Appendix – is that thing really important? The Hidden Truth Of Organ Removal

Appendix – is that thing really important? The Hidden Truth Of Organ Removal

North American medicine’s take on organs like the appendix, uterus, ovaries, gall bladder, tonsils etc goes something like this, “if we do not really know what it does, it has no real essential function and we can only guess nature got it wrong………..such organs are either mistakes or mere annoyances……..their removal will not affect your health“. Sounds pretty silly but today that is the idea North American medicine is selling.

Logic is often left at the door when someone visits their conventional medical doctor. Think about it like this. Open the hood of your car and just take any piece out of the engine. OK, now close the hood and bet me your car will run better and longer without that part.

You understand it with a car, right? Why do so many people not even give it a second thought when a doctor suggests removing one of their parts? Nature did not get it wrong. You need all your parts. If parts are not working right, you fix them. You don’t throw them out. If you were in an airplane (in flight) and it was having trouble staying in the air would you A) vote to start removing parts and throw them out or B) vote to keep working with the parts you have in order to find a solution?

What are the reasons certain organs stop working properly? What do you have to do in order to fix the organs that are malfunctioning? Your conventional medical doctor will never research the simple procedures to reverse disease because they do not receive any incentive or bonus payment for curing you or making you more healthy. Income for your doctor is based on you being sick and staying sick.

Whether it is heavy uterine bleeding from cysts all the way to an inflamed gallbladder………there is a good chance it can be fully reversed with lifestyle and dietary changes. Here is a short clip on why it is so hard to be healthy.


Surgeons are not paid to be on call. It takes close to 12 years to become a surgeon and that means their careers are short. Surgeons need a steady supply of work and our medical system is more than happy to serve up patients for unnecessary surgeries to keep surgeons around for the situations when they are truly needed. Surgeons can’t survive off car accidents and wars alone.

Due to the fact that all surgeries and all medications injure the body in some, way, shape or form and since hospitals feed their patients the foods that cause organs to malfunction, regular medical care becomes the ultimate employment feeder system for surgeons. (have you seen the food hospitals feed their patients and staff or the junk food vending machines in our hospitals)

Since North American medical education dismisses the ancient genetic healing mechanisms of the body, it is no surprise that the appendix has always been thought of as an annoying little piece of the intestinal track that could be safely removed when it becomes inflamed.

The fact of the matter is that an inflamed appendix indicates an infection most likely due to constipation. What causes the constipation? The answer is poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles. Where is the medical study that reviews the diets of each person with an inflamed appendix? Those studies don’t exist because North American medicine never wants their patients to know which foods make them sick.

Once inflamed, the appendix can indeed rupture to cause death of the patient. Why does our health care system focus on reacting to illness instead of trying to stop it before it happens? If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know the answer.

Here is the ultimate health guru Paul Chek talking about constipation and it’s dangers.


Waiting for the appendix to get inflamed from a bad diet and then performing surgery is akin to building a hospital at the bottom of a large mountain instead of building a fence at the top of the mountain. Sure the hospital comes in handy when people fall down the mountain and injure themselves but it would be much better for everyone involved to just build a fence at the top, so no one ever falls down the mountain in the first place.

Good health always makes a lot of sense but it never makes a lot of dollars. Any hospital employee smart enough to mention building a fence at the top of the mountain is often fired or ostracized because less sick people means layoffs.

As for the nasty little piece of the intestine (the appendix), it is actually designed to protect us when we have diarrhea. We need a good supply of friendly bacteria in our gut to operate our immune system, digest food, produce cellular energy, keep unwanted bacteria at bay and regulate the elimination of toxins.

When all our good bacteria gets flushed during a bout of diarrhea we need a little sample left to re-populate the gut with good bacteria. We need to re-seed the entire intestinal track. Voila, that is the function of the appendix. Due to it’s curved shape the appendix keeps a sample of our original feces, even when we have diarrhea so life can continue again. Sort of like a Noah’s Ark of feces.

Click here to read about the true function of the appendix.

So without the appendix the patient would be more prone to low cellular energy (which can lead to everything from fatigue to cancer), poor digestion, weight gain, over eating, increased hunger cravings, opportunistic infections of the intestinal track that spread to other parts of the body (dandruff, asthma, vaginal yeast, acne, rashes, thrush, sinusitis, ear infections etc), fertility issues, PMS and an entire collection of seemingly unrelated diseases. Great for the medical industry, bad for the patients.

Once the appendix is removed, obviously the patient will not die from an inflamed appendix anymore. The surgeon looks like a hero, additional dysfunctions are now coming the patient’s way, the patient’s ill health only accelerates with an essential organ missing and the cycle of turning healthy people into patients for life continues.

Point is….”keep your parts” because it does not matter which one the surgeon suggests for removal. They can work again, you just need the proper information. They all perform valuable metabolic functions. Just because North American medicine doesn’t know the extent of their function does not mean you can remove your organs without hurting your overall health.

Scary stuff but an article that needed to be written. Sometimes it is about the next generation and not the current one when it comes to issues like this. We need to learn from our mistakes and forward this information onto our children and grand children. We have to protect the next generation. They are the future and they need to be healthy.

If you have already had some organs removed it is very important you live as clean and in tune with your natural cycles as possible. Click here for an interview and book that lays out, step by step, what it takes to bring perfect health into the body.

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