20 Things You Don’t Know About Polio

1. A pesticide common in the 1800’s was called Paris Green. A green liquid because it was a combination of copper and arsenic or lead and arsenic. Some of the most toxic substances known to humankind. This super toxin was also used as a dye, in many items, including wall paper and paint. It was the sole focus of murder mystery novels at the time, as arsenic was known to be a very efficient way to stage a murder “for unknown reasons”, as arsenic kills but is hard to detect after the victim succumbs to the poison. http://bit.ly/2urZvqu and http://bit.ly/2wL5tPT

2. This pesticide worked by causing neurological damage in the bugs, causing organ failure.

3. Polio consists of symptoms synonymous with neurological damage, causing organ failure.

4. Heavy metal poisoning from lead, mercury and other similar heavy metals manifest lesions on neurological tissues, meaning the toxin destroys the nerve/communication pathways connecting the brain to the organs in the body. http://bit.ly/1OLcFgG

5. Polio victims present lesions on neurological tissue, that cause the organs to malfunction all around the body. (lungs, heart, nerves that control walking etc)

6. Polio outbreaks hit throughout the summer, only during pesticide spraying times. (not the sunless and damp winter/spring seasons regarding other disease outbreaks)

7. Polio had and has NO ability to spread from infected victims to the uninfected. Polio infected clusters of people in the exact same areas, suddenly and swiftly. http://bit.ly/1P6zShV

8. Parents report finding their children paralyzed in and around apple orchards. One of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops of the time (with lead arsenate or copper arsenate) were apple orchards. http://bit.ly/2wL5tPT

9. President Roosevelt became paralyzed over night while at a summer retreat, which contained many crops, including apple orchards. He also swam the day prior in a bay that was heavily polluted by industrial agricultural run off. Summer again is when these paralysis based outbreaks would occur, as spraying of crops with extremely toxic chemicals would intensify as the crops hit a fully mature state. The pesticides we’re talking about were DESIGNED to terminate nervous system function in the bugs, which is “polio”……..which is and always has been complicit poisoning of the population by industry, government, science and medicine. Anyone who doesn’t understand the perpetual historical record of the ruling 1% poisoning and exterminating the “lesser halves” need to investigate the documented science of eugenics, which can be started by clicking here to watch a very well made video on the subject.

10. Dr. Ralph Scobey and Dr. Mortind Biskind testified in front of the U.S Congress in 1951 that the paralysis around the country known as polio was being caused by industrial poisons and that a virus theory was purposely fabricated by the chemical industry and the government to deflect litigation away from both parties. http://bit.ly/1DKDb3v

11. At this added link (click here) we have the actual testimony of Dr. Ralph Scobey to Congress, explaining how the government, chemical companies and the media were trying to steer the public astray as to the causes and the treatment of the paralysis falsely blamed on a virus that didn’t cause paralysis.  The chemical companies were poisoning the American people and some people from academia were making accusations that this was being done purposely to increase the power of a corrupt government, over the resulting dysfunctional and toxic masses.

12. In 1956 the AMA (The American Medical Association) instructed each licensed medical doctor that they could no longer classify polio as polio, or their license to practice would be terminated. Any paralysis was now to be diagnosed as AFP (acute flaccid paralysis) MS, MD, Bell’s Palsy, cerebral palsy, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Guillian-Barre (GBS), meningitis,  provocation poliomyelitis, transverse myelitis, viral or “aseptic” meningitis, Chinese Paralytic syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc Included under the umbrella term “Acute Flaccid Paralysis” are Poliomyelitis, Transverse Myelitis, GBS, enteroviral encephalopathy, traumatic neuritis and Reye’s syndrome. http://bit.ly/1Ml3rpX This was orchestrated purposely to make the public believe polio was eradicated by the polio vaccine campaign but because the polio vaccine contained toxic ingredients directly linked to paralysis, polio cases (not identified as polio) were skyrocketing…but only in vaccinated areas. http://bit.ly/1WEHYzR Today most vaccine inserts declare paralysis as a potential side effect but “reframe it” as Guillian Barre or simply “paralysis”. This is purposely designed to obfuscate the public’s understanding of what causes paralysis, which is heavy metal poisoning plus vaccine induced autoimmunity……that ends with the body attacking and destroying its’ own nervous system pathways, in an rabid attempt to clean itself of the injected toxins. Guillian Barre and paralysis, as listed vaccine side effects, are also a way to get the public running east looking for a sunset, keeping them as far away as possible from connecting the dots around this medical polio obfuscation. Aluminum and mercury are ingredients in most (if not all) vaccines today and both are proven to cause paralysis and motor neuron destruction………..known as many different names, depending on just how much the science/medical authority figure in the room wants to lead you astray that day. http://bit.ly/2kga3CL

13. The first polio vaccine was worked on by Dr. Jonas Salk and human experiments using this vaccine were conducted purposely on orphans in government/church run institutions because they were vulnerable and didn’t require any parental consent signatures, as they had no parents. The vaccine was “declared safe” by “medicine” (as they always are even though that vaccine was killing and paralyzing monkeys in test trials) and that vaccine gave 40,000 orphans polio, permanently paralyzed hundreds and killed at least 10 children. All injuries and deaths under reported of course by the same authorities who orchestrated the atrocity. This was called The Cutter Incident. A focused attack on defenseless children, by people charged with their care. A poisoning of innocent children and then the excuses and apologies, regarding how it won’t happen again. Is this pattern still occurring today? The answer is obvious. In this attached link regarding the Cutter Incident where vulnerable children were purposely targeted, the killing of the children is advertised as “a great help to science” in better understanding the disease.  http://1.usa.gov/1mEozNJ

14. The next “improved” polio vaccine, given to hundreds of millions, carried both the SV 40 cancer virus as well as the AIDS virus.  Every step of the way, medicine declaring they know for sure, that this time, they have everything straightened out. Same story then, same story now. The only thing larger than the pile of broken medical and government promises regarding polio, vaccines and disease eradication…..is the pile of broken and dead bodies that rockets skywards as medicine, science and government continually apply failed healing protocols to a heavily indoctrinated and bewildered public. http://bit.ly/1HfHR7W Cancerous tumors, still being pulled out of people today, are riddled with SV40 cancer viruses from the government’s “safe and effective” and “approved” polio vaccine. http://bit.ly/1jGvysV

15. In the book Virus Mania, top scientists in the field declare that polio doesn’t and has never qualified as a viral disease because it fails to spread from person to person or animal to animal. If it’s not a viral disease, then what is it? The answer is heavy metal and other forms of toxic poisoning that causes partial or full paralysis. (destruction of the nervous system). Connect the dots. http://bit.ly/2ht7Lgd

16. The polio con job, ranked as 1 of the top 10 medical con jobs of all time, is clearly described in this selected chapter of the book “Dissolving Illusions” by leading medical doctor, Dr. Suzanne Humphries. The reason so much effort is placed into medical con jobs like this is to continually infuse the public with false fear regarding viruses that don’t exist, and also to provide false hope and blind faith belief in toxic vaccines and poisonous medications, which only worsen a population’s overall health status. Why would anyone do this? Again, this is when a confused citizen needs to investigate EUGENICS and the history (and families) behind that movement. The end result is the same, regardless of medical ambush. The elite groups who organize such fraud based operations increase tyrannical control over a diseased, die-empowered, depressed, dis-satisfied, dis-oriented and dumbed down population. Such a population is easier to control, steal from, manipulate and govern. It’s not really about polio or viruses, it’s about poisoning the population into a chemical lobotomized state that ends with increased elite domination and iron fist control. How did 80% of North Americans come to become extremely unhealthy in our most technologically advanced era? The answer is……because this has always been the design of the system. The ruling of 8 billion people by an extremely small group of 50,000 can only be achieved when that 8 billion operate in perpetual chaos…….physically, economically, mentally and spiritually.  http://bit.ly/2jeQpUa

17. On a related note, Jonas Salk, the inventor of the first polio vaccine……..eventually wrote a book. It contains his personal views on the general public and how the society is meant to advance, under the new scientific dictatorship. The book is reviewed here at this added link. Some very interesting beliefs of Jonas Salk are exposed throughout the book. Click here to see the video and you best be sitting down when you do.

18. At this link even more data showing that sickness, mimicking polio symptoms ,are experienced more frequently by people with an unhealthy diet People receiving the polio vaccine (and other vaccines) were much more likely to be ill in general and present polio like symptoms. Disease isn’t a poison deficiency. Disease is caused by a surplus of poisons and the documented toxins in all vaccines PACK A WALLOP!

19. At this added link, the inventor of the polio vaccines. admits in his own book………that vaccines were designed to wipe out the lesser halves.

20. At this added link an acclaimed author of 9 books exposes the true intent of all vaccines, including the polio vaccination. The truth is never complex, only the lies are.

21. At this added link a story out of the NY Times admitting that the polio vaccine causes the paralysis deemed polio……and yet the truth is hidden in plain sight once again. The truth is that toxins can paralyze the body and the polio vaccine in question (oral as well as injectable) is straight poison and has always been so.

When someone talks of any disease, in this day and age, they’re often just repeating what they were told by the government, media, science or medicine. If you’re willing to repeat without any confirming research or resistance, this pre qualifies you to rocket up the pyramid of control, gaining promotion after promotion along the way. When someone today repeats anything about polio and polio elimination based on vaccination, they’re repeating known lies, told by known liars. Repeating what you’re told and intelligence aren’t the same thing. Repeating or intelligence? The choice is yours. Repeaters are FIRM IN THEIR BELIEFS yet have NEVER researched beyond what they were told to believe. Such firm belief, with ZERO RESEARCH, is illogical and irrational. Research the hidden history of polio, the disease that never was. http://bit.ly/1DKDb3v

Click here to see over 100 medical doctors and PhD scientists explaining with statistics and research that 1) vaccines aren’t safe 2) vaccines aren’t effective 3) vaccines don’t improve immunity or resistance to disease and 4) vaccines injure, permanently cripple or kill each and every person they’re injected into. The darkness and deceit around the polio vaccine doesn’t just stop there. The entire history of vaccination, from inception to this very day, is rampant with corruption, eugenics, stealth euthanasia and for lack of a better phrase……evil intent.

CLICK HERE for some more information on polio and the COVID injection.

Further research regarding the polio deception can be found in…
1. This book by Dr. Russell Blaylock – amzn.to/1PTIq73
2. This book by Dr. Suzanne Humphries – amzn.to/1TBIaR0
3. This book by Liam Scheff – amzn.to/1TBIpLN

4 This book on Janine Roberts – http://bit.ly/2gsC1s8

This portion has been added from Kate William………….

My ears practically perked up when I read that one Dr. HC Emerson, investigating a ‘polio’ outbreak in 1907, discovered that a) no polio cases in exclusively breastfed infants b) the eating of fresh fruits and vegetables preceded the onset of ‘poliomyelitis’ in many others.

Barber (1939) reported four cases of ‘polio’ that occurred the same day as strawberries were eaten, in a boarding school house.

Chenault (1941) noted the parallels between ‘polio’ outbreaks and the appearance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Draper (1935) reported a case series of ‘polio’ which he theorized originated from a Greek fruiterer.

Naturally, I had to do some digging on this…and discovered…

Before DDT spraying, there was ARSENIC spraying!

In 1929, almost 30 million pounds of lead arsenate or calcium arsenate were sprayed in the fields and orchards of America. In fact, the government was so enthusiastic about the use of arsenic, that in 1935, an FDA-hosted radio program suggested the old nursery rhyme “A is for Apple” should be changed to: “A is for arsenate, Lead if you please, protector of apples against arch-enemies.”

In 1919, Boston Health Department was forced to destroy arsenic-coated apples because people were getting sick.

Scientists say the earth is still tainted with the residue, and believe lands once used to raise cotton, is now responsible for arsenic found in rice. Arsenate pesticides were officially banned in the US, in the 1980’s, but “modifed arsenates” are still used on cotton crops today. China, meanwhile, kept using arsenate sprays beyond 2000, and it is suspected they are still using them illegally.

Note the symptoms of acute arsenic poisoning = fever, vomiting and nausea, headache, sore throat etc. Chronic poisoning = polyneuritis and paralysis, especially in the extremities.

Sound familiar?

Also note that Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was crippled by ‘polio’ in 1921, at age 39 years, also owned an apple orchard where the family used to spend their summers, and he used to swim regularly in the pond nearby…At the time, mostly children were affected, and it was considered rare for adults to have ‘polio’.

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  1. Dave Corkery

    Very informative

    • Cheryl

      Im 65 and just now found the truth I thank you so very much.. Living with polio since I was 18 months old.

      • Anand

        This needs to be told. Please keep this work up.

  2. anthony

    Jeez, thanks Jason – I think ! I recall once going to Sister Kenny’s house in Queensland, her approach to polio was to keep the patients out of bed and moving as much as possible; this proved very effective.

    • Jason Christoff

      That’s because movement helps the immune system flush the toxin.

  3. David Ellis

    Total bull and you know it is.

    • Jason Christoff

      I think what you wanted to say Dave was, “although the information tabulated is backed by linked sources, which proves each point, I am too afraid to allow new information into my mind, because I would feel a loss of control in my life and that would cause an internal sense of fear.” I think that’s what you mean. Happy you liked the article.

      • Jay

        Hahaha!! Perfect!

      • Bruce Ledger

        Exactly! Most people would rather die in ignorance and self-deception than reach into the dark areas of the pain of the truth. And the truth is painful. The very system of medicine and medical doctors who were elevated to great heights of respect and awe, is now found to be not what was represented to us. We have been lied to, and our illusions are crumbling. Many people don’t want to go into the light. It hurts to think we were so plain dumb.

        • Jessica McGovern


        • Alex Hodges

          Bruce, you are so correct !

      • heather


      • Pattie


      • Jeanette

        Spot on! Love this reply!! ❤️

        • Heart

          I just sent to my Messenger list and it was blocked, deemed to be ‘abusive’ and I forget their next term. Thank you for the article.
          Now fb is denying science and history.

      • Ladislav


      • Keith Parkinson

        Great reply, Jason!!!

      • iain

        Great reply Jason 🙂

      • Jane

        Your linked sources are from prior to 1950’s. Come on research has come a long way please give us some recent science backed research, not opinions. If what you are trying to prove is true then it shouldn’t be hard. What your doing is spreading lies and fake science. You are a dangerous man.

        • Jason Christoff

          And you inject poisons into yourself and kids………so what does that make you, if I’m simply trying to stop it?

        • Philip iliffe

          The truth is out there someone in government and medical leadership has to start telling the truth. Why we all been kept in the dark.. my guess.. Control… if you control the people you can keep them in the dark and “eradicate” as many as you want almost at will.
          From all this evidence we can draw one conclusion..dont trust any so called quick fix vaccine till it is properly proven to do what it supposed to be, it could just be another killer to control the population numbers. People please open your eyes and be very careful

        • David Goldstein

          Jane when the Pesticide poisoning that created this plague prior to the vaccines happened before the 1950s , Jason is right to list sources from the era in question . Dangerous would be the emotional reactor who cannot separate scientific research from Pharmaganda , and thus , out of fear , allows her most precious to get shot with syringes Chock Full O’ Industrial Waste ….

      • Christine Barr

        Fear creates denial. Well said and an amazing article that scares the heck out of me. With my 5th grandchild having just been born, and number 6 is coming in 3 weeks, I’m sharing this with my daughters. Very scary stuff!! Although this isn’t polio-related, my sister was diagnosed with encephalitis 2 months after her measles vex at age 6 (1971) which severely brain damaged her. She died a horrible death at 16 in 1981.. it was never proven to be related to the vaccine, but we know the truth. Keep educating is! Bless you.

      • Deborah

        Not all links reveal the truth

        • Jason Christoff

          Not all minds are ready for the truth

      • Desiree

        perfect!! thanks x very interesting x

      • Jeanne


    • Malena

      Explain why is Bull?

      oh yeah No Rebuttal like “show your sources”

      He has sources so now the only thing comes to your mind is “bull…..” LOL


      • Jason Christoff

        Don’t feed the sheep….ha ha.

  4. Jamie

    How can someone read this and not at least think twice before vaccinating? At the very least give vaccines as much research as you would buying a new car or washing machine.
    Love your response to David. That’s true class!

    • Jason Christoff

      Some people want to believe poisoning children is good but not because there’s any proof, but because it helps them as a parent be accepted into the corrupted society. There are many like that Jamie. That’s the whole point of course, to raise interest and curiosity, so people research themselves..but when vaccination is simply a way to use the child as a human shied inside a corrupted society, to gain safety and security, the research doesn’t matter.

  5. Ruth Barker

    Very informative! I started doing research about vaccination after no. 2 son had a reaction to triple antigen when he was a baby thirty seven years ago. Dr gave him tetanus shot recently against his will and he had massive reaction. The next one will kill him. He now has a lot of health issues and is not “right” mentally even. Vaccines have a lot to answer for. I appreciate your research. Thank you

  6. Maureen Steele

    O M G ! But not at all surprised. This explains so much. A way to keep the population down and the “health” business up!!

  7. dnlfrsn@gmail.com

    I am a canadian 60 year old male.When i was 1.5 years old i was given the salk vaccine and was infected with polio.The Govt. has refused to help with disabiltyand denies any resposibilty.Every injury laywer i have contacted refuses to take my case..think about that..

    • Crystalina Ketterman

      I hope you’ve done a heavy metal detox. Look up Dr Robert Morse!

    • Patty

      Dr Thomas Levy claims success using lyposomal c with a turn around in 3 days. He has become a lawyer to help defend the cause.

  8. Nate

    Great article, thank you for writing this! It’s so amazing how readily available all of this information is, all it takes is to swipe away at your cognitive dissonance and do some actual research!

    • FS

      Yes! Cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing. I often wonder why I tend to question EVERYTHING, when most people I know don’t and seem fine and comfortable with that. ?? Willful ignorance….also a strong force to overcome.

  9. Debbie

    I believe this fully, and always felt sick emotionally watching how great bill gates was going around vaccinating third world countries it all makes sense if depopulation are the name of the game. On another note why won’t Australia accept that lime disease is here?

    • Jason Christoff

      Lyme is vaccine injury and chemical toxicity by another name……….

      • Danae Orlando

        This isn’t sarcastic, I’m truly curious as to why is it then when people get bit by a tick, only then do their symptoms appear? Does the tick have chemical toxicity and is passing it onto us? Bc they obviously don’t get vaccinated lol

      • Chasity

        Please tell more about Lyme being a vaccine injury under another name. I was diagnosed in 2008 but never saw a tick. I’ve started to believe that it is from something else. Please share what you know. Thanks!

        • Jason Christoff

          Check your mouth for mercury teeth fillings as well. Look back within the year you were diagnosed for a dental procedure with your fillings, a vaccine, a new medication, a stressful event etc etc You are being poisoned. Lyme doesn’t exist.

      • Karen

        Please explain further…

      • vicky

        Lyme is not a vaccine injury, it’s caused by ticks and spyrochetes are not easy to get rid of.

        • Jason Christoff

          Lyme is a fake diagnosis, which acts as a catch all basket for ill health, the vast majority caused by vaccine damage. What do you think? More and more people live in cities with no ticks, are now getting Lyme? Does that really make sense to you or is it easier to believe all the wine drinking, junk food and medical poisons are making you sick? Most people don’t want to believe their unhealthy lifestyles are making them unhealthy so they love any bullshit word that resolves them on their own personal responsibility. Lyme is just one of these magic “it wasn’t me” words.

          • Merrilynn

            I think I love you! <3 lol!!

          • STACY RAEMISCH

            Jason, what about the bullseye?

      • Rene

        Very interested in more of your thoughts on lyme. My daughter had the bullseye rash, high levels for Lyme with bloodwork. She was my only fully vaccinated child ? do you think because she was vaccine injured she couldn’t fight the bacteria off naturally?

  10. Sila

    Hi there…I am about to get a Hep. A and B vaccine because i am leaving to go to India in about 6 months. I am going for twinrix, i had that one before , in 2000, without side effects. I just wanted to know if you think it has any effect at all. Please answer quickly. I already do a heavy metal detox… ( amalgam fillings were replced ).

    • Jason Christoff

      The twinrx vaccine is one of the vaccines still containing heavy loads of mercury. Unfortunately none of the vaccine do what they claim. You are stealth euthanizing yourself based on propaganda and fear. A slow kill eugenic operation, a voluntary holocaust 2.0 system. At this link there are over 100 medical doctors and PhD scientists who explain that you’re making a wrong choice, in one way or another. . https://www.facebook.com/jason.christoff.12/posts/10207436620086051

      • Sila

        Referring to my comment above…i believe all you say in this post is true, btw. So, if you would go to India, you wouldn’t get a Hep shot at all? so if my immune system is working well ( i hardly even get a cold ) i should not be worried?

        • Jason Christoff

          If you think documented poison would make your immune system run better, than you need to take a vaccine. If you believe your body runs best when it isn’t poisoned, then you need to stay away from vaccinations. Thanks Sila.

        • Katie

          Sila, if you’re worried about Hepatitis in India you could consider homeoprophylaxis. It’s a form of homeopathy (ironically widely used in India). You can use their program for common diseases found in 3rd world countries. Visit https://freeandhealthychildren.org to find a homeopath near you.
          I would also suggest finding natural ways to boost your immune system before you leave and while you’re there. Good luck!

          • Sila

            thanks a lot!!!

          • Michael

            Also, you have to know what Hepatitis A an B are. Hepatitis A is relatively benign. It’s gotten orally most of the time, so not particularly difficult to get, BUT: it is not particularly dangerous. It’s like you have a stomach bug for a few days, and then you’re over it, with no lasting damage whatsoever. Hepatitis B is much more serious, BUT you can only get it if blood or semen of an infected person enters your bloodstream. How likely is that?

    • Darci

      Hep A is something you can have and get over without any symptoms and Hep B is an std/ contracted through needle sharing. Why are you considering these 2 specifically?

      • Jason Christoff

        You are repeating the lies of known liars in this case. Repeating and research aren’t the same. Try researching.

        • lifeboy

          Gosh, Jason, she asked you a direct question! If you don’t know, then by all means, say so and encourage her to research. But there’s not need to be dismissive. It doesn’t help your cause or anyone.

  11. Andrew

    Brilliantly presented article Jason. Thank you for writing this. I had no idea, obviously because the public isn’t meant to know the real story. I just hope more of the population get’s to read things like this and then starts questioning what we’ve been force-fed to believe, we might get somewhere then.

  12. Lindy

    Well written especially your comment on parents vaccinating to be a part of a corrupt society. I’m a non Vaxer, single mum and it sure is alienating. I’ve even had a mum leave a cafe because of my child! But she’s happy drinking wine with all the other diamond crusted mums?!

  13. John

    Where did you come by this “information”? I don’t see scientist or physician in your credentials. Your “facts” also go against established medical science, so one would hope that there is actual scientific data to support your claims. Just to be clear, you are saying vaccines do not do what they claim to do and actually often cause harm? Ludicrous. The fact that there are no more deaths from small pox or mumps proves you are wrong.
    P.S. FDR didn’t actually have poliovirus. His illness was misdiagnosed.

    • Jason Christoff

      There are over 100 medical doctors and PhD scientists at this link,…….who say you are completely and dangerously incorrect on all accounts. and who do say vaccines don’t do anything close to what they claim. So you want experts talking, here’s the experts. Now what? No need to answer, we already know. The real threat are the reflexively obedient order takers, too self involved to do the real research because they’re paid to look the other way. https://www.facebook.com/jason.christoff.12/posts/10207436620086051

      • Ken McMurtrie

        Not polio, eh? If you read Jason’s article you would have learned that ‘polio’ was renamed other things to hide the truth about polio causes.
        “A group of researchers has found evidence that Guillain-Barre syndrome — not polio – may have been the cause of Roosevelt’s (FDR’s) paralysis.”

    • QWU

      Nice Try Troll! Small pox deaths increased by the millions when Mandatory Vaccination was enforced in 1860. The disease eradicated itself when the vaccine enforcement was repealed. Wake up!

  14. Seth Gross, BS, DC

    You’re aeesome Jason! I’m a 30 year anti-vaxx DC and extremely proud to stand by your side educating while protecting the masses.

  15. Truth nothingbutthetruth

    Jason, that link you posted to Facebook has been blocked by Mark Suckerbribe ☹️. It can easily be lifted if you up the offer given to him by big pharma.

  16. Peg Andrew

    Thank You. For caring enough to do all the research you do. For thoughtfully writing a coherent, well organized & thorough presentation of the facts you uncover. For publishing the Whole Truth. & Bravely speaking up so that all may learn & make decisions for their family’s welfare informed by more sources than those who make money from vaccines. For saving lives & quality of life.
    You Are A Hero. Never Doubt That. Thank You.

    • Jason Christoff

      That was very nice to say Peg. There is no PRO-fit in telling the truth because the “pros” make their money telling the fibs. The more you tell the truth, the more the drone bot army does everything they can do to stop the flow………but we move forward anyway.

      • Monica Mayer

        Seriously LOVE you!!! I have felt this way for a long time. Vaccines are the devil and the slow death of society. That and the terrible food. What are your thoughts on “organic” Curious on your diet and what you follow. I am ALWAYS looking to educate myself, grow and be better. I have 2 young boys and one on the way and want to provide the best nutrition for my family. My boys are already very lucky that I am awake enough and DONT VACCINATE. My older one unfortunately received 1 vaccines (when he was 9 months old….still breaks my heart to this day) do you think I should still do a heavy metal detox protocol for him? He is 6.5 years old and show signs of “ADD (another BS made up syndrome used for profit by big pharma) THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

  17. Pat Swanson

    Quite an interesting correlation between Paris Green and Round-Up.
    Paris Green killed insects by causing neurological damage and the glyphosate in Round-Up kills weeds by disrupting the shikimic acid pathway. The powers that be denied that polio was caused by Paris Green and Monsanto denies that glyphosate is responsible for an imbalance in gut bacteria. This imbalance of gut bacteria has led to the gut dysbiosis observed in autistic children. Glyphosate is harmful to to beneficial bacteria and thus can promote aluminum accumulation in the brain which may make it the principal cause of autism in the U.S. Lots of parallels, lots of questions to be answered ! https://www.ecowatch.com/15-health-problems-linked-to-monsantos-roundup-1882002128.html

    • Jason Christoff

      Yet another dot connected. Well done. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  18. Susan C Archer

    Sometimes I want to pack up my belongings and move to the Northern Wilderness to be away from this corrupted society, but I hate the cold. Loved your article – informative and spot on.

  19. Dede

    You CAN’T make up this stuff! Thanks for sharing.
    I’m vaccine injured to some extent. My stomach has never been right, and I carry with me a strong feeling of having been assaulted by being treated as a vaccine pin-cushion.
    Thanks so much for your work.

  20. Cathy

    In all of the reading I’ve done into vaccines, I was under the impression that polio is an enterovirus, which people with healthy immune systems can easily fight off, like most viruses. I also read that the reason outbreaks occurred in the summer was because so many kids back then got tonsillectomies in the summer, which allowed a usually benign enterovirus to attack the nervous system. Also heard that for a time, doctors stopped doing toncillectomies and stopped vaccinating kids because it was known that those were the entryways for the enterovirus to damage the nervous system.

    It makes sense that toxic pesticides played a role too. Just think of the Zika scare. The women giving birth to babies with microcephaly in Brazil were in agricultural zones with heavy pesticide use. So, the powers that be create the Zika scare, which then leads to unbelievable amounts of pesticides being sprayed to kill mosquitoes, which leads to more pesticide exposure. You just can’t make this stuff up!

  21. Leah

    Thanks! Keep educating and keep researching!! We need more like you in the fight!!!

    Watch your back!!!!

  22. Claudette

    I have a question. Your article states that polio cannot be transferred from an infected person to an uninfected person. My husband lived in Pocatello, where in 1955 the Salk vaccine was administered to all the children in Pocatello. His older brother, who was 6 received the Salk vaccine. He got a fever and aches and pains, but got well in a week with no effects. My husband, who was 4 at the time, did NOT receive the vaccine, yet several days after his brother was vaccinated, he tried to get out of bed one morning and fell on the floor, completely paralyzed. His parents took him to Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC and they put him in an iron lung, just like the ones in the picture above. He was paralyzed up to his neck, and almost died. He was in the hospital for about a year, receiving treatments and breathing with the iron lung. The paralysis finally left the upper part of his body and settled in his legs. For years he was in braces, then when he was twelve he had a couple of severe operations that fused his ankle, and one that the doctors experimented with doing a hamstring transfer. He was a paraplegic the rest of his life. So, how did he get such a severe case of polio/paralysis without receiving the vaccine? By the way, over 150 children who were vaccinated contracted polio that same year in Pocatello. It made national news. Was it the pesticide spray? Or? You might want to research the 1955 polio outbreak in Pocatello.

    • Jason Christoff

      Just to confirm, why was the 4 year old not vaccinated and the 6 year vaccinated? What was the rational behind that decision?

    • lifeboy

      Idaho May Face Polio Epidemic Claims Doctor By UNITED PRESS
      A public health doctor in Twin Falls fears Idaho may experience its “worst polio season ever” and an Idaho Falls physician has taken issue with the state health department’s stand against further mass anti-polio inoculations. Those were the latest developments in Idaho’s polio outbreak as the 56th “association” case was reported from Twin Falls, bringing the total of all cases for the year to 98. In addition to the association cases, there have been 21 among vaccinated children and 21 cases of “true” polio. Dr. Cecil R. Reinstein, speaking before the Twin Falls Exchange Club,” warned of’ the “worst polio season ever.” Reinstein, the medical director for the south central Idaho health unit, said public health officials are “preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best.” Dr. David H. Smith of Idaho Falls, past president of the local medical society, said he did not doubt that some of Idaho’s polio cases were the result of the vaccine used in Idaho last April. He argued, however, that other Salk vaccine has been found to be “absolutely safe and effective.” Smith recommended that the vaccine be used to stop the outbreak of polio in Idaho this summer. He pointed out that some polio experts have said that the chances for the vaccine preventing the disease far outweigh the possible harmful effects.
      from: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/15876917/

    • Katie

      Claudetteh Vaccine Shedding… Our bodies try to rid themselves of the vaccine poisons. The people around vaccinated absorb the sheddings through their skin. My son is vaccine injured and no longer receives vaccines, but we had him at a natural path Doctor Who did some special testing and told me that he detected a certain vaccine. He asked if he had received that vaccine recently. He had not but he had been playing with a kid who had received that exact vaccine earlier that week. He informed me that there is a thing called vaccine shedding. This would be my guess as to why the four year old had symptoms. Although I am by no means a professional.

  23. Amalia

    Pesticides are also linked to Parkinsons disease and if I’m not mistaken Alzheimers too. We are slowly (or actually quite rapidly) killing our world and ourselves…

  24. Shawn Siegel

    Great article. One error – the diagnostic parameter changes put in place in the U.S. in 1955 didn’t eliminate a diagnosis of polio. They eliminated all diagnoses of non-paralytic polio, and around 60% of diagnoses of paralytic polio – all told, upwards of 90% of total diagnoses going forward, as reflected in the drop in reported cases between 1954 and 1957, from 35,000 to 2,500. Over the subsequent decades they made more and more restrictive the requirements for a diagnosis of paralytic polio, ultimately simply relabeling it out of existence. That’s what happens when you’re the government, are controlled by psychotic powermongers, and control public perception through your stranglehold on the mainstream media.

  25. Jamie

    Pat Swanson makes such a good point. This is why my family and I are starting on an anti-gmo supplement. We’re surrounded by corn and soy been fields. It’s hard for me to even look at these fields now without thinking of the poison they are drenched in.

  26. Judy

    You Americans are all a bunch of hyperchondriacs. Yes I am scared of poisons but not vaccinations.How come farm animals aren’t having the same issues after vaccinations?

    • Jason Christoff

      You’re obviously not afraid of contradictions. You’re scared of poison but not scared of vaccinations. Vaccinations are poison that target the brain specifically. You may want to think about that.

    • Mel

      Look into the numbers of cancer tumor at rabies vaccine sights in dogs. And read the package in certs for any vaccine .

      • Katia

        Argh this is horrible, now I’m scared, I had to have my doggies vaccinated with the rabies shots to bring them over to the uk from Australia!!! It was the only vax that was required, last year my boy started getting these red tumour like welts on his tummy that the vet said are benign.

    • Jennifer

      Animals DO have vaccine reactions, and often they get the very disease they are vaccinated against. My horse had a reaction.

  27. Richard Whatley

    Pseudoscientific guff. I had chronic fatigue syndrome caused by a coxsackie B viral infection. A close relative of polio virus.

    • Jason Christoff

      Yes please blame a virus and not your unhealthy lifestyle. It’s a perfect way to deflect any attention away from what you’re doing to yourself. So I assume you confirmed personally that a virus attacked you and that it wasn’t anything you were doing to yourself, that made you sick.

    • Stephanie

      I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for a few years. All my labs were clear. I also had chronic episodes of depression, debilitating migraines, increasing irregular heart flutters, irregular sleep patterns and anxiety induced muscle spasms but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I ate fairly healthy compared to most and had adequate physical activity I had to struggle through daily hoping that eventually it would improve my state but all these things kept getting worse. It wasn’t until I got a kidney infection that things changed dramatically for me. It was antibiotic resistant and after the 2nd round of antibiotics I decided to take the risk of curing myself at home because the doctors couldn’t help me. I flushed my body with only water to drink. I took oil of oregano and a variety of other herbs to kill the infection and reduce inflammation and a good quality Probiotic to replenish what the antibiotics destroyed. I took magnesium to help me sleep and help the pain so I didn’t have the risk of the sleeping pills and pain pills causing more damage to my kidneys. And I cleaned up my diet even more and eliminated anything processed. Not only was my infection gone at my next check up but my energy had skyrocketed, my anxiety and depression have cleared, I’ve only had one migraine in six months compared to weekly which I think I had something contaminated because I tried a foreign bottle of water I had not previously had. My heart flutters have reduced to very rare instead of daily and my sleep is normal again. I was just trying to clear an infection but when all these other problems I had started to clear up that’s enough for me to know what I was doing definitely effected my entire body. I’d recommend you drink only a good quality water, clean up your diet and get a good quality Probiotic to fix your gut, and balance your vitamin and mineral intake. It’s at least worth trying if nothing else is working to help you.

      • Pavel Vesely

        Thanks Stephanie

  28. MareeHamming

    Great article. Thankyou it is very well written and informative

    • Jason Christoff

      Happy you liked it Maree.

  29. Andrew

    Interestig article but my question is are you vaccinated ??? Because it’s important to the readers

    • Jason Christoff

      Of course I’m not vaccinated. Do you really think I could express myself that well verbally, through writing, if I was taking every vaccine recommended here in Canada? The highest income brackets take the least vaccines because we know what they’re really for and we need our brains and bodies to make our dreams come true.

  30. Andrew

    Do you know people that where vaccinated and are healthy ? What is the procent between healthy and sick people that you know they where vaccinated ?

    • Jason Christoff

      A rational and logical question Andrew. Well done. Here at this link we observe Dr. Russell Blaylock explain with great detail that each and every vaccine brain damages each and every person vaccinated, even if the person themselves don’t notice. In some cases though, it’s really noticeable. This is also a study the system prevents from happening at every turn. They don’t want any research between vaccinated and unvaccinated regarding future disease or general health outcomes, long term.

  31. Nerrida

    Excellent article. I thought I already knew all about the polio con but you’ve taught me even more. Makes me wonder how much info even a researched and inquisitive parent like me, doesn’t still know?

  32. Megan James-lopez

    I appreciate your article and your stance. I stopped vaccinating one child and refused all vaccines for the second in 1991.
    Although I find it easy to accept the assessment process “polio” symptoms are in fact a result of heavy metal poisoning I’m wondering about evidence that seems to indicate that polio in the us in the past 30+ years has only occurred as a result of transmission due to contact with the feces of a recently vaccinate child. Doesn’t that suggest that there is a viral element?
    Also, it has been my understanding that there is in fact no actual identifiable AIDS virus so wondering how there could be AIDS virus in polio vaccine

    • Jason Christoff

      Polio is paralysis, in 1 percent of polio cases, as the story is told. There is paralysis today, a growing number of cases, none of which have anything to do with a viral threat transferred through feces. Heavy metals are proven to cause paralysis and are injected into the public en masse. The same sort of paralysis can come from aluminum injected under the skin and aluminum is added to the vitamin K shot, b-12 injections, most vaccines and IV drip solutions. We also have mercury teeth fillings etc….always pushing the public in the right direction for full control in their dis-empowered state. This is where the paralysis today is coming from, government mandated poisoning of the slave class. The government is not mandating wheel chair ramps and elevators in all new buildings because paralysis and permanent crippling are absent in our society. Those forced addictions to new buildings cater to young people, more than the aged as well.This is another psy-op, to cater to the crippled people, instead of finding out why the crippling is occurring….which is the MO of our human farmers across the board. Care for the diseased and the weak, as you throw them down the cliff. And yes you are correct with the HIV virus, it is undetectable within the human body (and doesn’t cause AIDS) but because it’s a foreign protein, it still hyper-activates the immune system into attack/kill mode, often priming the body into an auto immune based reaction over the long haul. So although the HIV virus is another virus based psy-op (which poses no threat to cause AIDS) it can still cause a spiral down effect toward disease and general ill health when injected under the skin.

  33. lifeboy

    Jason, point 5: Do you have a reference that shown these please?

    • Jason Christoff

      This is easily found with some research. Just google polio and lesions, brain tissue or spinal tissue.

      • Kelly

        I have lived all my life with polio. Paralyzed muscles in my foot and leg. Leg is smaller and weaker. I was diagnosed in 1956. Now i have post polio syndrome.

        • Jason Christoff

          You never had polio, it doesn’t exist. You were poisoned by a system who blamed something invisible, so you would never catch on that you were a slave, purposely poisoned, so you would never excel or rise up.

  34. Thekla

    “The elite groups who organize such fraud based operations increase tyrannical control over a diseased, die-empowered, depressed, dis-satisfied, dis-oriented and dumbed down population. Such a population is easier to control, steal from, manipulate and govern. It’s not really about polio or viruses, it’s about poisoning the population into a chemical lobotomized state that ends with increasing elite domination and iron fist control.”

    Honestly, conspiracy theorists attribute so much power to the ‘elites’ it’s unreal. These so-called ‘elites’ are never clearly defined. It’s never clear who ‘they’ are from one generation to the next, or where ‘they’ actually live and so on.

    Personally I don’t even think any of our govts are clever enough to pull off these elaborate conspiracies – they are far too bungling for that.

    Conspiracies also never work unless very few people are involved in them. For these conspiracies to work, it would require masses of people to be involved – not only politicians and other authorities, but also just about every medical body and research scientist on the entire planet.

    There is just no logic to such beliefs.

    • Ellen

      If you’d stopped after your first paragraph, you would have had some credibility. Educate yourself and stop believing the non-stop lies that have turned mankind into sniveling, sniffling, brain-dead, caricatures of what they were meant to be.

      • Jason Christoff

        Repeating the lies of known liars makes people who vaccinate feel safe but it’s only an illusion of control. There is no safety in vaccine poison. It’s a trap.

  35. Karen

    Hi Jason, what did you mean by “Lyme is vaccine injury and chemical toxicity by another name………”….I have Lyme, or chronic lyme, after some research I think I’ve had it since I was about 15, I’m now 49. I chose not to vaccinate my now 11 year old, and I’ve done a lot to detox myself, still more to do but I’ve been connecting a lot of dots recently and am very curious what you meant by that statement, thanks.

  36. Jack Fisher

    Excellent article. As usual you’re straight to the point, and always have credible references to back up your statements.

  37. Ian Hart

    A friend of mine went on my Facebook page after I shared this and listed out how almost all of these are misleading or false piece by piece. I would love to see you comment on them. I love your content! If you care to comment you can see his rebuttals here https://m.facebook.com/EarthFIT?ref=bookmarks

    • Jason Christoff

      Don’t waste your energy with people who fight to poison themselves. Work on yourself, your family and anyone offering the willingness to learn. Cheers Ian.

      • Ian Hart

        True, thanks! Keep up the truth telling my man. I love your content.

    • heather

      That’s funny, Ian. One of our friends did the exact same thing to us. She’s a nurse and knows absolutely everything (and apparently nothing at all) about vaccines. She started stripping the article down as if she was defending the whole medical and pharmaceutical industry. We didn’t give her an audience so she shut up pretty fast.

  38. Aline

    Thanks for this excellent article, Jason. I once worked with a crippled young woman who told me that the night after being vaccinated, as a two year old toddler, she developed a severe fever & became paralyzed. The exact same thing happened to her little sister a few years later when she got vaccinated. I started to scratch my head when my cousin’s 3 yr old daughter, who was unstoppable once she started walking, got very sick after being vaccinated and was paralyzed. Her parents were out of their heads in fear. It took months for her to regain the ability to walk again.

  39. Sherri Dyck

    Thank you so much for your article. My daughter is 19 and was forced to take a tetanus shot if she decided to go with the school to go on a trip to Thailand.
    She had a vaccine injury when she was a baby so we never gave her shots throughout her life again untill this year.
    She has a terrible vaccine injury and is unable to eat anything but 15 non-starch vegetables and non-starch fruit and a little chicken.
    What do we do to help her get better? We need her gut healed now from GERD.

    • Jason Christoff

      Get the book “The Ultra Mind Solution” by Dr. Mark Hyman. Start there and get out of the medical system immediately. It is designed to euthanize your daughter and have you watch it happen without interference.

  40. Jessica

    I really appreciated this article! I didn’t know a lot of this information. I have to ask though, is there a reason it’s titled 15 things… when there are actually 16 things listed? Kind of discrediting…

  41. Sherryj

    Great article! What I don’t understand is, since the original polio was caused by chemical poisoning, what was in the polio vaccine that caused so much harm to that first group of children? And what is in modern vaccines that is causing the same symptoms as polio in many children? Of course, you don’t hear about this in the news.

  42. Siggi

    I have read a lot about Polio but the way you explained it is so clear. Thank you so much. We need to tell Rotary International. They are hell bent on getting rid of Polio with the help of Bill Gates, who of course part owns the companies that manufacture the polio vaccine and he is heavily invested into Monsanto that sprays their poison everywhere.

  43. Karen

    I’m against vaccination since researching. I was thrown off my GPs register because I refused to MMR my children and no other doctor’s surgery would take me on because I refused their poisons.
    My dilemma now is that I’m visiting Sierra Leone and have to take a Yellow Fever shot else they won’t let me in. I had one in 1992 in my ignorance and still have the certificate. Any suggestions please?

  44. Russ

    You discredit yourself greatly with your Lyme disease comments in this chain. Making statements like “there is no Lyme disease” without any credible evidence harms your credibility and is false. That absolutely isn’t true. Deer ticks absolutely carry Lyme and people that catch it coincidentally were just bit by one. Is this a government conspiracy to cover up the actual cause of Lyme disease? Do men in black sneak into a person’s home and plant deer ticks on them the night before they go to the doctor? Do those same men in black then falsify the positive test results of that tick afterwards? Feel free to call me a “sheep” because I read medical journals and case studies. I enjoyed your article and felt it had some great information in it, but your totally lost me when you made your “there is no Lyme” statement.

    • Jason Christoff

      Russ, tell me then what test is used to determine Lyme and what exactly does it test for? Eagerly await your reply……….

  45. Sue

    Wow. reading all this it seems so obvious that polio was environmentally caused and wasn’t a virus after all, since it did not spread from family member to family member. and of course that is the purpose of pesticides: to paralyze insects when ingested…the cases of polio must have gotten an extra heavy dosage, just like FDR that fateful day of his summer vacation. If you eat an unwashed apple with heavy pesticides on it you can FEEL your lips swell and numb.

    Mankind is RUINING our beautiful earth and our health with insecticides, pesticides, herbicides. My mother died of ALS…she grew up on a farm…was that related? She loved Skippy peanut butter which I now know was high in pesticides, transfat and sugar…did that trigger ALS? . My son has autism and lost speech and cognition and noticeably got very sick, high fevers and regressed after each of his shots. I thought he got sick from the germs in the doctor’s office. I was so ignorant and had no idea his shots were dangerous…I even thought more might “get him back”. It is criminal how they require these shots for daycare. Let the “believers” have them and leave the others to fend off pathogens without them, THEN we’d have a clear shot at determining which way promotes better health.

    Some of us are better able to handle toxin overload than others.

    • Jason Christoff

      Sorry Sue. And yes neurological problems are highly associated with farmers, who use chemical pesticides.

  46. Dave

    Hi Jason, I believe I am vaccine damaged as I’ve had a very hard time growing up learning and retaining information. It’s been difficult and frustrating but my gut instinct is very good! Just wondering if you have come across anything that could possibly help my brain or is it too late?

    • Jason Christoff

      Read – Dr. Mark Hyman’s book called “The UltraMind Solution.”

    • heather

      I’ve read about and seen YouTube videos with the mothers of vaccine injured children using MMS with great success. Apparently MMS chelates heavy metals. Do some research into MMS.

  47. Dave

    Cheers, thankyou

  48. Erin Kelly

    Very informative article about polio. My only concern is that you say Lyme doesn’t exist.
    My 4 year old grandson was bitten by a tick. It was embedded for a short time. My daughter an RN removed it promptly.
    Within 2 weeks he developed a high fever and a bullseye rash. She and her husband have made the choice to NOT vaccinate their children.. so clearly his disease didn’t come from a vaccine or from a mercury filling because he’s never been to the dentist prior to being sick.

    • Jason Christoff

      Was the child tested for Lyme or did he just get sick?

  49. Michele Larson

    My husband had two incidents in the late 50s (1956 – 1958? not sure of the exact years) when he was about 8 – 10 years old where he was left with paralysis on one side of his body each time – he could not control any movements especially in his legs. He lived in Western Massachusetts and he was sent to Boston Children’s Hospital and they could not determine a cause. His records were sent to England and they never determined a cause either. So they called it Cerebellar Ataxia. They said he would never walk again but he was determined. Each time was a different side of his body. To this day (he is almost 70) his left side and right side do not work the same and he has real problems with heights. He has trouble running and cannot skip. He cannot type. When our daughter was researching vaccines before she married she found a description of side effects from measles vaccines but it couldn’t be that as what he had was before measles vaccines. Do you think the polio vaccine could have caused this?

    • Jason Christoff

      Guaranteed. These are all signs of heavy metal poisoning. Does your husband also have mercury teeth fillings?

  50. Michele Larson

    When he had teeth he did have amalgam fillings. He was ages 10 and 11 when he had those attacks. Thanks for the answer.

  51. Karen Dunn

    Thank you for this article, Jason. When I was in college, I read about the original polio scam on microfilm and microfiche. That was in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. Recognizing the corruption involved terrified me, especially since by that time, the scam had been ongoing for so many years. I came across that information again when I got my first personal computer, but I never knew another single soul who knew what I did about polio. Fast forward to now, ending 2017, and within three months time of my first mentions of the polio scam, Paris Green, and toxic reactions to being poisoned by insecticides, I am seeing more and more comments from people who really do know about it. Of course, what you posted here, reveals that you have really investigated this subject, and connected sources of others who also have this knowledge. I appreciate you, and am thankful that you had the courage to expose this to a far-reaching audience. God Bless !

  52. Ruth

    I wish I had known all this many years ago. Fortunately for my kids this was the 60’s when there were fewer vaccines available. The youngest one does have a problem with chronic bronchitis and is subject to an attack when he gets into a dusty situation.

  53. Elliot Eichelmann

    I have a question.

    If the polio virus is such a “hoax”, and the agent that caused paralysis was the pesticides, can you please explain to me how the children who received the vaccine ended up having the same symptoms (paralysis, etc).

    Seems to me like this is quite a contradiction; If the virus was indeed a hoax, and didn’t cause the disease, then those who were inoculated with the vaccine (which was apparently not properly killed/attenuated) would not end up with paralysis, because according to your article, the virus isn’t capable of causing these symptoms.

    You can’t have both; is the pesticide the reason they became paralyzed, or was it the virus?

    Are you perhaps claiming that after being vaccinated, these children were given the pesticide?

    I’m trying to keep an open mind and i’m not a proponent for vaccination; however I would hesitate to share this article because anybody with minimal critical thinking skills would notice this contradiction and dismiss all the other evidence as a result.

    • Jason Christoff

      Easy, both the pesticide and the vaccine are nerve toxins, which they are proven to be. One sentence, there’s your answer.

  54. David

    The best you’ll ever do is protect yourself and your family. If nature doesn’t kill you, mankind is close behind trying their best.

  55. Jacqui

    I’m blown away by this – the lies and misinformation that businesses come up with to protect their wealth…… it’s frightening and despicable!
    My question is WHAT CAN WE DO TO RID BODIES OF THESE NEUROLOGICAL ISSUES? Can the damage be reversed? My husband and son have severe medical issues which could be linked to immunization as symptoms started within 12hrs. One has various neuropathies and vascular issues, the other has autism. I’m sure I can change their outcomes but doctors seem to be preferring medication of symptoms instead of reversal or curing.
    Do you have any advice? I’m in Adelaide, Australia

    • Jason Christoff

      Yes, start with Dr. Mark Hyman’s Ultra Mind Solution and also investigate the Andrew Cutler detox protocol.

  56. Nancy

    Thank you for this Jason. I was severely injured from dental mercury including paralysis. Cutler protocol got me out of the blackness of all that and I came to a point of stasis. Now, many years later I moved to an area surrounded by gmo crops, and when temporary switch from really deep well to more surface well contaminated for sure with pesticide runnoff…my symptoms and paralysis are coming back! Time to detox again. Btw, my child was never vaxxed, thank god.

  57. Karlyn

    GRACIAS por esta información por fin tengo argumentos reales del porque no quiero vacunas. Esta en especial me hacia ruido por las consecuencias y dejar liciados sus fectados, me tranquiliza saber que no se contagia de persona a persona. Esta en especial era una d las vacunas que no me desidia si aplicar a mis bbs o no. Gracias este artículo definitivo NO y inguna otra de hecho. Las enfermedades son en su mayoria inventadas y asumidas como verdad por la ignorante sociedad. Le seguiré ahora que conozco su pagina gracias.

  58. Constance

    Amen, Christoff. Have also suffered due to the lies, including diagnosed childhood polio. Best intentions by some unwittingly, intentional lethality by others. See: The Georgia Guidestones.
    Loving the Truth

  59. Janet

    In 1930 my mother was seven years old and a middle child of seven kids in Los Angeles. She was the only one who was sick and almost died of polio. They said it was because she used a handkerchief of a boy who had it. If that wasn’t it, why her and not any of the others in the family?

  60. Cindi

    I am seventy. I received two types of polio vaccines in the 1950s. I now have Post-Polio Syndrome, keep losing weight in order to continue walking. The Salk institute invited what they thought was going to be 30 people to talk about this. 300 people showed up, standing room only, and many of us could not. It is no joke for those of us who are living it.

  61. Sarra

    So it wasn’t the contaminated sv40 simian monkey virus that is causing all the brain tumours in people in their 50’s..dr tent explains this well

  62. Natalie


    May I please have more specific information on point 12 about the AMA threat of removing doctors’ licenses?

  63. Brenda

    Thank you for this amazing article. Really well presented.

  64. matt

    Suzanne Humphries? Automatic fail, everything in this article is bullshit, including calling that quack a Dr.

    • Jason Christoff

      I think you meant to say “I’ve already injected the poison into myself or my children, so instead of taking in the information, I will shoot the messenger.” It’s a common response. We talk sheep here on the page.

  65. Jill

    I read and research almost every day and add good articles like this to my knowledgebase. I try to educate others by sharing articles about vaccine injury, GMO’s, glyphosate, etc. but will only plant a seed in their mind. I discovered that there is no use in trying to have an intelligent conversation with people who have not researched any of it or precious little. Thank you for being part of the world-wide movement to educate people about vaccines. I also enjoy reading your responses to the nay-sayers who are obviously still part of the sheeple herd.

  66. John

    Enjoyed reading your article and agree really with most if not all the info. I see you respond to a few of those who comment here but not all, I’m sure time is an factor. However, I hope you do address a couple of questions I have. First, lime disease. You say it’s not a disease but a result of an unhealthy way of living. With this as your basis, wouldn’t many more people have it? Why is it people get it only after being bitten by a tick, at least that the only ones that I know of in my area, there are two here? My other question is actually more important to me. I really like this article and I’ve been trying to explain this to my wife for the most important reason of our little girl. What’s hard about explaining it to her is she is from Vietnam and her English is rough. Is this article in Vietnamese? If so, where do I obtain a copy?

    • Jason Christoff

      John unfortunately I don’t have the article in another language. As for Lyme disease, it’s a disease of poisoning and yes sometimes a tick bite can set if off, but tick bites never set off a cascade of disease before in this manner. What we have here is an unfriendly pathogen traveling deeper into the system because the immune system has been disrupted by chemicals, the primary suspect here being glyphosate. Research Dr. Zach Bush and he can explain how this one chemical can cause the body to collapse under the most minor attacks.

      • Charlie Greenwood

        Use one of the universal translators available on the internet. I communicate to a lot of other people this way.

  67. Dianne Jacobs Thompson


    The old naturopath who saved my life had a polio case. Treatment with Constitutional Hydrotherapy–which might be considered an “exercise equivalent” for it’s stimulating effect, brought on detoxification and cured the patient.

    I’m old enough to have seen polio disappear prior to the introduction of the Salk vaccine ….which was contaminated with, among so many other things, SV40-cancer, SIV-AIDS and HTLV–the leukemia virus that triggered the previously unknown childhood leukemia epidemic that became a top 10 killer of children. They knew about that one and released the vaccine anyway …to 90,000,000+ people, according to Dr.Robert Mendelsohn, MD in his book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”.

  68. Taylor

    Poorly written, grammatically, contains many insubstantiated claims, and author’s bias is plainly evident.

    • Jason Christoff

      I think you meant to say “I’ve already vaccine poisoned myself and my children.”

  69. nixkale

    Thank you Jason,

    I really appreciate your article . The country ( PNG) is now undergoing a massive polio vacination for the last three months and is still going on and will stop when who knows.polio vaccine is part of the visa permit going in and out of the country since it was declared an outbreake this year. APEC is going to be held here in November and it is a requiremnt that all coming into the country must be vacinated bfore coming.

    I was planning to take my children to the public clinic for polio vaccination next week and thank God for your article I will not.

    keep doing what you are doing.

  70. Audrey

    Thank you so much for your article Jason. I wish more people would take notice of how harmful vaccinations are to the populations of the world. Please keep us informed.

  71. Aislynn

    While this article speaks volumes to the truth behind vaccines, there are contagious diseases still in existence. I fought hard against vaccinating my new baby boy bit never felt comfortable with the idea of completely leaving his system un-immunized against the diseases that do exist. My research brought me to the homeoprophalyxsis (HP) program and it is definitely worth exploring. I am diving deep into the literature and have spoken to our state’s HP program supervisor, who has been involved in the program for over a decade. The data shows the effectiveness of educating the immune system by use of nosodes which is the natural approach to building up tolerance to bacteria and viruses. I just wanted to share this because I believe it may be the paradigm shift we need in this day and age.
    Thank you Jason for all your efforts put forth in writing this article! I greatly appreciated this and learned so much valuable information!!

  72. jacinto

    Vaccine comes from cow, from when milking ladies were infected with chickenpox from cows, which was milder than human, that of cows protected human, is this true?
    What do you think of pasteur ?.
    Did he discover the serums ?.
    Did they work?
    I have read wonderful books and at the same time, each letter written with the blood of some bug, example; “The X bacteria passed to the rat, then to the frog, then to the snake, were harmless (or lethal as the case may be) for the rabbit” ,,,

    • Tams

      Jacinto, Just to correct you on your first statement: It wasn’t chickenpox that milkmaids were infected with; it was a mild disease in cows actually called ‘cowpox’. Edward Jenner made this observation and carried out experiments on his own nephew (I think) and another boy in his household. To me, the original vaccine using cowpox seems logical but at the same time I wonder if most of the minor childhood diseases were given to us in order to strengthen the immune system against potentially more serious diseases later in life.

      Pasteur was a fraud. Antoine Beauchamp carried out most of the research that Pasteur is credited for but came to a different conclusion.

  73. Charlie Greenwood

    Paraquat poisoning resembles multiple sclerosis which is most prevalent in agricultural areas.

  74. Charlie Greenwood

    My brother had his health ruined by bad drugs. Pharmaceuticals. They gave him something for anxiety. It cured him alright. Turned him into a zombie and caused massive weight gain. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what. I suspected clinical depression. I had the mental health professionals place him in the hospital. That got him off the drugs but he’s had diabetes ever since. He’s had to manage that and watch what he ate and when. Now he knows more about nutrition than most doctors. Also a local food bank gets donations from a popular health food chain so he’s able to get good food. And he rides his bike for hours every day. His weight is back to normal. Now the doctors are worried he’s lost too much weight too fast. I’m going to run the numbers and see.

  75. Fran

    So, at 16 I was bit by some type of flying insect. No amalgams, no vaccines given and my body shut down for a week. Literally couldn’t walk. Got better and that was the beginning of weird symptoms throughout my whole life until I eventually crashed completely. What’s your take on that? Positive for lyme disease also.

  76. Fran

    And yes, we’re all being poisoned.

  77. Bodil

    What about those who will die with out the vaccine?

    • Jason Christoff

      Why don’t you care about the people dying from the vaccines and re-read the article……vaccines have never been proven to do what they say they do. Stop going back to the lie to look for your answers.

    • Jason Christoff

      Why don’t you care about the people dying from the vaccines? And re-read the article and visit the links. Vaccines have never been proven to increase immunity or resistance to disease. Stop going back to the lie to find your answers.

  78. Lele

    This is what real investigative journalism looks like. How incredibly well- written and well sourced this article was.

    Thank you for having the courage to tackle such a difficult subject.

  79. Jennifer

    Thank you for this article and information! As a mother, I have questioned the moral principle and conctradictions concerning vaccinations. I do not want to be fear driven but informed!

  80. Mae

    I have always been curious as to why so many healthy kids seem to start showing autistic and psychological issues around 2 years old. Seems like the heavy load of vaccines catch up to them.

  81. Cary

    Why do I get a ‘You are leaving facebook” warning when I clicked on the link about the cutter incident.
    The link I clicked from a facebook site, but I then deleted all the crap on the link title address above, after about-polio-2/
    I still got a are you sure you want to leave facebook … it took me to a different address than the link .. http://1.usa.gov/1mEozNJ
    to this address https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1383764/
    Is this correct, it talks about Paul Offit’s book and crap..

    • Jason Christoff

      Yes, it’s just proof that kids died during the polio testing…….and Offit of course tries to cover it up and spin it so that killing the kids was a good thing.

  82. Daila

    By any chance are they still spraying arsenic today? They are spraying something on those chemtrails.

    • Tams

      Don’t know enough to answer your question but read recently that baby rice contains a significant amount of arsenic.

  83. Heather

    You lost me when you said Lyme doesn’t exist.
    I’m all for exposing the evils of vaccine poison, but we have to continue to rise above the petty.
    Lyme may be exacerbated by the poisons in toxins, but people without vaccines get it also. Please please don’t blow the good work with hype that this

    • Crystalina Ketterman

      Vaccines aren’t the only source of heavy metals…

  84. Stephanie Spears

    What is safe to eat?

    • Jason Christoff

      Read “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy” by Paul Chek

  85. Adele Sanoy

    Thank you for sharing this information and for your work in compiling it.

  86. Lauryn

    I have to ask you more about Lyme, My son has had no vaccines, I detoxed years ago before having children ( i had MOST of my mercury amalgams removed, I had 2 c sections replete with antibiotics galore which I vehemently was against ( i could not deliver naturally). I believe I had a vaccine injury as a child (looking back) but I had a Huge detox 2 years before my first child, who received only 2 vaccines before I stopped (she had tremors after each hep b – which I waited 10 days to give) and I know that I saved her life by stopping those vaccines. Anyway, fast forward 4 years – myself, my daughter (then 3) and my son (then 1) ALL got sick with something in 2015 and are STILL feeling the effects of it. The illness was like a severe cold – extreme headache, bloodshot eyes, URI, coughing sneezing, runny nose, but the headache was unbearable.

    Our residual symptoms lasted months into years and some still pop up today periodically. Those include, extreme red eyes (lining and veins) frequent illnesses, fatigue, fevers (my son), headaches, a miscarriage, 1 migraine with aura around time of my miscarriage 6 months after onset of illness), I now have a chronic inflammatory problem and food sensitivities. my son has chronic “allergy” to seemingly nothing. I was only recently (withing last year) diagnosed with Lyme, mycoplasma pneumonia, active epstien barr (apparently I had mono as a child), and anemia. It has taken me another couple of years to discover that my daughter also has mycoplasma pneumonia – haven’t had my son tested yet. My daughter and I also see floaters in the eyes (which I never had before this started). My son has had neurological symptoms as well, which started about 9 mos after exposure to whatever it was we had. Which was in the late of the winter/early spring – this was then followed by tick bites that summer.

    Anyway, I’m asking because I’m trying to get to the bottom of it – we eat VERY healthy – gluten and diary free. I buy organic as much as possible and we barely eat processed foods. So I’m not sure I agree with the lyme thing – I think there is something to it – although I’m not sure what.

    I also know many other people who do not vaccinate who have these sudden onset symptoms and are then diagnosed with some form of vector borne illness. So what is happening to us?

  87. robert christ

    If polio is a fake illness how did chimps contract it in the wild?
    Many people are unaware that vaccines have been administered to wild great apes. In 1966, a polio epidemic among the chimpanzees at Gombe Stream National Park was halted when the chimps were given the oral polio vaccine in bananas. Captive chimpanzees had been instrumental in research that developed the vaccine.snip”


    • Jason Christoff

      Try digging out of the Matrix instead of farther into it.

  88. Mildred

    I am a mom of 6 and a grandmother to 15. My own 6 were vaccinated – I had no clue that it was harmful. By the time my 6th child started his vaccine schedule, I was starting to hear bits and pieces but it was passed off as “conspiracy theories”. But the more I read, the more I questioned so my 6th had fewer vaccinations. Even the older 5 were finished before the huge avalanche of vaccines was released. Of my 15 grandchildren, some are vaccinated and some aren’t and the conflict rages between the parents in regards to who is right on the safety of vaccines. Now my youngest daughter with her two children ages 8 and 9, has moved from British Columbia where she was allowed to sign a waiver refusing vaccines. She now lives in Maryland and the school district insists the children MUST be vaccinated to be in school. She’s been told their is no waiver, and that their are no exemptions. I am very much afraid for my grandchildren to have to start vaccinating at this age and how this will affect them both now and in the future. Is there anything at all you can suggest in order to help her avoid this horrific violation of her rights as a parent and the children’s rights to be kept safe? Please help – I’m terrified!

    • Nicole

      I lived in maryland for 3 years. This is not true. The schools just gave me a small piece if paper that I signed for their exemption.

  89. Daniel S.

    I’d say the polio con job is only the 2nd greatest medical con job of all time, given there’s evidence that the “Spanish Flu” that killed millions after WWI was the result of an experimental vaccine used on soldiers in Kansas who then deployed all over the world.

  90. Sima

    In your article, you said kids were getting polio after consuming fresh fruits because of the toxins farmers spray in the orchards, should we stop eating Vegas and fruits altogether to be on the safe side? I am really confused! Pls explain.