Ancient Symbols of The Ruling 1%……….

Ancient symbols give us the clues, which we often need to connect the dots. Our social engineers like to talk above us, using ancient symbols and icons, so they can use very old styles of communication…….which in the end tip their hat to others who know the secret code. Similar to the pyramid on the back of the American $1 bill and the statue of Liberty……we see the gowned lady holding a torch or “the light”. Notice the light is inside the “U”, which is meant to signify “the person who shines the light on U (you)” He who shines the light CONTROLS what everyone sees…..period.

For example, if you find a doctor talking AGAINST vaccines on youtube (and there are hundreds of them), you’ll notice less than 200,000 views max. So a doctor trying to save the lives of children, from getting poisoned by toxic vaccines, 200,000 views. Then look up the music video Gangman Style by PSY and you’ll see 3.2 BILLION views.

And if you think that’s because 3.2 billion people wanted to waste 4 minutes of their lives watching a silly music video, you’re not understanding the system. Every newspaper, every movie, every TV show, every magazine and everything you’ll ever see in your entire lifetime is fully coordinated where you ONLY see what they want you to see……..and that’s what these symbols are all about. Can you see in the dark? No you can’t. Can you see in the light? Yes, you can only see in the light……..and they’re going to make sure you see only the lies, so you think the lies are truth. They control what light U see. If all you see are the lies, all you know are the lies and all you live are the lies. Welcome to the control grid. Facebook is exactly the same. The algorithms have been designed to always push the lies into the light and keep the truthful posts in the dark. This way the lies live and the truth dies. They’re not called the Illuminati because they are illuminated with deep knowledge……….they’re called the Illuminati because they control what gets illuminated.

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