A How To Guide on……”How to Identify a Psychopath”

A How To Guide on……”How to Identify a Psychopath”

There’s a very long laundry list of “traits’ regarding someone with trauma based PTSD. If you know the top 10 characteristics of a trauma victim, it can save you plenty of pain and heartache…..in regards to dating them, marrying them or becoming friends with them. Our PTSD based culture is chalked full of trauma victims and although most appear “nice” on the surface, the PTSD trauma they experienced as children is proven to change the way the brain operates, in a very negative way. Trauma victims will have an easier time using you to satisfy their genetic needs for safety and security…….than they’ll ever have actually liking or loving you in a genuine or natural way.

The first trait of a trauma victim is external focus, straight across the board, over their entire personality subset. So for example, when there are problems in their lives, everything and everyone else is to blame. They were punished and terrorized so much in their childhood for being wrong, they can’t handle being wrong at all anymore, because the fear of a mistake or being wrong brought immense trauma in their past. In an effort to never be wrong again (and receive the punishments for being wrong) they often develop life long habits of lying, deceit and deception. They end up lying all the time, the people around them know they’re lying but the trauma victim lies anyway. When you’re in the wrong, simply lie about it, in order to down play the situation as much as possible.

They often collect physical objects (hoarding) or they’re consumed with materialism. This often comes from the traumatized child disconnecting from meaningful social interactions in their youth and retreating into the illusion of media based TV, magazines, movies etc. By disconnecting from human interactions due to trauma and moving toward non human bonding/connection with the TV, cell phones, movies etc…….the PTSD victim is constantly exposed to media outlets that sell “materialism” as the primary way to reacquire the lost safety stolen from them in their childhood. Look for the inability to manage finances properly, hoarding, debt, spending beyond one’s means, bankruptcy, lying about money issues, hiding credit cards or credit card bills from romantic partners, keeping “money” secrets…..and of course blaming everything or everyone else when the financial situation goes south. From sedating with alcohol to binge watching screen media……all the way to the next coach, guru or specialist being the one who’s going to solve ALL their problems……the PTSD trauma victim always looks to external sources for every quick fix in their life. The booze will fix it, the coach will fix me, the new shoes will fix me, the new job will fix me, the government will fix me, the new tattoo will fix me, the new plastic surgery will fix me, the new make up, the newest fashion, the next romance with this guy or that girl etc etc. Everything is EXTERNAL, nothing is INTERNAL. With child abuse comes the destruction of any confidence in self, so naturally the trauma victim starts pointing all their focus outwards, because their internal landscape is a wasteland of lost potential and broken dreams.

Extreme terror and trauma in childhood can destroy the brain’s connections within the prefrontal cortex, therefore leading to what’s known as a psychopathic personality, which is basically just a natural adaptation that the human mind executes automatically when its’ scared or under extreme stress. A psychopath is simply a human who was placed under so much fear, terror and panic in their childhood…….that all they do is seek security or safety, even if they have to hurt or even kill others to achieve it. Learn all the traits of a psychopath and you’ll really start to understand the personality traits you need to avoid in your next friend, romance or marriage partner.

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