Andrew Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy, Vaccines and Autism

Andrew Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy, Vaccines and Autism

When someone who’s too lazy to think or research the vaccine issue, comes across strong information proving vaccines aren’t safe or effective (like that’s hard to find), their go to position (where they can re-establish safety from the truth) is by quickly mentioning “Dr. Andrew Wakefield” or something about “Jenny McCarthy”.

Jenny McCarthy is of course a caring and protective mother, who’s smart enough to have connected the dots between her son’s brain damage and how it instantly appeared after a regularly scheduled vaccination. She cared so much about her boy that she reversed the vaccine induced brain/nervous system damage via advanced nutrition and bio-medical protocols. Yes, so a really bad mother obviously. Too much love and common sense for most members of our current death cult society. Who does she think she is, speaking the truth and not being confined by the tyrannical norms that rule the rest of our dysfunctional herd. How dare she speak up about the state sponsored stealth euthanasia vaccine agenda and bring attention to it. She should sacrifice her children on cue, as the religious deities of government and science demand, just like everyone else. We don’t need nor want anymore thinkers in our society, especially ones who really love their kids. We need more non thinkers, more order takers, more obedient slaves, who don’t question illogical and unproven directives from the ruling 1%. We certainly don’t need loving parents, protecting their children because that would bring down the system and then what? What would happen then if evil didn’t rule the day? What about the people who poison the children or care for the poisoned children as a career? What about them? Nothing says “good citizen” like vaccine poisoning your children and then blaming everything else but the vaccine when your kid is killed or crippled by the toxic shot. We need more people poisoning their kids on cue from the corrupt forces inside government, medicine and science. Everyone knows that. How dare she? The nerve of Jenny McCarthy for loving and protecting her son after a brain damaging vaccine caused her son’s brain damage! Shame!

And then we have Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who is a hero in the flesh, who decided to protect children instead of himself. Placing the children first to everything he built in his life. We need less people like that of course. We need more corrupt doctors, who poison children and look the other way, simply because it serves them and not the children. Dr. Wakefield’s original study was never focused on vaccines and Autism in the first place. Dr. Wakefield’s original study focused on Autism and gut inflammation/bowel disease. So when you get a lazy person, who’s used to having their thinking done for them by their doctor, the media, science and the government………..they love the mental parachute that the Andrew Wakefield story provides for them because when a SUPER WEAKENED ego has to decide between admitting they’ve injecting vaccine poison into themselves and their children or to blame some fabricated BS story about Dr. Wakefield, we all know what the weak ego is attracted to. The ego is faced with two choices…..”either I’ve been complicit in the poisoning of my own children” or “I can blame some English doctor, regarding a study I know nothing about.” So the average soulless, self serving, shallow, immoral, unethical, self centered North American meat bag goes with door #2. This is basic psychology of how lazy and inept people continue to believe they’re highly intelligent, progressive members of society. So what’s the real story about Dr. Andrew Wakefield? It’s explained in the attached video. Awaken or perish. You’re being poisoned by the same people you trust and you trust them because they’ve used the media and the schools they control to imprint that trust into you, even though it has never been warranted. Unslave and reject the poison or commit suicide and wait in line for the poison. There is no third option.

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Posted by Revolution For Choice on Monday, May 30, 2016

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