Ancient Word Magic and The Word Surveillance

There’s a word “surveillance” and it begins with the phonetic sound “sir” for a very important reason…….a very old reason. The word “sir” or the sound “sir” (spelled differently with different vowels) always meant “serpent” in ancient language. Serpent meant “person of knowledge” or “off planet visitors”. This is actually where we get the our “sir name”, meaning the name given to us by “the serpents”. Ancient manuscripts and historical records going all the way back to ancient Sumeria talk about a “serpent race” as the creators of “the human race”, mixing their genetics with our own to produce a large herd of slaves to do their bidding down here on the planet. Even the words like circumference (again starting with the sir sound) reflect “their knowledge” for measuring, mathematics and information gathering. The serpents (a different species holding superior knowledge) invented circumcision (SIR-cumcision)…..a tactic they use to emotionally and spiritually castrate the male slaves, so they’re easier to rule, subvert and manipulate. More about serpent mythology can be found in thousands of books, actively hidden from the public… of them being David Icke’s “The Children of the Matrix”. I’ve also written about “the serpent” mythology in a shorter way at this added link, which goes to another Facebook post.

Regardless, this video attached is about math, measuring, analyzing and controlling us through our smart devices…….the immense sir-veillance our ancient human farmers are working over us right now. It’s time to start connecting the current dots with the historical dots……so we can avoid a future of immense tyrannical control at the hands of these very old and very immoral “things” that are now making a move for complete global control.


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