A Story of One Man In Need Coming to See Me For Help…………..

A Story of One Man In Need Coming to See Me For Help…………..

So a couple of months ago, a man comes into to see me with massive back pain on his left side, sacral area of the spine. The medical system declared that he had a herniated disc, bulging out to his left side, impacting a nerve that runs down his left leg. He’s very young and he’s having a hard time working and moving. What can be done? He starts telling me his story of the skeletal pain as severe, as we’re filling out a health questionnaire I’ve invented myself and given 90% of all joint and skeletal issues are COFFEE related………I state, “How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?“. And he says, “why?” and I say, “because coffee destroys the joint capsules and skeleton, including the water based cushioning of the spine because caffeine is a diuretic (something that flushes water from the system)……so how many coffee’s is it?” and he says, “4“.

I know 1 cup of coffee every day destroys the body, so at 400% more than that level, we know the coffee is indeed playing a major role in his skeletal degradation. The best motivator for change is pain, so he’s not ignoring what I’m saying. Everyone needs a crisis to change. He’s all ears. Using reverse psychology, I suggest moving down to 2 cups of coffee, opening an area of freedom in the mind, where he’s free to choose. (even though quitting is what he needs to do). He takes the bait, feeling he’s in control and decides to quit the coffee right away, full stop. If I would have told him to quit the coffee, the addiction would have pushed back. The psychological manipulation works, he declares he’s going to quit and we’re quickly moving where we need to go.

As I continue the assessment process, we discover the psychological bread crumbs leading back to the true motivations regarding a very unhealthy lifestyle. Poor food choices are always linked to childhood fear and how bonding with unhealthy parents via unhealthy foods and habits, can make the child feel safer, within an unhealthy and emotionally erratic household. Polluted humans are erratic and mentally unstable, causing more fear in the child, compared to non polluted humans. He’s testing off the chart for this sort of psychological conditioning as a child, so I explain to him exactly what’s going on inside his psyche. He’s really enjoying the explanation and completely understanding it, as he has bonded with his parents through alcohol and junk food, to find favor and approval with them. I tell him that quitting junk food, alcohol, coffee and other self abuse habits will register in his child ego as “death of the parental bond”, so he best watch for push back and resistance from himself when he starts to quit. He’s now ready for the inner battle that will rage inside of him as he tries to transition toward healthy living.

After the physical testing of the assessment his right front leg (his quad) is at least 60% tighter than his left. This difference is literally turning the right side of his pelvis ahead (like a dial) and twisting him down on that side and rotating him to the left. This is what’s causing his back pain and back injury………but why is he super tight on the right front leg only? His coffee weakened his spine and set the table for the injury but the twisting is what’s causing the injury. If I can’t untwist him, he’ll never get better, even if he quits the coffee. I ask him if he was a field goal kicker or soccer player etc, something that could account for one leg tighter than the other. No, that’s not it. Then we discover the culprit………he has kept his cell phone in his right pants pocket for 5 years, 12 hours per day. There it is, that’s it, as the microwave frequency of the cell phone is proven to invoke a fear response in the metabolism….on a cellular level. In fact, this is so well known, each cell phone carries a warning in the manual (and on the phone) never to carry the cell phone within 1 inch of their skin at anytime. This guy has been breaking that rule for 5 years straight and in reality, that rule should be 3 FEET!. He’s been microwaving his right left and it’s been damaged by the radiation exposure, causing it to atrophy. (shrink)

We start untwisting him immediately with various safe stretching and exercise protocols, plus dietary changes that will repair the system as the spine returns to its’ natural resting position. And that folks is how you heal people. You find out what’s causing their issue and you pull the cause out BY THE ROOT! Did the medical doctors involved ask about his coffee, his poor diet, his child imprinting to bond with unhealthy food or his cell phone? You already know the answer………….

More information below regarding the unhealthy affects of wireless communications devices, which is purposely hidden from the public.

Student experiment above shows wifi routers retard cell growth in plants. Wifi is now integrated into most public schools, drowning the children in an endless sea of microwave cancer causing radiation.

At this added link an ABC Report showing wireless microwave radiation is unhealthy and dangerous. http://bit.ly/2xynupc

At this added link a TED X Talk reviewing the same. http://bit.ly/1UnJiav

At this added link a microwave radiation weapons expert warns of the cell phone microwave technology the public falsely believes is benign. http://bit.ly/2xyw07K

At this added link, we learn that the same radiation emitted by cell phones is the same as the radiation used in ultra sounds, and ultrasound radiation is proven to hurt unborn fetuses. http://bit.ly/2v1zCdn

At this added link, the same radiation of both cell phones and ultra sounds, is also found in mammograms…….which are proven to increase breast cancer growth and spread. http://bit.ly/2uWO7Pv

At this added link, a fitbit sends a microwave radiation measuring device screaming to its’ end limits. http://bit.ly/2wsvJkK

At this added link, a segment from a documentary, explaining that the government favors microwave weapons to use against its’ own citizens, because such weaponry is covert and easy to hide. Cell phones, cordless phones, fitbit, Ipads, smart TV’s and other microwave devices have come out of the “non lethal weapons programs” set up by government, to be used against its’ own populations. http://bit.ly/2xZCj02

In short, this holocaust is as efficient as it is sinister, making people cheer-lead their own demise and it has the average person investing their own money to euthanize themselves and their children. Our human farmers are masters of controlling the human mind. Can segments of the population, inept enough to fall for these tricks, expect to survive? The answer is obvious. It would be nice to save all the uninformed but at this point in time, it’s literally impossible. Mostly because they simply don’t care and have been changed from being truly human into some sort of perpetual pleasure seeking machine. So many have fallen in love with their slave masters who trick the slaves into one eugenic trap or another, using pleasure as the bait. Very few literally expect anything else than to be poisoned into extinction. As long as the humans are entertained as they’re soft killed, they appear to embrace their own sacrifice.

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