Following The Crowd…..

Adults who never grew up from their childhood always fear the crowd. Children are natural people pleasers because they don’t have any physical or financial means to defend themselves in the face of conflict. A 5 year old in a Catholic family can’t efficiently dedicate to Islam and a 7 year old can’t move out of the family home if their mother is a violent alcoholic. As children, this is why we “go along to get along”, “blend in”, “say what we’re supposed to say” and “think what we’re supposed to think”. Traditionally through the ages, if children didn’t walk lock step with the tribe, punishments were quick and often severe. Humans like other humans who are the same as them and generally aren’t fond of things that are different.

This means that in childhood being a follower is extremely important to survival. And this is why today, our human farmers conduct many different psy-ops to keep most adults trapped in a permanent childhood. Most adults today are behaving as children do….having developed an absolute obsession with doing, saying and thinking as authority and the TV tells them to. Being liked by the crowd acts as survival currency when we’re too little and ill equipped to defend ourselves in childhood…but to see such over the top “fitting in obsession” among adults today is extremely disturbing. Just like many things we’re not taught about in our society, the development of childlike adults is a documented historical cycle, which proceeds all forms of societal collapse. Hard times make strong men. Strong men make for peaceful times. Peaceful times make weak men. Weak men produce hard times. It’s pretty obvious what stage in the cycle we’re in currently. We could pull out of it but it will take all adults acting like adults….and all men understanding that repeating exactly as corrupt authority or lie based media tells them, isn’t their role in the tribe.


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