12 Things I Do To Be Happier…….

12 Things I Do To Be Happier…….

This is me happy. You can tell when “happy” happens because you can feel it. This is what I’ve done or do currently, to always increase my happiness.

1. I always tell myself that I can handle absolutely anything life throws at me and because I’m confident in my abilities, I therefore don’t need to worry about anything, ever. I’m smart. I’ll figure it out, regardless of what happens. The amount of “worrying” using this philosophy is reduced or eliminated altogether.

2. I embrace failures as learning opportunities. Only 2 out of 10 business ideas I come up with are great. The other 8 are failures but they give me insight as to what doesn’t work. From the failures I narrow down what might work. Those 2 ideas that do eventually work to give me the great life I have today. Never fear failure because it paves your road to success.

3. I constantly apply myself to becoming better on every level possible. We’re either growing and improving or we’re dying…….and I’m not dying. Not yet anyway.

4. I use a healthy fear of death to get my ass moving toward accomplishing my goals in life. I get up every morning and say “lets move it, we don’t got forever down here.” I’ll leave behind something concrete so others will remember me by and that’s as good as it comes in this life for cheating death.

5. I constantly move away from people who have stinkin thinkin…….which is quite ironic given I was the King of negative thinking for many decades. Once you give it up yourself, it’s simply natural to move away from others who engage it in. Put out the right vibes and you’ll attract the right tribes.

6. I exercise 5-6 times per week. Your body isn’t really your body, it’s a spacesuit your soul uses to walk around this planet. You need a submarine to go deep under the water. You need a spaceship to go into space and your body is nothing more than a vehicle for your soul, which is simply made of energy and consciousness. Keep your spacesuit in tip top shape and your soul can drive it around the earth for longer than average. The soul loves it when you maintain your spacesuit.

7. I realize I’m not perfect and that I will make mistakes. I’m moral but some immorality also lives inside of me. I’m ethical but some unethical forces live inside of me. I’m nice but sometimes I’m not as nice as I could be. In each human lives all emotions. To recognize them and to tip your hat to them is to make sure they stay at peace within you and don’t try to dominate your life. By actually recognizing your darker sides, you can keep them all under control much easier. If you pretend the negative aspects of you don’t exist, those ignored emotions will try to get your attention in some very devilish ways. Admit that all emotions are carried within you and all those emotions will tame themselves.

8. I try to have a singular focus or at least I try to narrow down my goals in life. I can’t do everything or cover every topic or help everyone, with every different problem. Psychology shows that happiness comes when you dedicate yourself to a narrow field of specialized work and then make constant improvements within that narrow band.

9. I drink clean spring water, eat organic food, sunbathe without toxic sunblock, don’t take medications, don’t have a medical doctor, don’t do medical testing, don’t vaccinate, hard wire my house/internet, avoid alcohol, avoid caffeine, don’t do narcotics and avoid science chemicals like the plague. The reason I do that is because I’m dedicated to making sure the spacesuit for my soul lasts as long as possible. If I can crank out a couple more articles, books or seminars before my soul leaves the spacesuit……then that’s the goal.

10. I simply tell the truth but try to make it sound as funny as possible to myself and to anyone who listens. I’ve only recently started doing that and it works better than just telling people the truth with a straight face. It doesn’t scare people as much and that makes me happier.

11. I keep my heart wide open and start my day with intense gratitude for the life I have. I’ve only started doing this recently due to the advice of a very wise healer. It has moved my personal happiness into the stratosphere.

12. I admit to myself that I want it all in life. I want love, wealth, success, fame and the privilege of helping others evolve…as my daily occupation. I want all my poppies as tall as the sun and as far as the eye can see. I let my lofty dreams energize my soul to fly high. Live your best life….no judgement, no guilt, no shame. Be awesome, be healthy, be successful and be proud.

And that folks is what I do to get happier daily………

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