A Scene form the Movie 300 That Offers Insight Into Our Modern Time…

In this scene from the movie 300, we see a somewhat deformed societal outcast trying to prove his worth to the Spartan King. The king is Leonidas and the man wanting to join the Spartan army is Ephialtes. The king gives Ephialtes a fair judgement and explains why he can’t be a Spartan warrior but does offer him a position in the army none the less. Ephialtes can’t hold his shield up high enough, due to his deformed shoulder and therefore he would jeopardize the entire Spartan army, which relies on each solider being able to hold their shield well above the shoulder.

King Leonidas makes logical decisions that benefit the long term survival of the Spartan culture. This offends Ephialtes of course and he later shows his true colors by selling out his entire nation to the invading Persians. All this simply because Leonidas was honest, logical and truthful about the request Ephialtes made of him. If Ephialtes was around today, our politicians would have used affirmative action legislation to force him into the army, the local social justice warriors would have rallied the Liberal presstitues and gave him a t-shirt that read “everyone’s a winner”……..and we all would have died.

Our culture is collapsing because we forget what it’s like to take emotion out of our immensely important cultural decisions and place cultural preservation above all else. The truth is “some people are better than others” and “not everyone is a winner”. The freedom to fail is very important in the learning and self improvement process. It’s equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes….regardless of talent, capability and effort. Our society grew to be the strongest on the planet because we forced people to become more, better and to rise up. Now we mollycoddle the timid and insist strong people play weak and small……as to not offend the minority, who want all the trappings of success with none of the effort. We’re sold this complete inversion by a corrupted left wing, nanny state, Liberal/Marxist invasion….. designed to collapse our culture into dust. The media and government collude to destroy the very culture they claim care of. We have beta male actors instead of alpha male leaders and they aren’t schooled in what it takes to sustain a culture. In fact, our leaders are working around the clock to allow an invasion and complete take over of our nation.

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