A Lady, The Truth, Self Sabotage and The Lie…..plus The Government Pedophiles

There’s nothing more offensive in our society today than someone who holds advanced knowledge, outside the lie. Cocaine addicts and alcoholics of course contribute negatively to any society, yet they are more readily embraced than almost any truth teller or a person who researches any government, medical or scientific lie. I was talking to a lady last week, who approached me and simply explained the labeled disease she had. (in a polite way) I responded that “such a dysfunction is often caused by x and y.” She pushed back immediately because her income and complete identify was tied directly to x and y. She immediately went on the defensive of course walling herself inside the lie as fast as she could, while also asking me for help so she could break out of the lie. Tell me the truth…..but not that truth! She wanted me to speak “lie” and “contradiction” but I don’t speak those languages. Those are the languages of the slave. Obviously it was a stand off. She was hard on the lie and I was just as hard on the truth. In the truth field, these people are called energy vampires. They want to drain your battery, so you falter doing the great work.

Sometimes there’s not enough time in a day to try to spoon feed and gently walk people out of the matrix. This was another classic example of self sabotage, which always presents itself as two warring factions inside the mind. One faction wants to go right and the other one wants to go left. One wants to wear black and one wants to wear white. One wants to be told what it takes to get healthy and the other personality wants to work around the clock to fortify the lie and stay unhealthy. Self sabotage is exhausting because the war never ends.

There’s no greater enemy in our society today than a truth teller. Pedophiles, murders and rapists get more respect and less push back. In fact these humans down here actually demand that the pedophiles, murders and rapists be the very people running the society and social engineering the public to believe that insanity is sanity. Click here for a massive list of government, religious and big business pedophilia across the world. The vast majority of the public now spend most of their days living out conflicting and contradictory behaviors plus the leaders we demand rule over us, are the most psychopathic of the lot. It’s time to start making some changes and as usual, the only changes that really matter and are the ones you make to yourself. Get healthy, get clear, recognize the contradictory behavior, cleanse what makes you less, make a change, start being more, start being moral, start being better. Down with the lie. Down with the gatekeepers of the lie. Power to the people.

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