A Petition in Canada Against “The Great Reset”

Some attributes of the great reset are as follows……

1. Living in a constant state of media and government induced fear, based on weaponized propaganda, in order to push the public in what ever direction desired. 

2. The use of that fear to control every aspect of society, based on making people believe each human is a potential threat to every other human on the planet with their “invisible pathogenic material.”

3. The removal of all human rights because if humans maintain their basic human rights, they could “infect” all the other humans with their pathogenic material. The people organizing the great reset continually tell the public that it is only them in power who can see the invisible pathogens, with their special “science” equipment. 

4. The elimination of all forms of transport, other than mass government approved transport, in order that everyone must travel together……so everyone in “the group” must be medically cleansed (injected) before entering said group. 

5. The elimination of all small and medium sized business because if small and medium sized businesses are permitted to exist, those independently owned businesses may not force “medical cleansing by injection” on their customers or employees. 

6. The elimination of meat consumption based on similar altruistic declarations (save the earth, green deal, climate change etc), which are fabricated to fit a very specific narrative. The saturated fat in meat acts as the foundational building blocks of both testosterone and growth hormone, hormones necessary to produce strong males. Removing strong males from service and making sure they can’t protect the tribe in their weakened state, allows the extremely weak new world order hyenas to dominate the pride land. This also allows the weak people in power to appear “more attractive” for reproduction to the genetically superior females. A real life “revenge of the nerds” situation forced on the world through fraudulent government policy. This policy has been used in Cuba for decades, as no one is permitted to slaughter a cow or eat a lobster without government permission. No saturated fat laden meat means androgynous and non aggressive males, simply a continuation of a beta male agenda already in full gallop. This is also why Bill Gates is heading a new company to make fake meat from plants, to keep the male bulls docile and weak in the pasture.

7. The elimination of all paper currency, as to track humans and data mine their every purchase via new digital currencies, ending with a citizen credit ranking system where citizens are graded on their compliance to their “medical cleansing injections” designed to make “everyone safe from the invisible threat”. State sponsored digital currencies will be almost worthless compared to non state cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. All government staffers will be paid in worthless state digital currency and that’s how their loyalty will be repaid, with their own financial enslavement of sorts. Social credit scores also increase with the endorsement of tyrannical govenrment policies. The more you side with evil, the greater your social credit score. 

8. The compilation of a massive gene collection data library on every citizen (disguised initially as disease testing), as to cross reference the existing data behavior library extracted from all social media key strokes for every citizen. The gene library will then be blended with the behavior library extracted from social media interactions, to develop the ultimate behavior modification profile for each citizen on the planet. 

9. The elimination of all weapons from public control, so the state can dominate at will. The citizens will be made weak financially, physically, mentally and spiritually through behavior modification, chemical castration, forced bankruptcies, state propaganda PLUS they will have their weapons removed. At that point it would be like letting a wolf loose in a hen house. 

10. The eliminate of all media information that questions the state and proves that it has been colluding against the people for hundreds of years, for personal gain, at the expense of public. The public will be controlled by permanent financial dependency plus a fully orchestrated state of perpetual disease, initiated by the constant application of “medical cleansing” injections, poor quality food, polluted water and tissue destroying wireless radiation.

Read more HERE: https://www.withpierre.ca/stopthegreatreset?fbclid=IwAR1uLwP_CmgJpmx3_2UNDGEnOxU2fUGvN5Jiy-8xFLHic8j27oIi48hs0HE

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  1. Dallas Oostenbrink

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the article. I have been a follower of yours for two years now. When I was 16 I found your Facebook page by coincidence. I deleted Facebook a year ago, so, I’ve been coming back to your website since. Your insight will likely prove helpful to many people like me. It has changed my outlook on life completely.

    In this article you mention ‘The Great Reset’. And Jason, I know that we will win. I have full confidence that we who know what’s coming are prepared to tackle any difficult confrontation we are faced with. We will overcome the evil the ruling elite have planned. Because evil is not compatible with knowledge, skill, strength, and any other unconquerable trait we possess. I am above thankful for the information you have shared with me and your audience.

    With that information I have become prepared.


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