered travel, as THE PARENT walks through our extremely inverted society. Are we having kids because it’s natural or are we having kids because they act as currency for us, as adults, as we travel inside our inverted, perverse and satanic society? Something to think about.

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